Song Dynasty Zhu Xi's "Autumn Deep Tie" (a letter to the magistrate, county and court for discussion) collected by the National Palace Museum in Taipei

[Explanation] Xi Dun first started on August 7th. Bi Liang Cheng Shu. Report if redundant. Deeper than sun and autumn. Liang Li is undecided. Myanmar only announced it. Have a good start. Xi arrived in March. Half of the disease. Emphasis on celebrating the national funeral. Coming after looking for each other. A mixture of sorrow and joy. The days pass by suddenly. No time for rest. Now I am summoned again. Such is the disease. How can it be used in this world? However, I heard that it was personally approved. I don’t know who heard it wrongly. I don’t dare to say words in official ceremonies (the words are doubtful). It has started on one side. It has also been extended to the temple. The road ahead remains unreported. That is to say, he returned to Jianyang and was ordered to do so. Jieyin left the city yesterday. Get rid of the current fatigue. And there is no limit to worries about the future. No reason to speak. But I hate that my boss is involved in this trouble. It is unknown how to kill the ear. There are many reasonable people on this road. Quite a clue. But before he could take action. As far as a county in Changsha. There are many managers who work well together. They all have ambitions but fail to investigate. The instructions come with twists and turns. Although some have already implemented it. But now it’s gone. Who will report again? Such as belonging to the village official. If and here. It is convenient for declaration and merger. And the soldiers who can make up for the vital points are indispensable. This is a long-term plan. It is unknown who is today and who will be next. Can you resume this responsibility? The thing about academic officials is terrible. Too bad I didn't hear it earlier. When and click. It's just like Li Shouzhi's statelessness. It’s also hateful. Liu Fajian was born. I know the old one too. But you can keep it. It's also commendable. Lepidus. Know otherwise. I was punished the day before yesterday. It's the ears that are far away. I'm very happy to find out the evidence. (Add next to the six words). He has been sent back to Chenzhou. The order cannot be based on empty words. There is always harassment. The word "zhoujunruo" (added next to the word "ruo") means this. And detain him. It’s also the same thing. When I first heard it (added next to the two words), the words had no roots. And observe the color of the couple. There is no sense of sadness either. Xun Guan Yu Ci (added next to the four characters). I definitely know that (two characters written upside down) is delusional. A virtuous person has more than enough talent. The meaning is clear. Governing a small county. Nothing can be done. The departments also know each other a little bit. But Henxi went there. Don't wait until the government is completed. And among the recommenders. Eye pain is severe. Attached here is a hasty report. Can't do everything. I just hope to take time to love myself. The future is so peaceful. He Zhongyiren and all the gentlemen are safe and sound. The second son, the eldest wife, all the daughters and grandchildren. Ask about daily life one by one. Zhu Guizhou is here. I want to send someone to wait for him. Left before it arrived. Because the book is fortunate to be Taoist. There is Yongfu Ling Lu Daxin. Jurensheren's close nephew. I wish you could keep it, and I'm lucky to have such a good reputation. Xi worships Qi again. The meeting will tell the county and court to discuss the virtuous list.