Song Dynasty Zhu Xi's "February 11th Post"

【Explanation】On February 11th, Xi paused and bowed again
The envoy of the Dexiu Palace, Brother Zhige Zuo Shisheren: Because the people in the pavilion also reported the matter,
I don’t know what has been achieved yet. Don't smell
The movement lasted for a long time, and the countryside went away
Virtue and righteousness have never left your heart. Better than spring, respectfully
Yanju is super victorious,
Wish you all the best. Since last winter, Xi has been suffering from gas pain and weak feet.
Since then, I have suffered from spasticity and cannot move. The year of hanging car is approaching, I dare not take it for granted
He was too lazy to write official letters, so he only applied for petitions from the state capital.
No one is willing to serve as a guarantor. Recently, Huang Zhongben joined the club in his name, and also
It is unknown what the state and county's intention is. If it fails, you will inevitably apply for the province.
The opportunity is vast and cannot be avoided, so I just listen to it. How many months last year
In the meantime, friends are old and withered, which is similar to the rise and fall of the fate of the times.
Even the common people, down to the common people, are unavoidable. They make people feel resentful and lose their business. However,
This is beyond the power of human power! Occasionally, Master Liu returned the book to Shu, so here is the summary.
There is no time to meet, but I hope
Self-love at all times is the most important thing for my way. Thousands of people rely on it, and they are sincere and undeclared.
Xi paused and bowed his head again.