1. The square characters are not square, and both left and right are expert. (Tian Bai turns back)

Yin strokes are fine, right Yang is thick and strokes are clear

2. The italics are not oblique, and the whole should be correct. (five ancient straight quality)

Although the inclination is obvious, standing firm is the main work.

3. The middle row is long and the bottom is opened, and the cross arm should be clearly defined. (Xiwu Louan)

A stroke of the waist, without losing the mainstay.

4. Herringbone cross, with the top in the air at the fork. (Meeting Jin Ming)

The lower part should be aligned, not west-east.

5. The lower cross of the eight characters is also in the middle of the characters. (Tianfu Branch)

If it is biased to the east or west, the character will not be formed.

6. Originally, the characters are correct, and the horizontal strokes go upwards. (Lord Wang Shengzheng)

If you want to be flat or down, it will reduce the beauty.

7. There are characters but no correct strokes, and strokes and oblique lines. (Yimu Linai)

Those who are biased should be slightly positive, and the overall beauty will be healthy.

8. Don't make long upward strokes, and the downward strokes are the main work. (Pi mutually stand and merge)

The overall two compartments, the arrangement should be moderate.

9. If there are vertical lines on the left and right, the short left side should be thin. (Page from Yingu)

The right vertical is thick and strong, and the main brush is perfectly round.

10. There are horizontal and vertical, and the horizontal and short should be clearly recorded. (Mumi Zhuwei)

The vertical length cannot be reduced, and the long wind can be stretched.

11. There are many strokes in the characters, long horizontal and vertical short lines. (dye millet and mulberry)

The left and right strokes should be contracted, and the empty space should be filled with dots.

12. The B script is skewed, and the curvature is a hard work. (B has already begged)

It is better to live than to die, and the wind blows when you are young.

13. The book is thin and thin, but the volume is not reduced. (divinated the moon soil)

The word should not be long, so as to avoid thin and weak diseases.

14. There are points up and down, and the upper point moves inward. (also fried Xing lamb)

The lower point should be outward, rooted in everything.

15. Use dots as the border of the word, and the upper and lower sides should be taken care of. (Leng Ci Hong Hai)

Look down at the upper point, and look at the starry sky at the lower point.

16. If you have too many points, you should close them, and don't show them. (also red point)

The direction should be opposite to each other, and the gravel should be paved with fairy palaces.

17. Horse teeth are the most difficult to write, and the slant must be positive. (What do horses and birds do)

The upper part is the base point, and the lower part is centered.

18. The left is straight and short, giving way to the right. (It's a waste of time)

The left and right look at each other, and the right hand should be bold and unrestrained.

19. For those who are left-handed and right-handed, shrink left and expand right. (Chuansheng Ubang)

In order to make the center not empty, look around and look around.

20. The sky should be big, and the coverage should be strict. (Judge Fu Gong)

Vientiane is included, and its edges are not allowed to be exposed.

21. The land should be wide and support all treasures. (to Huangmeng Gai)

The density should be appropriate, and the axis should be in the center.

22. The two characters are combined, and the left is high and the right is low. (Sibuhong that is)

The left part occupies an important position, and the right part gives way.

23. Combine the left and right together, and the right part is the main body. (Read Butterfly Pond)

The right part is higher than the left part, and the right part occupies the sky and the earth.

24. Vertically divide the long and short, not compete for high and low. (The book will be reused just now)

All of them are beautiful in shape and uneven.

25. There should be more horizontal distribution, and there should be a distance between the length and the length. (Three sheep measuring book)

There are not many heavy ones, and the shape of the characters is extremely beautiful.

26. The strokes are small and small, and the pen is strong and powerful. (Mouth bow day and night)

Although it is small, it is not small, but rare does not seem rare.

27. The strokes are multi-shaped and large, and the proportion of strokes is fine. (Shocking nose bully)

The density should be appropriate, although there is no end to the number.

28. The strokes of those who are sparse are small, and the arrangement should be decent. (Little thousand monkeys)

The strokes occupy their place, and there is no deviation.

29. The secret person has many strokes, so write carefully. (Win and continue to wrap)

The cloth white should be uniform, and the thickness should be appropriate.

30. It is also suitable for the word Yunqu Qidan to be slightly oblique. (Yun Quqiedan)

Although not as good as Mao Qi, it is generally similar.

31. The same word should be arranged up and down, and the upper and lower should be larger. (Brother Lu Changgui)

Although the Father and the Son, the Father is under the Son.

32. Arrange the same word on the left and right, and the left side should be smaller than the right side. (Bamboo Bamboo is weak)

Because of the brothers, the younger brother is under the armpit of the elder brother.

33. Juchen Jiaheng characters seem to have no specialty. (Ju Chen Jiaheng)

The shape is similar to a single character, and a vertical line should be long.

34. There are verticals on the left and right, and the vertical on the right belongs to Yang. (as an execution thorn)

The left vertical can be shortened, and should give way to the right side.

35. Combining two words into one word, the size is different. (Resignation from Xiang Xu Wei)

The left side should be tight, and the right side can be released.

36. Two words and one word, there are weak and strong. (Benevolence carries private male)

Stretching to the left occupies its place, and shrinking to the right cannot release it.

37. There are characters like a half body, with the head stretched out on top. (Binger Yunan)

The shoulders should be open and lowered like the beam of the waist.

38. There are characters with soil on top of the head, and grain under the soil. (Old Kaoqi)

As soon as it is vertically aligned, the sun can be seen through the ground.

39. The two paragraphs of the upper and lower characters are on average. (Variation required)

Coexistence does not offend each other, both characters are Kang.

40. When three words are combined into one word, the placeholders should be equivalent. (Xie Jue Title Yu)

This place belongs to Zhongfeng, with left and right auxiliary sides.

41. The upper and lower three characters are combined, there are weak and strong. (chapter meaning accumulation)

This character belongs to the middle and weak, and the two strongs face each other.

42. There are words left and right, and the two places should be even. (Quite carved Gu Fu)

Each occupies half of the land, and they are close neighbors to each other.

43. There are two apostrophes in one word, and the straight and straight are different. (friends and flippers)

Here the right should be curved, and it should be bent to the left.

44. If there are three words in a row, the arrangement must be proper. (Participate in Zhenxing)

The bottom is opposite to the upper middle, uneven and dignified.

45. The hook of the knife should be inclined to the left, rough and powerful. (knife hook spoon)

If not, the words will be out of shape.

46. ‚Äč‚ÄčNugou should not be oblique, straight, thick and long. (Grape Shusi)

Leave blank to add content, decent and generous.

47. There is a character with a hook, and its front is to the upper right. (A good day in civilian clothes)

Corresponding to the above point, the Weaver Girl is looking forward to the Cowherd.

48. The vertical hook is upward, and it cannot be swayed left or right. (Mian Guangyuan first)

If something goes wrong, there will be no light for each other.

49. The horizontal hook must be towards the heart, not outward. (heart must think)

The ministries and groups have one word, and they must be in harmony with each other.

50. Curve hook on one side, not to the right. (Dove Hui is stubborn)

Leave it blank for other pens, tick it for granted.

51. Curved hooks are suitable for curved hooks, and the hook front is lifted to the right. (Zihu Yucheng)

Inheriting the past and opening up the future, both works are suitable.

52. The upper part of the hook is curved, and the front of the hook is deflected to the left. (Family Elephant Crazy Cat)

If you change it without authorization, this word is not pleasing to the eye.

53. When pressing straight down, there is a hook at the end, it is advisable to look up to the left. (Yongding Calla Taro)

The writing needs to be mastered, and the sharp hook should be sharpened.

54. The end of the flat stroke is hooked, and the front is to the lower left. (empty space)

Like a bird's head and beak, it looks like its chest and combs its feathers for play.

55. When two words are combined into one word, Shangping must be the first. (Mingqiao wild code)

Small on the left and large on the right, long on the right and short on the left.

56. The two words are combined into one word, and Xiaping will be remembered in my heart. (Pilgrimage to fetch food)

The right is small and the left is large, and the left is long and the right is short.

57. There are words on it, and half of them are wrong. (breath peak steep)

If you know the rules, you can't change them without authorization.

58. There are many words, and many people know it. (private acquaintance)

There are more similar words, so you need to learn from one to the other.

59. More words should be wide, as if there is a sky on the ground. (Lei Tangpuxi)

The earth is under the sky, not the man who soars into the sky.

60. The lower part of this character should be larger, supporting the upper half. (Whether the star wants to live)

Such as holding fairy fruit on a plate, a large plate is the safest.

61. There is a word "respect and dedication", and the right shrinks and the left relaxes (respect and dedication)

The left part is half as large, so it is not ugly to do so.

62. There are characters on the side, and the main body stands on the right side. (Shi Teng Kejing)

The margins are narrow and small, and the main body is large and wide.

63. There are characters belonging to three elements, and the left and right are strong. (Bi Bianyan Yang)

The middle and weak cannot be changed, and the space between the two strong is tightened.

64. The word is also three yuan, just look up and down. (Luan Ying Ji Duck)

The upper and lower sides are stronger than the upper and lower, and the upper and lower are wider.

65. The word is also three yuan, and the weak are next to it. (Fanja Street Throwing)

The center is strong and prosperous, who dares to fight for the territory

66. There are characters with long strokes and short strokes in the middle. (Mo Yimei)

The final stroke is not a stroke, it is more appropriate to use dots.

67. Many characters have ears on the right, big straight and long ears. (suburban neighbor evil)

The left side with the words is close to the ear.

68. There is an ear word on the left, and it should not be long if it is vertical. (Chen Yuan removes Ah)

The main body is on the right, and the right is wide and wide.

69. One ear is used as the edge of the word, it should be tuned and introverted. (Ang but unprinted)

He cooperates skillfully without losing his body shape.

71. There is only one stroke per word, not double strokes. (Shi Yan takes advantage of the forest)

The main brush does not decrease, and the second one changes the beam.

72. It is advisable to reduce the number of ticks for complex characters, and one tick is the most appropriate. (Forbidden Bimao)

All other hooks are cancelled, and the rules must not be forgotten.

73. There are characters that seem to be encircled, and the vertical and complex strokes are more turbulent. (cool gear clamor)

The layout should be uniform, regardless of the host and the guest.

74. The centripetal force is not paid, as if holding hands. (so nice and comfortable)

They are not separated from each other, and get along to the end.

75. The centrifugal force is not paid, and the back is not seen. (milk North Africa)

Keep a distance from each other, each not far away.

76. There are characters like a city wall, surrounded by high fortifications. (Because of the garden country)

The walls are divided into thick and thin, and the main building is in the center.

77. Surrounded by the word Ling, the shape is Chinese and beautiful. (Qi Yu Zu Xin)

If you don't know it, you don't know the rules.

78. Longitudinal pressing should not be curved, straight pointed is the most suitable. (Fork ruler history again)

The silkworm starts to pick up the pen, and lifts it up slowly.

79. The middle part of the horizontal stroke, connecting the previous and the next. (Dao Yanjian fit)

The distance should not be far, and the uniformity should be appropriate.

80. There are many horizontal and vertical hooks, and the twists and turns are also dragged. (eating in a hurry)

The outside of the exhibition must be appropriate, and the left and right must cooperate.

81. The sacrificial head should be wide, leaving room for the lower part. (Sacrificial to Cai Chazhen)

Show the words and fill in the blanks, the second child will not take it easy.

82. With heart and water, it is better to shrink than to expand. (Mu Taili)

It is located in the left and right, and lives in the world all his life.

83. There is a display garment on the left, and the horizontal length should not be short. (Hatsuhiro Shrine)

Get straight inside the word edge, let the left side make the right side.

84. The same word and three characters are combined, two carry one. (Pin Leisen)

The last big one is Big Brother.

85. There are a lot of complicated characters, so the writing method should be kept in mind. (Lumi Yuying)

The cloth should be uniform in white, and the thick strokes should be subtracted.

86. Horizontal strokes are not like horizontal strokes, but oblique strokes are regular. (Mao Qiyege)