Your Excellency, the eldest brother of Wei Chuan, your Excellency, Mr. Shi Nian: After Langchuan returned, the news was sparse. The autumn air is getting deeper and deeper, and the weather is more prosperous than the sun. I heard that abstaining from drinking is very strict, and I deeply admire the vigorous advancement of virtue. I wonder if my appetite can be increased? Have the police station’s annual funding been determined? How much funding does Zhejiang have for the navy? How much will the two ministers share when they come to Hangzhou? The annual funding here is only 80,000 yuan, and the opening is 120,000 yuan. In fact, there are no donations. The welcome fee only costs 4,000 yuan. Fortunately, it was flawless and I felt relieved. I don’t know if I will pass by here when I go to Shanghai at the end of the month. Renzhou Tongshou Peng had been in Anhui for several years, and Ziquan and Haoqi relied heavily on him. He was a man of fine core and carefulness, and was a rare talent in finance. After a while, he was dismissed from the official position, and his younger brother could not stay. Considering that he was poor and had difficulty eating at home, he often acted as a mediator. The cashier's office and the audit office are all excellent choices if necessary. It is inexplicable that Shi Chen cannot stay with you for a long time. Supervisor Wang cleans up the finances, how is his style? Special solemnity, please immediately
  Xun'an, endless.
  Brother Zhi’s first birthday, August 16th
  Please send Langchuan's resume as soon as possible.