1. When writing in small regular script, the pen should not be held too high.

About an inch away from the tip of the pen, if it is low, it will be calm and firm, and the words will not have the disadvantage of being erratic. When writing small regular script, the wrist should be flat and the palm should be upright (that is, the elbow and wrist should be flat on the table, and if the wrist can be straightened, the palm should be slightly raised, keeping an oblique angle with the paper).

With the wrists flat and the palms upright, the front can be straightened easily, and if the front is straight, the posture will be full in all directions. When moving the pen, the pen barrel does not always remain perpendicular to the paper surface but moves parallel to the paper. When the straight line is the center of the circle, the pen barrel moves forward, backward, left, and right, ups and downs according to the movement of the pen, and then closes the pen according to the will. At this time, the end is like a rope, and the end is held straight, so the strokes will be naturally round and lively.

2. Don’t be too nervous when writing in small regular script.

Excessive force will make the wrist stiff, and even if there is wrist strength, it cannot exert this force. The main function of the wrist is to adjust the tip of the pen, and secretly change the center of the pen through lifting, pressing, pausing and other movements, so that it can achieve the purpose of center stroke. Only in Zangfeng paintings can the pen be deep into the bones, so that the pen power is abundant and the strokes are round and flexible. When writing small regular script, the pen tip should be strong and the wrist should be light. The writing within a square inch should mainly be carried by the wrist. Make sure that the pen power comes from the wrist. The stippling is natural and vigorous without floating.

3. When writing in small regular script, it is not advisable to hang your wrist high.

Because each character in small regular script is only two or three-thirds square, the writing style is limited. On the other hand, small regular script is calm and heavy, and the strokes are delicate and detailed. It is necessary to hang the elbow to write small regular script. It is really difficult for beginners to control and control it, so it is difficult for beginners to learn it. It is not advisable to write small regular script with your wrist high. Before the Jin Dynasty, people often sat on the ground when writing small regular script with nothing to rely on. When writing with their wrists hanging, their writing power is very impressive.

Therefore, the predecessors advocated that writing small regular script should also be done with hanging wrist. If you are writing slightly larger regular script (each character is about two centimeters square), you can also use the wrist-resting method. If you are writing extremely small characters (each character is half a centimeter square), you can use the wrist-resting method, that is, the wrist is pressed against the table. But you can't stick it tightly. If you only move your fingers but don't move your wrist, it will cause the pen machine to freeze.

4. When writing in small letters, it is not advisable to lean on the table.

The eyes should not be too close to the paper. They should be kept about one foot apart, and the elbows should be spread apart. Press the paper with your left hand, and then quietly write in small letters. The correct posture can not only help maintain physical strength and protect eyesight, but also It can better bring out the artistic effect when writing.

The only way to truly master the skill of using a pen is to write more and experience it more. In the beginning, it is conscious and passive. When you reach the extreme level of proficiency, your energy will be harmonious, your momentum will be self-organized, your arms will be active, and your wrists will be flexible. , the fingers are condensing, the pen is lifted, the breath flows through the ten fingers, and it is concentrated. At this point, there is nothing to think about, and I only write based on my own feeling.

5. When writing in small regular letters, the pen should not be held too tightly.

Use your fingertips to apply the tube, as the fingertips feel sensitive. If you hold the pen shallowly, the palms will be naturally weak, and if the palms are weak, you can move freely without any obstruction. The pen should not be held too tightly, nor too loosely. If it is too tight, the pen will be stiff, and if it is too loose, the stippling will be weak. Therefore, the pen should be held with soft and hard force, tight but not dead, loose but not loose, not wide but not fierce, and strong. The way to neutralize is better.