Zhu Yunming's "Cursive Script Poems"

【Name】Cursive Script Poetry Post  

【Category】Cursive Calligraphy 

【Author】Zhu Yunming 

[Form] Paper 

【Year】Ming Dynasty 

[Original size] 36.1cm in length and 147.5cm in width 

【Current status of cultural relics】National Palace Museum, Taipei   

"Cursive Script Poems"

Part One: Overview of "Konghou Yin" 

 "Konghou Yin" details:

               Kong Hou Yin Cao Zhi   

Put the wine in the high hall, and your relatives will swim with me. The Chinese kitchen prepares rich meals, cooks sheep and slaughters fat cattle. 

Qin Zheng is so generous, Qi Se is gentle and gentle. Yang'a plays a strange dance, and Jingluo is famous for Acura. 

After enjoying the three wines, I will be ashamed with ease. The Lord is called Qianjinshou, and the guest will be rewarded for ten thousand years. 

If you want to be unforgettable for a long time, it is especially important for you to end up with thinness. Modesty and gentleman virtue, what do you want if you break the chime? 

The wind is blowing in the daytime, and the scenery is rushing westward. The prime time will not come again, and I will suddenly fall in a hundred years. 

Living in the luxury house, scattered back to the hills. None of the ancestors died, so why worry about life?   

Part Two: Overview of "Beauty Chapter" 

"Beauty Chapter" details:

              Beauty Article Cao Zhi   

The beauties and demons are idle, picking mulberry and crossing the road. The soft strips are running slowly, and the fallen leaves are dancing. 

Get rid of the sleeves and see the plain hands, and the bright wrists are about golden rings. On the neck is a golden juechai, and on the waist is emerald green langgan. 

A pearl is intertwined with a jade body, but a tree is difficult among corals. Luo Yi is fluttering, and the light train returns with the wind. 

Gu Pan left behind the brilliance, screaming like blue. 

Use rest to drive, rest to forget meal. If I ask where the girl is, it is at the south end of the city. 

The brothel is adjacent to the main road, and the high gate is heavily closed. Rong Huayao Asahi, who doesn't want Ling Yan? 

Where is the media business? Yubo is always safe. Beautiful women admire high righteousness, but it is difficult to seek virtue. 

Everyone is screaming, who knows how to be watched? In the prime of life, I sighed in the middle of the night.  

Part 3: Overview of "White Horse Chapter" 

"White Horse Chapter" details: 

              The White Horse Chapter Cao Zhi   

The white horse is decorated with golden shackles, galloping north and west. May I ask who's son, you are a knight-errant. 

Young people go to towns and villages, raising their voices in the desert. In the past, Su Bingliang made a good bow, and the arrows were uneven. 

Control the string to break the left one, and send it to the right to destroy the moon branch. He raised his hand to catch the flying bird, and leaned over to scatter the horse's hooves.

More cunning than monkeys and apes, brave like leopards. There are many police in the border towns, and the number of Hu captives has moved.

Yu Xi came from the north, and Li Ma climbed the embankment. Long drive the Huns, left Guling Xianbei. 

Abandoning the edge of the body, life is safe? Parents don't care, why say son and wife? 

The names of strong men are not allowed to be self-serving. Die one's life to go to the country in disaster, regard death as home suddenly.   

Part Four: Overview of "Famous Capitals" 

Details of "Famous Capitals":


              Famous Capitals Cao Zhi   

There are many witches in the famous capital, and young people come out of Jingluo. The sword is as straight as gold, and the quilt is beautiful and fresh. 

The cockfighting road in the eastern suburbs, walking between horses and catalpa. The gallop was not halfway, and the two rabbits passed me. 

Take the bow, beat the dysprosium, and drive up Nanshan. The left pull is caused by the right hair, and one vertical two birds connect. 

Yu Qiao didn't show up in time, and raised her hand to catch the flying kite. The viewers call it good, and all the work belongs to me. 

Come back to feast on Pingle, and drink ten thousand wines. Carp is popular for juan tires, and turtles are roasted for bears. 

The couples who sing and scream, sit in a row and have a long feast. Lian Pian hit Ju Yang, clever and quick. 

Driving southwest during the day, the scenery is unattainable. The clouds disperse and return to the city, and come back in the morning.  


   Among the most influential "Four Talents" in the cultural field of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yunming is recognized by the world as having the most literati qualities. "Cursive Script Ancient Poetry Tie" is written by Zhu Yunming in his later years, and Cao Zhi's four Yuefu poems are masterpieces of Zhu Yunming's cursive script. This post has the bones of European style, the majesty of Yan style, the beauty of Chu characters, and the plumpness of Yu characters, coupled with its unrestrained character, makes these posts full of style, innocent and free, and it is rare to see the best cursive script after Tang and Song Dynasties.   

   The meaning of cursive script is more than that of the law, especially the big grass, which is unrestrained, unrestrained, and hearty, and its compositional layout breaks the pattern of vertical and horizontal columns. A strong and shocking rhyme and rhythm, but unrestrained is not a lack of rules, but a kind of extraordinary courage beyond the law. This kind of courage is based on mature skills and profound skills. When sublimated to the realm of a free kingdom, in the passion of creation, he will forget both his mind and hand, hair will grow randomly, the style of the brush will proliferate, and the stippling will be messy. So as to achieve a state of lyrical freehand brushwork, a state of "putting good principles in a bold and unrestrained state", and a state of "doing what one wants without exceeding the rules". Throughout history, except for Erwang, Xu Su and Huang Tingjian of Song Dynasty, the masters of cursive script who can reach this level in the Ming Dynasty pushed cursive script to a new peak. In the Ming Dynasty, due to the development of the handicraft industry, the papermaking technology was perfected day by day, coupled with the hall-style buildings, the calligraphy style began to develop greatly from hand-rolled rulers and dolls to the central hall giant curtain, and the large-scale works should have vigorous brushwork and the momentum of swearing. Relying on the compositional layout with strong form contrast, this kind of creative concept constitutes the characteristics of the era of the Ming people, and the cursive style is just suitable for this change. Ma Zonghuo's "Shu Lin Zao Jian" said: "Ming Human beings can walk grass, although there are no well-known ones, there are also considerable ones. In the Ming Dynasty, there were many calligraphers who were good at cursive script. The famous ones were Chen Bi, Zhang Bi, Wen Zhengming, Wen Peng, Wang Chong, Chen Daofu, Mo Yunqing, Dong Qichang, Chen Jiru, Huang Daozhou, Zhang Ruitu, Ni Yuanlu, Fu Shan, Wang Duo and others, each of them galloped in this broad field and formed different styles, among which Zhu Yunming is the most famous.   

   Thanks to Li Yingzhen's guidance, Zhu Yunming's regular script has the bones of Ou characters, the hero of Yan Kai, the beauty of Chu characters, the plumpness of Yu characters, and especially good small script. Now that regular script is established, it is naturally impressive to overflow into running cursive. Coupled with his uninhibited personality, he has a special liking for cursive script. His cursive script is mainly guided by Xu Youzhen. Afterwards, his research became more and more extensive. From King Zhong of the Wei and Jin Dynasties to Zhao Mengfu of the Yuan Dynasty, all of his writing skills were impeccable. Therefore, in his later years, the changes in his books were unpredictable. Different, the single grass with inconsistency in form and spirit, like the current grass with flowing clouds and flowing water, and the wild grass with unrestrained momentum, no matter what form of cursive script, they are all written in an unrestrained, ups and downs, with strong strokes and messy stippling. It seems to be chaotic but not chaotic. It seems to be scattered but the energy is concentrated. It is not scribbled because of willfulness. . Wang Shizhen's "Yiyuan 卮言" commented on Zhu Yunming's book, saying: "The changes in the evening festival are unpredictable, full of style, innocent and free." 』This post is adequate.   

【About the Author】 

   Zhu Yunming (1460-1527) was a calligrapher of the Ming Dynasty. Han nationality, from Cheung Chau. His family has a long history, he is good at poetry and calligraphy, especially his wild cursive is highly praised by the world, and there is a saying that "Tang Bohu's paintings, Zhu Zhishan's calligraphy". Zhu Zhishan's "Poems and Fu Volume in Six Styles", "Du Fu Poems in Cursive Script", "Nineteen Ancient Poems", "Poems in Tang Dynasty in Cursive Script" and "Poems in Cursive Script Han Volume" are all fine works handed down from generation to generation. He is as famous as Tang Yin, Wen Zhengming, and Xu Zhenqing, and was called one of the "Four Talents in Wuzhong" in the Ming Dynasty.