Su Guo (1072-1123), courtesy name Shudang, also known as Xiechuan Jushi, was a native of Meishan, Meizhou. Shi's third son. In the sixth year of Yuanyou reign of Emperor Zhezong, he took the examination of the Ministry of Rites and failed. In the first year of Shaosheng's reign, Shi was banished to Huizhou. In the fourth year, he was banished to Danzhou again, and all of them accompanied him. In the third year of Yuanfu's reign, he returned north with his father. After Shi died, he lived in Yingchang with his uncle Zhe. There are several acres of shady land in Yinghu Lake, which is called Xiaoxiechuan. In the second year of Emperor Huizong's reign, he supervised the eunuch tax. In five years, he knew the city of Yan. In the fifth year of Xuanhe's reign, Tongjingzhou died. There are 20 volumes of "Xiechuan Collection", which have been lost. The incident can be found in Volume 2401 of "Yongle Dadian", which cites "The Epitaph of Su Shudang in Langmei Mountain, Gu Tongzhi of the Song Dynasty", and there is a biography in Volume 338 of "History of the Song Dynasty".



"Yisun Tie" in running script by Su Guo, circa 1111-1117 (Zhenghe period), paper, 27.2X34cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei



Su Guo's "Poems and Postscripts for a Husband Far Away", circa 1123 (the fifth year of Xuanhe), paper, 31.6cmX41.5cm, collected by the National Palace Museum in Taipei