1. Jiangzhou post

I will ask Huanjiang Prefecture to help you, but I don’t know how to send people and ships to meet you. When the tool changes (times) Fang three or four. I am a small person, but I will be able to welcome you without any lake on my own. Therefore, fifty or sixty people can be obtained. Thank you, you should have it. If you have it, you will see it. Now let’s talk about it. This is the end of Dali. The letters can be written one by one. The pain in the scar is excruciating. And compared (to) make a book record (almost) if it cannot be recognized.

2. Don’t retreat if you are sick

The disease will not retreat, and the hiding place will be deep that day. How can we treat it with common sense? How can this be a constant worry? What if you don’t scrutinize your food? (Cloud) Skin color cocoa. Everything is possible. This will comfort the spicy ears again.

3. Message post
The message must also be kept in mind. It's cold and cold in autumn. It should also be guarded against. It was cut off under the sacrifice. Constantly suffering from wet headache. Return to Xiaoer'er.

4. Letters written before the province
It is written before the province, so it means gathering. It should be fruitful. A small step makes a big difference. Hearing that the officials were pressing forward, they were very anxious to send their troops. I want to forgive my ears with my appearance. My brothers and sons have arrived in Guangzhou. There should be some coordination. Don't worry about it.

5. Nearness and Tieshitie
Recently, he and Tieshi wrote together. The order is given, and I want to reach it for a long time. I don't want you to ask me about menstruation again. There is no suspense to speak of. Feeling more cold and unwell. Quite timely. You can listen to each one's ears. Chi Zhi asked, most of the servants were Xiaojia. However, the root of disease gathers.

Right spleen, heavy pain in foot, unable to move. The right foot is swollen and the disease is extremely bad. Fortunately, food, sleep, and thoughts are the answer to cocoa. Ji Fei hides sick ears.

6. Zhitieshitie
When Zhi Tieshi goes there, he will have fun. You, all of you, behave well in the world, and you will never be like this again. The servant will sit upright for a hundred days, and he will live in the corpse's ears. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. How deeply I miss you. The book is full of meaning.

7. Where did Xuandu come from?
It's so late for Xuandu to come, it's so profound

Worry. Changfu (saying) is reasonable because there are many temples and prisons. I feel that what I have done (together) is very good, but what I have done is extremely difficult. Thinking about every step and every step, why do you need to talk about kissing me?

Ear. Anshi stopped here for half a day. Just one night. I am sending my message, so I am sighing. What is the metaphor? It’s Puyang on November 1st. Zhu Huaier is speechless. And never get it again

I sigh as you send me off. Make this game the right way.

8. Sudden posts
There are many small movements suddenly, starting at thirteen or fourteen days and nights, and traveling a lot. The wind is not bad. My feet become more swollen, and I can't help but want to write sparsely. Wei Jue sighs at the ears of others. The second sister is back to normal. Yesterday she came to the foot of the mountain to find peace. Qi should return.

9. Complaints
I have written a letter before, and I have thought about victory. Everyone, what are you doing? I accept the champion and decide to enter. I plan to go to Dadu now. You are welcome to see Xinqing. But I'm afraid it won't last long.