Song Xiang (996-1066) was a writer in the Northern Song Dynasty. The courtesy name was Gongxu, and his original name was Jiao. After he became an official, he changed his name to Xiang. A native of Anlu (now part of Hubei) in Anzhou. Together with his younger brother Qi, he had a literary name and was called the "Second Song Dynasty" at that time. Both brothers were promoted to Jinshi in the early days of Tiansheng, Xiang ranked first, and they were promoted to Minister of War, Tongping Zhangshi. Many beautiful poems. His works include "Song and Yuan Xian Ji". There is a biography in Volume 284 of "History of the Song Dynasty". 

Song Xiang's "Child Slip to the Palace Envoy Shaoqing", running script. Paper, length 31.8 cm, width 47 cm. Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Explanation: He kowtows and worships, breaking the religious covenant. Suddenly, he has been in love for many years, and the dog and horse are in love with each other. Today, he is going to the summer palace, but he is respectful and waiting for Wanfu. Xiang stayed in the city with a thin body. He arrived here half a month ago in the evening. He wanted to go there urgently. The attendants failed to fulfill their wishes due to illness and summer. The emperor is afraid of being deeply regretted. The honorable sister-in-law, Fu Weiyi, is waiting for Wanfuzi to present the palace. The twenty-four sisters-in-law and children are all only attendants. Palace envoy Shaoqing respects his brother's pedestal