"Song of Writing Formulas in Running Script"

Writing running script is not difficult;

Regular script structure remembers the heart;

The intention is to look at the structure first,

Who is strong and who is soft in front of ink;

The upper and lower structures should not be heavy on the top.

Arrange the strokes to avoid losing weight;

There is a method and rhythm in writing,

There is a posture change angle on the front side;

Make reasonable changes and seek truth and reality.

The left and right structures are divided into main and auxiliary parts;

Press and release the paper in an orderly manner,

The square and the circle follow the rules and see the soft rhyme;

Put down the pen and look up without stopping,

The upper and lower strokes must be connected;

Radicals are practiced separately.

Priority, lightness, harmony;

Looking for contact in the middle,

The attached hook is sentimental;

The strokes are flexible when you put them down.

The curves, straight corners and circles are vivid;

The rhythm is smooth and flexible,

Jumping cranes dance in flowing water springs;

Write horizontally in cursive script and draw the center line.

Vertical cursive characters are sentimental;

I often participate in calligraphy competitions.

Finding deficiencies determines success.