[Name] Yuan Dynasty Zhao Mengfu's Picture Scroll of Chongjiang and Mountains
[Introduction] Paper, ink pen, length 28.4 cm, width 176.4 cm. Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

The painting depicts a vast and stretching river, overlapping mountains and meandering mountains, and boats plying the river, creating a clear and vast landscape. The shape of the rocks, the method of dyeing, the pine trees and the curved, crab-claw-shaped dead branches all tell at a glance that the painter is using the landscape painting methods of Li Cheng and Guo Xi. However, there is a slight dry brush stroke and the simple and elegant brushwork reveals the artist's new ideas. It is no longer a simple imitation and repetition of the painting styles of Li Cheng and Guo Xi. At the beginning of the volume, only the word "Zhang Tu" remains, and the remaining characters are incomplete. The end of the volume is signed "February 6, 7th year of Dade, Wuxing and Zhao Mengfu". In the seventh year of Dade, that is, 1303 AD, the painter was 50 years old. At the end are postscripts by Yu Ji, Shi Yan and Liu Guan of the Yuan Dynasty, and by Chen Jingzong, Chen Lian, Wei Ji, Wu Kuan, Shen Zhou and Wang Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty. The volume contains the seals of Li Yingzhen, Wang Shizhen, Wang Mingdeng and Yan Ze of the Ming Dynasty, Qingbiao of the Liang Dynasty of the Qing Dynasty and the Imperial Household of Xuantong of the Qing Dynasty. It is recorded in books such as "Iron Coral", "Qinghe Painting and Calligraphy Boat", and "Forbidden City Painting and Calligraphy Record".