Women have loved beauty since ancient times. There are high and low levels of beauty. High and low are mainly distinguished between inner and outer. Inner beauty is mainly reflected in cultivation and connotation. In contemporary urban society, most beauties are externally beautiful. They are beautifully dressed, or graceful, and some have high education, skills, or senior management or high-paying positions. But the most attractive thing is their inner cultivation and temperament.

So in China, how can we become a highly cultivated, cultivated, and temperamental woman? What does such a woman look like? The answer is: women who know how to play piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and women who can write beautiful handwriting. Such women will always naturally exude a bookish intellectual beauty, a delicate and gentle beauty that is mixed with sensibility and rationality.

Take calligraphy as an example. A woman who can write well must be a woman with real cultural connotations, a woman with knowledge and accomplishment, and a woman with taste. The specific performance is often as follows:

Classical and elegant

A woman who loves calligraphy practices calligraphy every day. She knows that the best is like water, and her words come from her heart. Her movements are naturally full of delicate and gentle elegance. Her words must be contagious, and people can always feel her extremely feminine side.

Smart, quiet

A woman who loves calligraphy follows pen and ink all day long. She knows that the intention comes first and the decision comes first. Before writing, she must be thoughtful and confident, and her face will naturally reveal a calm and peaceful beauty.

knowledge, cultivation

A woman who loves calligraphy spends her free time with poetry and books. She knows how to be well-educated and erudite. She is naturally full of knowledge and talent without letting go of the scroll, showing her magnanimity and magnanimity.

frankness, revelation

Words are like people, and calligraphy is the most authentic external manifestation of a woman's self-cultivation (not clothing, of course). A woman who loves calligraphy can use her brush and ink whenever she wants. She understands that Tao follows nature and that nature and man are one, so her creations are naturally full of color and wonderful strokes. She is full of passion for art and life, and she does everything spontaneously without being pretentious.

Noble, confident

A woman who loves calligraphy lives elegantly and lives simply, knows how to taste life and advocates elegance. She is naturally independent, confident, dignified, noble and elegant. Such a woman is the truest and most beautiful.