Postscript to "Collection of Ancient Records" by Ouyang Xiu, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

  Explanation: Collection of ancient postscripts. Authentic proof copy. There are differences. Han Gong's theory is very detailed. However, the postscript of Pingquan's grass and trees. There are still sixty-seven crosses in the printed version. I deeply admire Wen Rao. Wealth everywhere. Recruitment rights. And curious and greedy. To gain disaster and defeat. The words are particularly warning. It is enough to serve as a warning to the world. And the potential of his writing must reach this point. It has a destination. And the technique of ghost valley. Under the impossible. The printed version also has no words. All these doubts should be confirmed by the printed version. See you in April of the twelfth year (1185). Zhu Xi Ji.
Huashan Monument has the inscription Zhongzong. Prime Minister Hong Li Shibian. It is the borrowed characters used in this text carved on stone. It is not a clerical error by Ougong.