Zhu Xi's Letters to Professors and Scholars, volume, cursive script, 33.1 x 29.3cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

 This "Professor Bachelor's" ruler slip, also known as "Yang Xiang Tie", is written in cursive script. Judging from the sentence "Changsha has a new destiny, he is unable to do anything, so he begs to avoid Yu", it can be inferred that this should be in the fifth year of Shaoxi (1194), when Zhu Xi was sixty-five years old, he resigned from Tanzhou (today's Hunan). Changsha) was written when he was in office. In this ruler-slip, Zhu Xi's strokes start with multiple slanted peaks. The strokes are rapid and the transitions are natural. Although he has no intention of seeking craftsmanship, the dots and strokes are all in line with the standards of traditional calligraphy.

【Explanation】The thirty-fifth day of the first lunar month. Xi Dun paid his respects to Brother Qi, the professor and bachelor again. No questions asked. The countryside is deep and beautiful. Better than spring. Gong Wei talks too much about painting. Wish you all the best. It is difficult for Xi to decline late. After going to La, suddenly there was a relative of Ji Fu. The grief is overwhelming. Changsha has a new life. Overwhelmed. I beg you to avoid it. Better than already. If you plan, you will get it. Obtain Huang Xishu. Hearing and learning the rules and regulations. Deeply comforting. If you are more willing to enlighten and encourage me. Make Zhiqiong learn about self-cultivation. It's not like I'm wasting my precious treasure in vain. Those who want to go through the sitting room. The one who faced Chen Caiqing ascended the throne and returned. Visit from nearby. The funeral of Yunqing Chengyu and Wu Chazhi and his wife. I am so excited. I want to help him in his service. This is a righteous thing. Now I want to go to the district. Dedicated personnel to buckle. Regardless of the good intentions. Fortunately, it is repaid. Because it's convenient. This is posted hastily. There is too much time for it. Zhengyuan. I just hope to take the time to love myself. Different promotion is needed beforehand. The superior status remains undeclared. Xi paused and bowed his head again.