Chen Guan (1057-1124), whose courtesy name was Yingzhong, nicknamed Lozhai, and posthumous title Zhongsu, was a native of Quanzhongfang in the west of Sha County (now Sanming, Fujian). He was smart since he was a child, and he became a high school student at the age of 23. He once served as the inspector of the Gongyuan of the Ministry of Rites, the general magistrate of Yuezhou (now Hangzhou) and Wenzhou, and the Zuo Sijian. During the years when he was in power, when faced with treacherous ministers such as Cai Jing, he dared to fight the truth, dared to tell the truth, was not afraid of power, was open-minded, honest and honest. It is precisely because of his righteousness and full protection throughout his life that many capable people with lofty ideals were saved from being killed, and many cultural books were preserved. The historical masterpiece "Zizhi Tongjian" we can see today was preserved by Chen Guan who turned the tide. His deeds are recorded in "History of the Song Dynasty", and the Neo-Confucianists Yang Shi and Zhu Xi also wrote articles.

  "History of the Song Dynasty" said that his advice was like Lu Zhi's, his strength was like Di Renjie, and his enlightenment was like Han Yu's. Together with Chen Shixi, they were called "Two Chens", and they denounced Cai Jing, Cai Bian, Zhang Dun, Andun, etc. Although I hate him, I am impressed by his character. Because of the ups and downs, the experience was particularly miserable. During the forty-two years, he was transferred to Fan twenty-three times, passing through eight provinces and nineteen prefectures and counties. Qinzong ascended the throne and rehabilitated Zhaoxue. His spirit is the same as that of Yue Fei and Wen Tianxiang, and they are enshrined in Nantong Confucian Temple, Langshan Zhunti Temple and Rugao Dinghui Temple. He is the author of "Liao Zhai Collection", "Liao Zhai Yi Shuo", "Zun Yao Collection", "On Six Books", etc.

  Chen Guan also has profound attainments in calligraphy. The only authentic work handed down from generation to generation is "Midwinter Severe Cold Tie". Li Gang said: "Liao Weng's calligraphy does not follow the ancient style, but has its own flavor. Looking at his calligraphy, you can know the strength of his integrity." Deng Su said: "The opening of the book is awe-inspiring, with copper ribs and iron bones, washing away the eternity, and sideways eyebrows His state is that of only one person after Duke Gailu." Zongyi, Tao of the Ming Dynasty, said: "The energy is weak and scattered, which is typical of "Lanting". From this point of view, his calligraphy is superb and superb.


Chen Guan's "Midwinter Severe Cold Notes" on paper, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

It's freezing in the middle of winter. I'm waiting for all the blessings. I've been blessed and transferred to the two officials. Yesterday, I only received the holy grace. It's so profound that I can't repay it. I'm just crying. The five and eight mothers have gotten married and the ten mothers are afraid of knowing it in the month to come. I would like to ask this question. I beg to take care of myself and pay homage to Siji Shijun, the thirteenth sister of the county, November 22nd