"Running Script Writing Formula Song"

Writing running script is not difficult,

The structure of regular script is in mind;

The intention is to look at the structure first,

Whoever is steel and whoever is soft is in front of the ink;

Avoid head-heavy upper and lower structures,

Arranging strokes is afraid of being long and thin;

The writing has a law and a heavy rhythm,

There is a posture change angle on the positive side;

Changes are reasonable and realistic,

The left and right structure is divided into main and auxiliary;

Lift and release the paper in an orderly manner,

Follow the rules to see the soft rhyme;

Writing pen and raising head without stopping,

The upper and lower strokes should be connected;

The radicals are practiced separately,

priority and harmony;

Please contact me in the middle,

The attached hook is sentimental;

Stippling is flexible,

Curved, straight, square, round and vivid;

The rhythm is smooth and flexible,

Jumping cranes dancing flowing water springs;

Horizontal running script buckle the middle line,

Writing in running script vertically is affectionate;

Often participate in calligraphy competitions,

Finding is not enough to determine success.