Zhu Xi's ruler-slip "Tie to Yanxiu Shaofu" on paper collected by the National Palace Museum in Taipei

【Explanation】Xi Dunshou
Under the command of Young Master Yanxiu: Don't come to Sanyi Qiuge.
Thinking about it
Light Ji, times my reverie. A place of interest in central Guizhou,
If the asters in Yunshan Mountain, the sound of peaks and springs, are still
What the ears and eyes hear and see is enough to say
Gao Huai. However, when the ape cries and the moon sets, it responds.
The feeling of hometown; Xi came and disappeared in Dumen.
After the speech and recitation, he performed simple etiquette
Outside the law. Chang'an is approaching, it is difficult to live high and low, political science
desolate, useless
Those who follow the Taoism. sub-quilt
I was ordered to Fucheng, knowing that I must come to the place where my old friend came from, and I rode several lines respectfully.
Asked above. Also attached are two cups of new tea as tribute
about. It's rare to see someone far away.
Xi pays his respects again and asks
At the feet of Shaofu Yanxiu, February 6th