Zhu Xi's "Da Gui Yi Zhong Tie" Volume Paper Length 33.4cm, width 57.3cm, cursive script, 17 lines, 240 words. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

  This post is a page from "Song Xian Yihan Book", and the content is about entertainment. It records Zhu Xi's begging to be released to the fields, his plan to return to Kaoting, and his summons to Pulai, the Yi man. According to Zhu Xi's "Chronology", Song Shaoxi learned about Tanzhou in May of the fifth year. "Ning Zong's Annals" says: "On Gengwu Day in July, I summoned the Secret Pavilion to compile a book and found out that Zhu Xi's achievements in Tanzhou were there." The article said, "After three months of hard work, I can no longer defeat the county." "Things", that is, from May to August, exactly three months in office. "Return without success" refers to Zhu Xi's "begging to be released to the fields" in June. Most of the things mentioned in the article happened in the fifth year of Shaoxi's reign, so it is estimated that this post was written in the fifth year of Shaoxi's reign, when Zhu Xi was 65 years old.
  The calligraphy of "Daguiyi Zhongtie" is free and informal, pure and natural, with a graceful expression, like smoke and wind, and the intention is to write with a sense of contentment. As Zhan Jingfeng said: "Don't use the title of the book, just cover it with learning."
  Appraisal marks: "Zhang Liu" (Bai Wen), "Wu Zhen" (Zhu Wen), "Zhou Sheng" (Zhu Bai Wen).
  It was recorded in "Shiqu Baoji: Continuation" and photocopied and published in "Song Xian Yihan" of the Palace Museum. (Writer: Fu Hongzhan)

【Explanation】On the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, Xidun started the ceremony. The thought of cursing and asking questions in Daguiyi has been achieved. The next trip to Yichun was to inherit the special introduction Hui Shu. I heard that compared with the autumn and heat, I am comforted by the success of the government and the good fortune. Xi declined late and died. After three months of hard work, he could no longer overcome the county affairs. If you don't get anything back, don't talk about it. Although the memory of the Dutch court is deep, the rich and corrupt scholars can't make up for the extreme opinions of the times. Having received the order, he went to Linchuan and listened respectfully to the punishment. He then returned to Jianyang'er from the east. When the corvee returned, it must have been a small vendetta. I don’t know what will happen now. Since I came yesterday, I couldn't help but call Pu Laiyan to visit Siji Suizhi again. Competition is inevitable in politics and must be prevented. The new commander has never been happy about this, and he doesn't know what he will think when he comes. It is also a blessing to treat him calmly and not to have any trouble. People also hastily attached the report, which is too late. The people in the pavilion are pleasant, the elders and elder brothers are well-off, and the children are always asking questions. The only good thing is to love yourself. It is a blessing to be summoned. Not announced. Xi then paid homage to the magistrates, prefectures, and court councilors who had initiated the meeting.