My eldest brother, Your Excellency: I sent letters twice on the seventh and sixteenth day of the first lunar month, and the calculations were both reached. Because the defense troops are distributed in Ning, Xing, and Hui, and there are more troops stationed in the ancient pagoda of Ning, I am afraid that they will be tired from playing for a long time, so they cannot If there is no need for rectification at any time, he should be stationed in Tacheng permanently to supervise the training and take care of the settlement matters. So he set off from the province on the 26th of the first lunar month and arrived in Tacheng on the fifth day of the lunar month. The concubine and the young daughter walked together with him. The house of the Guanshen Bureau is also spacious, but the east wing is not suitable for the reception area and the upper room is close to each other. It is planned to build five more rooms in mid-March. There is a lot of space behind the wall, which can be opened up. The provincial capital and Tacheng can be reached within three days, which is not too late. He will not go there again before summer and autumn, so as not to encounter difficulties on the road. The third surname is Hunchun. They have a parade once a year, and the round trip only lasts for a month. From now on, there will be no important matters in the province, and my younger brother will no longer go to the province. However, the Machinery Bureau has just been established, and the factory may not be completed this year. With Song Bosheng as its manager, you can rest assured. Zhenzhi was in charge of the Provincial Machinery Bureau to handle matters, and there were not many committee members left in the province. Shen Ziqing, a committee member of the Yingkou Transportation Bureau, guerrillas the Prime Minister, and it will be very convenient to send goods in the future. If you send a letter, it will be faster if you send it to Tianjin, but if you have to go to Yingkou via the main road, the paper will be very late. Please
   Brother Dacheng paused
   February 9th, Ninggu Pagoda Official Shen Bureau