Teach you how to practice good handwriting for free

1. The main writer has a large space for priority

The main stroke is the theme stroke in the character. There is only one theme stroke in a character, and the other strokes are all subordinate strokes. The main writer must seize the space and highlight the image, that is to say, the main writer should take up a larger space and write freely.

1. "Sanzheng Tusheng" in the lower horizontal line, "Dingxia Wanbai" in the upper horizontal line, "Ms. Danqi" in the middle horizontal line, "Doujing Niu Ban" in the long vertical line, etc.

2. The upper horizontal line of oblique Na can not be written as a very flat long horizontal line, it is generally written as a short horizontal line. Such as "Da Tian Yao Fu" and so on.

3. Short and long. Such as "Yi You Fu Wen" and so on.

4. The pens of skimming, hooking and pressing should be staggered up and down, and cannot be written on the same horizontal line. Such as "Heshu Weiben" and so on.

5. The lifting hook is relatively long. Such as "Long clothes are good" and so on.

6. One character cannot have two strokes, and the strokes are replaced by dots. Such as "plant" and so on.

7. When the vertical hook is horizontal, it is oblique. Such as "I have seen electric hair" and so on. When there is right-handedness, take oblique left-handedness. Such as "Yuan Yun Guanglong" and so on.

8, the horizontal folding hook has a writing brush which is higher than the hook in the inside. Such as "Hook force to do not" and so on.

9. Horizontal folding hook, the top width of the flat mouth frame is narrow, such as "four times"; the top and bottom of the long mouth frame are equal in width, such as "solid picture"; Turn to the left, such as "Hui Er"; the inner head of the long-mouthed frame should be properly turned upward, such as "Tu Guo";

Second, the left and right structure has up and down

10. Left and right structure, the proportion of space occupied by the main radical is larger. Such as "remember to find the film department" and so on.

11. If there is a vertical pen on the right side, it is up high and down low. Such as "Wei Dai holds the surrender" and so on.

12. If there is a horizontal stroke on the right side, the upper part is lower and the lower part is higher. Such as "Renjiang Yanghe" and so on.

13. If there are vertical and horizontal strokes on the right side, the upper and lower are higher. Such as: "community value makes good" and so on.

14. If the right radical is up horizontal and down vertical, then up is down and down is down. Such as "He Ganxing Lantern" and so on.

15. For the left-middle-right structure. When there is a horizontal main character on the right side, the width ratio is 1:1:2, such as "Xie Wei"; when there is a vertical main character on the right side, the width ratio becomes 1:1:1, such as "Peng Dao".

16. In the structure of left, middle and right, there are vertical strokes in the middle, high in the middle and low on both sides, such as "Weihu"; Such as "foot tied" and so on.

3. The upper and lower structures should be visible

17. Up-down, up-middle-down structure, with a horizontal line in the middle written as a rhombus. Such as "tea collection beam" and so on.

18. Up-down, up-middle-down structure, with a horizontal pen on it is written as an inverted trapezoid. Such as "room propaganda and learning needs" and so on.

19. Up and down, upper, middle and lower structures, with slanted right, vertical hook or bottom of heart, four points, bottom of children, bottom of clothes and bottom of folding text, written in trapezoidal shape. Such as "always full of grief" and so on.

 It's simple, but you must persist and practice. As for whether you believe it or not, I believe it anyway.