Seal Script Bai's Thatched Cottage Six Screens

Deng Shi was skilled in all kinds of scripts including seal script, official script, regular script, running script and cursive script, but he is most praised for his seal script. "Bai's Thatched Cottage" is his representative work in seal script. This book was written by Deng Shiru when he was sixty-two years old, that is, in Jiazi, the ninth year of Jiaqing (1804). It was written one year before his death. "Bai's Thatched Cottage" is full of calligraphy style. It is full of ancient spirit, but also filled with bursts of new ideas; it is both mature and solemn, yet elegant and free and easy; it pays equal attention to both merit and emotion, the movement of Qi is neat and steady, the posture is solemn and resolute, and the rhythm is bold and mellow.