Su Mai (1059-?), courtesy name Boda, was a native of Meishan, Meizhou (now Meishan, Sichuan). Shi's eldest son. He is a member of the driving department. He is good at writing and calligraphy. Dongpo Tie was written by Naimai, which is also gratifying. All the disciples of the Su family came from the same sect, but they all had their own merits. "The Biography of Song History, Collection of Guxi"



"To the Bachelor in Charge" by Su Mai, ruler and cursive script, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Explanation: Maiton paid homage to the supervisor again and sat down to write a humiliating book. The more diligent he was, the more he felt overwhelmed. Today, Gengshu, Fuweitaihou, Wanfu La promised to move and revered the rank. He wanted to celebrate, but he did not see it soon. Maxton paid his respects to the master in charge and sat down.