Wu Rongguang's "Letter to Qingpu"

  Your Excellency, the Fifth Brother of Qingpu: Since I was in the countryside, I kept my mouth shut and my heart was full of kindness, and I wanted to listen to you. Si then hurriedly left for the capital, and after arriving in the capital, he inherited Chunan. As he ages, he still relies on others to make plans, which makes him feel very ashamed. On their way out of Yuzhou, they met each other. My younger brother was in a sleepy state and could not go over to listen to the instructions. There is a poem in the record: "I have soared through the dream of the station, and I am so fast that I can endure the official body." Attached is the elegance and charm of the poem. When I thought that I would arrive in Beijing safely and enjoy my trip to Ta, my younger brother thought he was a god in heaven. At that time, I sometimes talked with Zhongcheng Tan about your fairness and forbearance, but I hated you but I couldn't be the great king Linyu. My brother has been running around for several years and has decided to make a plan to return. I am not going to delay my comfort, but I am afraid that it will not be beneficial to the place. My son Shangzhi is in Beijing. Fortunately, I have told him to pay attention to his career. I don't want him to be an old man. My younger brother has not yet passed Baoyang, my humble old man has not received a visit, and his military festival has expired. Is it possible to talk about it? The cloud pavilion is as big as the sea. I can't stay in Dali for a long time. How is the scenery nearby? Will you make a comeback? I would like to express my gratitude for the recent events in Beijing. This is especially true for my younger brother. If you want to have a hand-printed version, I am afraid that your Excellency will rebuke me and present it hastily. Fu Wei will look at it carefully. Special request for Taian, no.
  Foolish Brother Wu Rongguang paused April 15th