6 core choices for learning calligraphy! Choice is more important than effort!

1. Select a post, such as selecting a teacher.

Learning calligraphy requires inheriting tradition, so we must practice calligraphy. How to choose a copybook to learn calligraphy? Is it crucial? Especially for beginners, choosing the right post is as important as choosing the right teacher. , then, we can determine it according to our own personality and hobbies. For beginners, the first thing to understand about calligraphy is the art of line, and to understand the development history of calligraphy, that is, the formation of the five major calligraphy styles of Zheng, Xing, Cao, Li, and Seal. Generally speaking, learning calligraphy starts with large regular script, such as Yan style. Some people think that the first task in learning calligraphy is to start by tempering lines and gradually improve in depth. Therefore, there is some truth in choosing seal script or official script to start with and can be used as a reference. However, the difficulty, state and depth of cursive writing are not suitable for beginners.

2. Choosing a pen is like choosing a gun.

You must learn to choose a pen and learn to use it. It is the gun with which you fight in writing. Generally speaking, when writing large characters, you should use a large pen. In terms of pen performance, there are three types: hard, soft, and neutral, including wolf hair, sheep hair, and combined hair. The Langhao pen is suitable for the creation of cursive script, the Yanghao pen is suitable for the creation of official script, and the Jianhao pen is suitable for the practice of regular script and seal script, as well as the practice of regular script.

3. Choose paper and choose the battlefield.

Generally speaking, raw Xuan is written in running cursive, while familiar Xuan is written in regular script and official script. The paper we use for calligraphy practice and creation is rice paper, and we need to understand the properties of paper. We beginners mainly use raw edge paper or yuan calligraphy paper for practice. For calligraphy creation, we can choose half-raw and half-cooked rice paper, which depends on our own preferences.

4. Choose good ink and you will have good ammunition.

There are many kinds of ink on the market. I suggest that you still use ordinary ink when practicing, such as Chengdu brand ink, Yujiang brand ink, etc., and use Chinese ink, Yidege ink, etc. when creating. If conditions permit, you can also grind the ink to achieve better creative results.

5. A good inkstone is like a good military advisor.

Today we rarely use inkstones, and mostly use small plates instead. But if conditions permit, you can purchase a good inkstone. It will have an undeniable effect on the mood of learning and creation, the beauty of the study room, and the feeling of putting pen and ink on paper. It can be compared to a military advisor.

6. Choose a seal and get a good wife.

Seals play a very important role in calligraphy creation. They are like a beautiful wife, engraving your achievements. In the Four Treasures of the Study shop, there are seal stones for sale. You can buy them according to your own preferences and ask a seal engraver or a calligrapher who is good at seal engraving to engrave them. Commonly used seals are name seals and leisure seals.