Why must the words be written well?

1. First of all, the first impression it gave me was very good. If the handwriting is good, the paper will generally be neater. Such rolled noodles always give people a sense of beauty. Beautiful, who would say no?

I am naturally willing to continue reading. If the article is well written, the score will naturally be higher; even if the article is average, the score will still be a little brighter compared with similar articles.

Both put me in a good mood.

Let’s talk about those rolled noodles with scrawled and untidy writing first.

When I saw the rolled noodles like this, I felt particularly uncomfortable.


I remember one time when I was grading, a female teacher in her 50s wearing reading glasses partnered with me.

Under the dazzling spotlight, she read a test paper for a long time and said: "This kid, I don't know what is written, I can't see it clearly, so I'll give it a dozen points."

After a long while, maybe because he couldn't bear it, he handed me the paper again and said, "How about you help me read it."


I was patient and managed to read it with my eyes open, and finally gave it a score of 33 points.

To be honest, if it wasn't for the teacher's request, I wouldn't have looked at it so carefully.

Besides, if I had encouraged him a little, this candidate might have settled on a score in the teens.

did you see? The difference is nearly 20 points! It should be noted that such a test paper will affect my mood for a while.


If the time is longer and there are more test papers like this, they will definitely suffer some losses, more or less.

You know, now we are grading online, and staring at the screen for seven or eight hours a day makes our eyes sore.

The meaning of difficult-to-read words and untidy test papers is self-explanatory.


2. Secondly, make me willing to look at it comprehensively


Is it possible to draw an analogy like this?

A bad test paper, even if you have some bright spots, is like gold mixed with garbage. How can the average person look for it?

In essay scoring, showing highlights is an important way to get high scores.


If the handwriting is not well written and people don't recognize it, doesn't it objectively mean that you are refusing to get high marks?

For papers with well-written handwriting, the marking teacher can fully understand and read them, and the highlights are adequately presented, so the chances of getting high scores will naturally be much greater. With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, online evaluation has long become the basic method for evaluating college entrance examination papers.


A composition test paper for the middle school or college entrance examination only stays under the eyes of the marking teacher for about 60 seconds. If the paper is not neat and tidy and the handwriting is difficult to read (not to mention beautiful), just imagine what the result will be? Even if the article is good, what will happen?


Therefore, in daily teaching, I often ask students to practice calligraphy well.


If you cannot write beautifully, write neatly first; if you cannot write neatly, write cleanly first. As long as you keep persevering, no one can write poorly.



3. Writing is the productivity for middle school and college entrance examinations


Someone once made such a calculation: If the handwriting is not good and the paper is not clean, resulting in a loss of points, it is not an exaggeration to calculate 5 points per subject, then a total loss of about 30 points will be made.


Think about it, how difficult would it be to gain 5 points in each subject from the hard work of preparing for the exam? How long will it take?

It can be seen that writing well and submitting a neat paper will invisibly add a lot of points to yourself.

Besides, writing better is not more difficult than improving lameness!

4. Whether you can write well is first a matter of understanding.


The ancients said: Words are like the person they are.

This means that some characteristics of a person can be read from the words he writes.

In reality, as long as you observe carefully, it is really the case. I have a student whose handwriting is almost unrecognizable.


A composition of 700 to 800 words was written crookedly, with no fewer than 30 corrections in it.

It's really hard to recognize, ugly and uncomfortable. Looking at him speaking, doing things, thinking about problems, etc., there is almost no order. It seems that these are all caused by bad habits.


As a Chinese, you also need to learn Chinese. He spoke in Chinese and wrote in square characters of course.

Both oral and written expression are required. Although computers can help, handwriting is still indispensable, as it is convenient and fast.

What's more, Chinese calligraphy is an important part of Chinese culture.

So how to cultivate children's interest in calligraphy?

Not only teachers, but also parents need to cooperate closely. What should parents do?

1. Parents should not have too high expectations


Parents all hope that their children will become successful, but it is difficult to start a family without years of practice in calligraphy. Parents should not be too demanding. As long as the children like it and are willing to write, a little bit every day, and over time, there will be a big difference. progress.

2. Be persistent


Parents should have a plan to urge their children to practice. They do not necessarily need to practice for a long time at a time, but just arrange a small amount of time every day. Three days of fishing and two days of drying nets are a taboo in calligraphy.

Calligraphy practice also requires patience and perseverance. If you can practice calligraphy well, your child will definitely be a perseverant person who can achieve great things.


3. Take your children to watch calligraphy exhibitions and browse historical sites


Regularly taking your children to watch various calligraphy exhibitions and visiting historical sites can cultivate children's sentiments, broaden their horizons, and improve their appreciation ability.

We need to let children know that calligraphy is not only about writing the words well, but also about writing the content of the work well and writing about one's own life well.

4. Let children practice calligraphy happily


Give the child a comfortable environment, such as placing some favorite patterns, flowers and plants on the desk, and playing some music appropriately, which can make the child happy, relaxed, and engaged in a short period of time.

5. Hang children’s works on the walls at home


When guests come to the house, you can see the handwriting written by your child when you enter the door. In addition to your own regular encouragement, there are also praises from relatives and friends. The child's self-confidence will become stronger and stronger, and his interest will also become higher and higher. This will improve the child's practice. All have very positive promotion effects.

6. Choose a good teacher for your child


As people's understanding of cultural traditions increases, the enthusiasm for calligraphy learning in China is getting higher and higher, and there are more calligraphy training classes. Parents should carefully choose a good teacher for their children. As the saying goes: "Famous teachers make good students."

A good teacher has high skills and good guidance, and the children will make rapid progress.

7. Choose a good copybook for your child


When choosing copybooks, you should choose according to your child's personality and hobbies to see which fonts are easier for your child to accept and get started with faster. Choose a copybook that your child likes. Once determined, you must be "emotionally focused."

8. Choose a good pen for your child


Choosing a good pen for your child cannot be overlooked. A good pen can make the writing shine.

"No rules, no standards". Parents should not think that it is not necessary to buy good pens for their children who are just learning. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The more beginners you are, the more important it is to choose a good writing brush. A good writing brush does not split and absorbs ink well. It has good elasticity in all aspects. Children are comfortable to write and have high interest. They can make progress easily and get twice the result with half the effort. , so beginners should not underestimate pen selection.