Huairen's technical analysis of Wang Xizhi's "Holy Religion Preface" is concise and concise!

1. Writing rules

1. Overview of examples of horizontal, vertical, oblique and reverse strokes

2. Overview of examples of characters that connect horizontally, vertically, apostrophe, and 捺

3. An overview of the examples of horizontal, vertical, oblique, and ti square strokes

2. Pen collection rules

3. How to write fold and hook

4. Folding classification exercises

1. Square folded charactersexamplepractise

2. Rounded charactersexamplepractise

3. SquareroundComprehensive charactersexamplepractise

5. Stroke substitution rules

1. Replace suppression with points

2. Use dot instead of omission

3. Use horizontal hooks instead of vertical hooks

6. Mention words lightlyexamplepractise

7. According to the pen as the main characterexamplepractise