"Shuhan Manuscript" Posted on July 6th, paper 33.5X45.3cm, written in the first year of Qingyuan (1195), collected by Liaoning Provincial Museum

  "Yunfu Tie" is also known as "July 6th Tie", "To Cousin Cheng Xun Yunfu Shuhan Manuscript", etc. Two pieces of letters, this one was posted on July 6th, followed by inscriptions and postscripts from 11 families in the Yuan and Ming dynasties, including portraits of Zhu Huaxiang. "Zhenze Ji" written by Wang Guo of the Ming Dynasty said: "Hui Weng's calligraphy is very fast. He had no intention of seeking craftsmanship, but looked for his stipples and strokes. All of them are in line with the calligrapher's rules. How can he be called a person who moves his face and is polite."

【Explanation】On July 6th, Xi Dun first came. I asked again and again the day before yesterday, and I thought everything was possible. Arrive soon
Accepting the letter, I am glad to hear that it is better than what I have done in the past. Sister-in-law, brother Qianyi, next
All safe. I am old, frail and sick, but fortunately I will die soon; but my spleen and stomach are still weak.
If you eat out of proportion, you will feel unhappy. It also acts as a source of spleen irritation and scratches people, and eye diseases are caused by
It's particularly harmful, and you can't even read the text. Although my brother also has this disease, here he comes
The book can still be written with small characters, but it is not even close to this. Brother Qianyi is happy to be safe.
If you want more medicine, you can see the retribution and attach it. Lu Ji has many volumes and ranks.
Those who have been sent by Dafu have not read it yet, so they should send it again. Those who don’t know the hundreds of volumes of Zicheng’s family
What is it? I'll meet you when you want. Have you ever doubted that the book has arrived? If not
Come on, don't write it down. Ye Wei then attached this note. Caocao, I love myself
The blessings are not announced. Xi paused,
Yun Fu corrects his virtuous brother.