Zhu Xi's "Remaining Manuscripts of Annotations on the Analects of Confucius", paper, collected in Japan

[Explanation] Confucius said: "The words of a benevolent person are also eloquent." [訒, sound blade.訒, to endure, to endure. A benevolent person has a heart that is not letting go, so if his words are forbearing but not easy to speak, this is the end of his virtue. The Master said that the cow was talkative and impatient, so he told him this. If you are careful about this, then it is the way to be benevolent, and it is nothing more than this. ] Said: "His words are also eloquent, does that mean that it is benevolence?" Confucius said, "It is difficult to do it, but it is pointless to say it?" Tell him this. Gai Xinchang
Sima Niu asked the gentleman. Confucius said: "A gentleman has no worries and no fears." Therefore, the Master told me this] and said, "If you are not worried or fearful, is that what you call a gentleman?" The Master said, "If you look inward and feel no guilt, why should you worry or be afraid?" [Master, Yinfu. When Niu Zhi asked again, the meaning of the previous chapter was still the same, so I told him this again. Guilt, illness. He said that he has no regrets about what he does in daily life, so he can reflect inwardly without guilt, and he has no worries. He should not think it is easy and ignore it.