Tang Huaisu's nine thought-provoking and exquisite essays!

1. "Sanglin Tie" by Tang Huaisu

Explanation: It is round and can turn, and every word is in harmony, just like the dance in the mulberry forest!

2. "The Drunken Monk's Tie" by Huaisu of the Tang Dynasty 1

2. "The Drunken Monk's Tie" by Huaisu of the Tang Dynasty 2

Explanation: Everyone brings wine but never sells it, and hangs a pot among the pines all day long. The sage of grass gets mad when he wants to go crazy, which is worthy of being painted as a drunken monk.

3. "Hengxing Tie" by Huaisu of the Tang Dynasty 1

Explanation: The rampant attack on the Han Dynasty is like Guan Yu on the battlefield, a strange man breaks the rules and kills Yan Liang.

Tang Huaisu's "Hengxingtie" 2

Explanation: The running snake crawls to the seat, the sound of the sudden rain and the whirlwind is chanting, we meet before our eyes, Zhu Rong sits high to the cold peak.

4. Tang Huaisu's "Pindao Tie" 1

Explanation: Poor people often suffer from athlete's foot and are extremely depressed. They often take Sanhuang Decoction. If the wind ailments and the heart often feel like a knife, they can take it several times, otherwise the guests will be very worried.

Tang Huaisu's "Pin Dao Tie" 2

Explanation: It is a good thing that the law official can ask the poor to draft the law. The death is no longer complete, and the ascetics are white.

5. "Guo Zhong Tie" 1 by Huaisu of the Tang Dynasty

Interpretation: You Jun said: My true calligraphy exceeds the bell, but the grass does not lose its width. The servant thinks that the truth is not as good as the clock, and the grass is not as wide as the Zhang.

Tang Huaisu's "Guo Zhong Tie" 2

Interpretation: The most important thing in the world is ability. Huai Su's writings are not enough to be the Tao, but his words should be true.

6. Tang Huaisu's "Fish Eating Stickers" 1

Explanation: The old monk ate fish in Changsha, and when he came to Chang'an City he ate more meat. He was also laughed at by Changliu, which was deeply inconvenient. Therefore, if you are ill for a long time, you can't read much, and you will be rewarded by being sparse.

Tang Huaisu's "Fish Eating Posts" 2

Explanation: If you want to create a good gathering, you should help Ying. For nine days, the true whiteness is revealed.

7. "Winter Ripe Tie" by Huaisu of the Tang Dynasty 1

Explanation: I often suffer from depression, which can be solved by sending a thousand dendrobiums to my boat when the winter is ripe. The medicine should be taken within ten months.

Tang Huaisu's "Winter Ripe Tie" 2

Interpretation: Return the person without hearing anything. Reported on March 1st.

8. "Bitter Bamboo Shoots Tie" by Huaisu of the Tang Dynasty

Explanation: Bitter bamboo shoots and tea are extremely good, so you can come here and enjoy the best.

9. Tang Dynasty Huaisu's "Zhenzhentie" 1

Explanation: Huaisu, courtesy name Zangzhen, was born in Lingling. He traveled to Zhongzhou in the late years. He hated not being acquainted with Zhang Dian for a long time and was close to Luoxia.

Tang Huaisu's "Hidden True Tie" 2

Explanation: I happened to meet Yan Shangshu Zhenqing Ziyun, who has a lot of knowledge about the writing method of long history. If I heard this method, I would gain something.