Huairen Collection Wang Xizhi's "Sacred Teaching Preface" technical analysis, concise!

1. Rules of starting a pen

1. Overview of horizontal, vertical, left and right strokes

2. Overview of horizontal, vertical, left and right characters

3. An overview of the character examples of horizontal, vertical, apostrophe, and square strokes

Second, the rules of receiving pens

3. The writing method of folding and hooking

4. Fold classification exercises

1. Square folded charactersexamplepractise

2. Round folded charactersexamplepractise

3. Squareroundcompound wordexamplepractise

5. The law of stroke substitution

1. Use dots instead of Na

2. Use dots instead of skimming

3. Replace vertical hook with horizontal hook

Six, mention the word lightlyexamplepractise

Seven, according to the pen as the main characterexamplepractise