Zhu Xi's cursive ruler "Bu Zhu Tie" on paper, 33.7 cm in length and 52.5 cm in width
Collection of Tokyo National Museum, Japan (gift from Takashima Kikujiro)



[Explanation] Xi Dun bowed his head and bowed: I heard that I built Zhongshan Mountain to raise my family, and went away from the hustle and bustle to Qingkuang, so that those who visited the place the day before yesterday and sent rewards can now be played day and night for my ears and eyes, stealing and planning. Huai is not just a plan to avoid decline, it is very good and deeply appreciated! What you hate is not achieved until you enter the new hall, it will make your heart, eyes and ears less happy. Meng's despicable article is something that will never be forgotten. But I have never done it, and I want to edit a few words, but I haven't done it yet. Seeing this rectification, I may not be able to record it all in autumn and winter. A little while back, I should write a manuscript to ask for advice. The compilation is the Compendium of Tongjian. The regulations were drafted this year and will be revised this summer. The meaning and regulations will be finalized and the details are considerable. I also regret that I have not been able to pay my respects and have to bring him back at a different time. In a few days, I may gain or lose my ear. At the end of the day, we met with each other and fell in love with each other! Xi Dun turned his head upwards.