I believe everyone is familiar with water-based writing cloth. You can often see the water-based writing cloth launched by them in literary shops, and it is known as the "fifth treasure of the scholar's office". Because it is easy to use, cheap, and does not require paper or ink, many friends will buy it to practice calligraphy.

Can be used thousands of times to write on water cloth

Use water instead of ink, use clean water, reuse

Benefits of writing on water cloth

1. Clear water shows ink and can be written ten thousand times, so it is also called ten thousand times water writing cloth. Although ten thousand times is just an approximate number, it is indeed economical and affordable, saves paper and ink, is clean, hygienic, environmentally friendly and efficient.

2. Quick to learn, easy to copy, and confident

3. Long life, resistant to writing, not swollen, clear water shows ink, as wonderful as rice paper

4. Low carbon and environmentally friendly, will not stain clothes, elbows and indoor environment.

5. Easy to use, no need to prepare ink, paper, felt, etc. before use; no need to wash pens or clean up waste paper after use.

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Thickened water writing cloth, strong water absorption, uniform density and no water leakage

Gathering without melting, writing with thick ink

Different styles to meet writing needs

Value set, 68 yuan/1 copy

Wang Xizhi water writing set
16 photos 32 pages
Ouyang Xunshui writing set
16 photos 32 pages
Yan Zhenqing Water Writing Cloth Set
16 photos 32 pages
Liu Gongquan water writing cloth set
16 photos 32 pages
Duobao Pagoda Water Writing Cloth Set
16 photos 32 pages
Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra
16 photos 32 pages
Zhao Mengfu Water Writing Cloth Set
16 photos 32 pages
Cao Quan Monument Water Writing Cloth Set
16 photos 32 pages

Set introduction

Yan Zhenqing's Duobao Pagoda Stele: regular script, a total of 16 sheets and 32 sides
Structural characteristics, tend to be fresh and elegant, relatively delicate

Preface to Wang Xizhi's Orchid Pavilion: running script, a total of 16 pieces, the best running script in the world. The whole piece is like flowing clouds and flowing water, free and elegant, with delicate bones, beautiful pointillism, alternating density and density, and clever white and white cloth. There is a wealth of art between the scales. beautiful

Ouyang Xun Jiucheng Palace Liquan Inscription: regular script, a total of 16 sheets and 32 sides. The writing is strict and standardized, the writing is strong and powerful, and the official intention can be seen when the writing is closed, which is clean and neat.

Sanmenji: regular script, tight knotting, accurate stippling, broad and fluent brushwork, occasionally showing the meaning of running script, free and elegant, neat and solemn.

Liu Gongquan's Mysterious Pagoda Stele: regular script, 16 in total, restrained and extended outward, tightly knotted and strong; the writing is strong and stretched, clean and neat, and thoughtful in all directions

Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra: 260 words in total, 16 pictures in total. It is concise and meaningful, broad and profound, with a clear outline. It is a very important classic.

Cao Quan's stele: official script, the handwriting is beautiful and clear, the structure is flat and well-proportioned, stretched and elegant, graceful, the strokes are straight, and both long and short

Yan Qin's Stele: Regular script, 16 in total, with structural characteristics: thick strokes and powerful strokes. The specific knot characters are thin and thick horizontally.

Now a great value set, 68 yuan/1 copy

Original price 88 per book

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