6 core choices for learning calligraphy! Choice is more important than hard work!

1. Choose posts, such as choosing a teacher.

To learn calligraphy, we must inherit the tradition, so we must copy the posts. How to choose a copybook to learn calligraphy is the key? Especially for getting started, choosing the right post is very important, no less than choosing the right teacher. , Then, we can determine according to our own personality and hobbies. For beginners, the first thing to understand about calligraphy is the art of line. It is necessary to understand the history of calligraphy development, that is, the formation of the five major scripts of Zheng, Xing, Cao, Li, and Seal. Generally speaking, learning calligraphy starts with capital letters, such as Yanti. There are also people who think that the first task of learning calligraphy is to temper the lines and improve gradually. Therefore, choosing seal script or official script to start with has certain reasons and can be used as a reference. However, the difficulty, realm and depth of cursive script are not suitable for beginners.

2. Choosing a pen is like choosing a gun.

You must learn how to choose and use a pen, it is the barrel of your gun to fight with pen and ink. Generally speaking, the size of the pen used to write a large character, in terms of the performance of the pen, there are three types: hard, soft, and neutral, Langhao, Yanghao, and Jianhao. Langhao pen is suitable for creating cursive script, Yanghao pen is suitable for creating official script, Jianhao pen is suitable for practicing regular script and seal script, and also suitable for practicing regular script.

3. Choose paper, choose battlefield.

Generally speaking, raw Xuan writes running cursive, and familiar Xuan writes regular script and official script. The paper we use for calligraphy practice and creation is rice paper, so we need to understand the habits of paper. We beginners mainly use raw edge paper or yuanshu paper for practice, and we can choose half-cooked rice paper for calligraphy creation, which depends on our own preferences.

4. If you choose the right ink, you will have good ammunition.

There are many kinds of inks on the market. I suggest that you still use common inks when practicing, such as Chengdu brand ink, Yujiang brand ink, etc., and use Chinese ink, Yidege ink, etc. when creating. If conditions permit, you can also grind the ink, and the creative effect will be better.

5. A good inkstone is like a good military advisor.

Today we rarely use inkstones, and mostly use small dishes instead. But if conditions permit, you can buy a good inkstone, which can not be underestimated for the mood of learning and creation, the beauty of the study setting, and the feeling of pen and ink falling on paper, which can not be underestimated, comparable to a military advisor.

6. Choose Yin and get married to a good wife.

The seal plays an important role in calligraphy creation. She is like a beautiful wife, engraving your achievements. In the Four Treasures of the Study shop, there are seal stones for sale, which can be purchased according to your own preferences. Please ask a seal carver or a calligrapher who is good at seal carving to engrave them. Generally, the commonly used seals are name seals and idle seals.