calligraphy formula

1. The square character is not square, but the left and right sides are good. (Tian Bai returns)

The yin strokes are thin, and the right yang strokes are thick and bright.

2. The italics should not be slanted, and the whole should be straight. (Five Ancient Straits)

Although the tilt is obvious, the main function is to stand firmly.

3. The middle stroke is long and the lower stroke is long, and the cross arms should be clear. (Happy Louan)

One stroke reaches the waist without losing the mainstay.

4. Make a herringbone eight cross, with the top of the cross in the air. (Meet Jinming)

The lower part should be aligned, not east to west.

5. Cross under the eight characters, also in the middle of the characters. (Heavenly Father Wen Zhi)

If it is tilted east to west, the character will not be formed.

6. Originally, the characters were straight and straight, with horizontal strokes running diagonally upward. (Lord Wang Shengzheng)

If it is flat or low, it will reduce the beauty.

7. There are words but no straight strokes, and the strokes are slanted. (Yi Mu Li Nai)

Those who are biased should be slightly corrected, and the overall beauty will be born.

8. Don’t make the up stroke long, the down stroke is the main part. (Pi mutually establishes and merges)

The overall arrangement between the two divisions should be moderate.

9. If there are uprights on the left and right sides, the left side should be short and thin. (Page self-reliance)

The right vertical line is thick and strong, and the main stroke is rounded.

10. There are horizontal and vertical lines. Remember the horizontal and vertical lines clearly. (Mumi Shumi)

The vertical length must not be reduced, and the long wind can be suppressed.

11. Some words have many strokes, long horizontal lines and short vertical lines. (dyed millet frame mulberry)

The pinch should be contracted and the void should be filled with points.

12. The word B is originally skewed, and the curvature is hard work. (B has begged)

It's better to live than to die. If you don't draw too much, you'll be windy.

13. If the book is thin, it will not reduce the appearance if it is thick. (divide the moon and earth)

The character should not be long to avoid emaciation.

14. There are points up and down, and the upper point points inward. (also pan-fried lamb)

The lower point should be outward, with roots to the west and east.

15. Use the dot as the edge of the word, and take care of the top and bottom. (Leng Ci Honghai)

The upper point is lowered, and the lower point is looking at the starry sky.

16. If you point too much, you should close it and don't show it. (Also a bit naive)

The directions should be opposite to each other, and the fairy palace should be paved with gravel.

17. Horse teeth are the most difficult to write, and they must be straight in the middle. (What can a horse and a bird do?)

The upper part is the base point, and the lower part is centered.

18. The left side should be straight and short, giving way to the right side. (Yi Chi makes a fuss)

The left and right sides look at each other, and the right hand should be unrestrained.

19. For those who are left-handed and right-handed, the left should be retracted and the right should be extended. (Chuan Sheng Maobang)

In order to make sure the center is not empty, look to the left and right.

20. The sky covering the sky should be large and the coverage should be strict. (Judge Fu Palace)

Everything is included, and nothing is allowed to be exposed.

21. The earth must be wide enough to support thousands of treasures. (To the Emperor Menggai)

The density should be appropriate, with the axis in the center.

22. Two words are combined into one, the left is higher and the right is lower. (Sibi red)

The left part occupies the important position, and the right part gives way.

23. Put the left and right parts together, and the right part is the main body. (Read Butterfly Pond)

The right part is higher than the left part, and the right part occupies the vast world.

24. It is not a matter of competing for superiority. (Book for reuse)

All of them are beautiful in shape and uneven in shape.

25. It should be evenly distributed if there are many horizontal ones, and there should be some distance between lengths. (Sanyang Measuring Book)

The most important thing is not to have too many, and the fonts are extremely beautiful.

26. The strokes are sparse and small, and the pen is thick and powerful. (Kou Gong Ri Xi)

Although it is small, it is not small, but it is rare but not rare.

27. The strokes are multi-shaped and large, and the strokes are fine and proportional. (Zhennangbiba)

The density should be appropriate, even if there are too many, the bottom will not be seen.

28. The sparse strokes should be small and the arrangement should be appropriate. (Little Qian Monkey)

The strokes occupy their place and there is no deviation.

29. Secret writers have many strokes, so be careful when writing. (Win and win)

The white cloth should be even and the thickness should be appropriate.

30. The word "Yun Qu Qie Dan" is also suitable if it is slightly slanted. (The clouds are gone and Dan is gone)

Although it is not as good as Mao Qi, it is generally similar.

31. If the same character is arranged up and down, the upper one should be smaller and the lower one should be larger. (Brother Lu Changgui)

Although they are father and son, the father is under the son.

32. Arrange the same character on the left and right, with the left smaller and the right bigger. (Takeha Tomo is weak)

Just because they are brothers, the younger brother is under the older brother’s arm.

33. The character Juchen Jiaheng seems to have no special skills. (Juchen Jiaheng)

The shape is like a single character, one vertical line should be long.

34. Both the left and right are vertical, and the right vertical is actually yang. (as execution thorn)

The left vertical part can be shorter and should be given to the right side.

35. Combined into one word, the sizes are different. (Cixiang Xu Wei)

The left side should be tightly retracted, while the right side should be hanging down and can be relaxed.

36. Two words combined into one word, some are weak and some are strong. (Benevolent and private)

The left side is extended to occupy its position, and the right side is retracted and cannot be released.

37. There is a character that looks like half a body, with the head stretched out above. (Binger Yunan)

The shoulders should be open and tucked down like a waistband.

38. There is soil above the head, and grain is grown under the soil. (Ze Lao Kao Qi)

If you stand it straight in the middle, you will see the sun through the ground.

39. The two paragraphs above are equal to the short and long. (It takes time to change)

Living together without offending each other is both a good thing and a good thing.

40. Three characters combined into one character should occupy the same space. (Xie Jue takes the title of emperor)

This place belongs to Zhongfeng, with left and right supplements on both sides.

41. The combination of the three characters “up” and “down” means some are weak and some are strong. (Zhang Yilisu)

This character belongs to middle and weak, and the two strong are separated from each other.

42. There are words divided into left and right parts, and the two places should be evenly distributed. (Po Diao Gu Fu)

Each occupies half of the land and are close neighbors to each other.

43. There are two characters in one word, and the merits are different. (Friends and anti-skin)

This place should be curved to the right and bent to the left.

44. If there are words written three times in a row, the arrangement must be appropriate. (Participate in Zhenxiang)

The bottom is opposite to the upper middle, which is uneven but dignified.

45. The hook of the knife should be tilted to the left, which is rough and powerful. (knife hook spoon)

If not, the words will be out of shape.

46. ​​The hook should not be slanted, straight, thick and long. (Grass Shusi)

Leave blank space to add content, which is appropriate and generous.

47. There is a calligraphy tool with a hook, and its edge points to the upper right. (Good times for the people)

Corresponding to the above point, the Weaver Girl looks forward to the Cowherd.

48. Hook up vertically and do not swing left or right. (Wu Guang Yuanxian)

If something goes wrong, both sides will be in trouble.

49. The horizontal hook must be directed toward the center and cannot be divided outward. (The heart must be thinking)

Each department and group has the same word, and their hearts must be in harmony with each other.

50. The hook is on one side and cannot be turned to the right. (Jiu Hui Nandun)

Leave it blank for his pen to occupy, and check it of course.

51. The curved hook should be bent, and the hook tip should be raised to the right. (Zi Hu Yu Cheng)

Both parts are suitable to carry forward the past and open up the future.

52. The upper part of the song is hooked, and the front edge of the hook is deflected to the left. (House Elephant Crazy Cat)

If you change it without authorization, this word will not be pleasing to the eye.

53. If the straight stroke ends with a hook, you should look to the left. (Yongding calla taro)

You need to master the writing strokes and draw the tip vigorously.

54. The flat stroke ends with a hook, and the front is directed to the lower left. (The space is empty)

It looks like a bird's head and beak, and its chest is combed and played with feathers.

55. When two words are combined into one word, Shangping must come first. (Ming Qiao Wild Code)

The left is smaller and the right is larger, the right is longer and the left is shorter.

56. Two words combined into one word, keep it in mind. (Going to the church to get food)

The right should be small, the left should be large, the left should be long, and the right should be short.

57. If there are words on it, half of them are wrong. (breathing sharply)

If you know the rules, you can't change them without permission.

58. There are words written all over it, and many people know it. (Private acquaintance)

There are more similar words, so you need to know the inferences.

59. Multiple words should be wide, just like there is a sky on the earth. (Leitang Puxi)

The earth is under the sky, not a man soaring into the sky.

60. The lower part of this character should be large, supporting the upper half. (Xingyaoyuqi)

Like holding a fairy fruit in a pan, a large pan is the safest.

61. If there is a word "dedicated to present", the right should be shortened and the left should be widened.

The left part is half as big, so it doesn't look ugly if you follow the instructions.

62. There are words as the side, and the main body stands to the right. (Shi Tengke Jing)

The edges of the characters are narrow and small, and the main body is large and wide.

63. There is a word that belongs to three yuan, and the left and right are occupied. (Bibi Yanyang)

The middle and weak cannot be changed, and the gap between the two strong is tightened.

64. This character also has three elements, just look up and down. (Luan Ying Ji Yang)

The top and bottom are stronger than each other, the top is narrower and the bottom is wider.

65. This character is also three yuan, and the weak is next to it. (Fan provokes street throwing)

The central government is strong and powerful, who dares to fight for territory?

66. If there is a word, the stroke is very long, and if it is short, the stroke is in the center. (Mo Yimei)

The final stroke is not a stroke, it is more appropriate to use a point.

67. The character Duo has an ear on the right side, and the ear is large, straight and long. (The neighbor is evil in the suburbs)

The left part is decorated with words, close to the ear.

68. If there is a word "ear" on the left side, it should not be long and straight. (Chen Yuan excepted A)

The main body is on the right, which is wide and broad.

69. When one ear is used as the edge of a word, it should be curved and introverted. (Ang Que unprinted)

The other parts work together skillfully without losing the original shape.

71. Only one word should be pressed once, not both. (Shiyan takes advantage of the forest)

The main stroke is not reduced, and the second stroke is to change the beam.

72. It is better to reduce the check mark for compound characters, and one check mark is most appropriate. (No comparison allowed)

All remaining hooks are canceled, and the rules cannot be forgotten.

73. Some words seem to be heavily surrounded, and the vertical lines are even more disordered. (Shuang Te Qi Xiao)

The layout should be even, without distinction between host and guest.

74. The centripetal force is not returned, as if holding hands with each other. (So ​​wonderful and soothing)

Don't separate from each other and get along until we grow old.

75. The centrifugal force has not been repaid, and the head is not visible when the back is turned. (Rubei North Africa)

Keep a distance from each other and not walk far away.

76. There are words like a city wall, with high fortresses surrounding it in all directions. (Because of the Garden Kingdom)

The walls are divided into thick and thin, and the main building is in the center.

77. Surrounded by rhombuses, the shape is beautiful. (Qi Yu Zu Xin)

If you don't know this, you don't know the rules.

78. It should not be bent even if it is bent, straight and pointed is the most suitable. (The history of forks and rulers)

The silkworm's head comes up and he picks up the pen, moving quickly and lifting it slowly.

79. The middle part of the song is held horizontally, connecting the previous and connecting the next. (Doyan Kenshi)

The distance should not be too far and should be even and appropriate.

80. There are many horizontal and vertical hooks, and the twists and turns are also trailing. (Eat it with flying colors)

Exhibitions must be appropriate, and left and right must be coordinated.

81. The head of the sacrifice should be wide and leave space at the bottom. (Sacrifice to Cai Chafu)

Fill in the blanks with the words "Er Xiao".

82. There is both heart and water. It is better to shrink than to expand. (Mu Taili)

Located in Pai Na, he lives in the world all his life.

83. There is a garment on the left side, which should be longer or shorter horizontally. (Shrine Hatsuhiro)

The inner side of the word should be straightened, and the left side should be straightened to the right side.

84. Three characters of the same word are combined, two carry one. (Pin Leisen)

The last one is the big brother.

85. There are a lot of traditional Chinese characters, so you need to memorize the writing method. (Lu Mi Yu Ying)

The white cloth should be even and the thick strokes should be reduced.

86. Horizontal strokes are not horizontal, diagonal strokes are the rule. (Mao Qi Ye Ge)