Yan Zi Calligraphy Tips

01 Right point Left point 02 Side point Vertical point
03 Skimming point Anti-pressing point 04 Opposite point Long and horizontal
05 Short horizontal Longbow horizontal 06 Hanging needle vertical Left hanging vertical
07 left hanging vertical oblique writing 08 long oblique writing crescent writing
09 Willow calling short oblique writing 10 forward returning flat writing
11 Flat Press Slanted Press 12 Horizontal Hook Vertical Hook
13 Vertical flat hook Vertical hook 14 Back throw hook Oblique hook
15 long pick short pick 16 pick point horizontal fold
17 Folding Single side 18 Double side Three water
19 Beside twisted wire Beside vertical heart 20 Beside display Beside words
21 Next to Titu Next to Jinzi 22 Wangbu Kibe
23 Department of He Department of Rice 24 Department of Fire Department of Vehicles
25 Arch Foot 26 Power Knife Side Power
27 Next to the catty word Next to the reverse text 28 See the good part
29 Pages Owing Part 30 Dogs Herringbone
31 Head of capital head Baogai head 32 Grass part Claw part
33 Bamboo Department Regular Prefix 34 Rain Department Four Departments
35 sheep prefix spring prefix 36 double fire department mountain department
37 Guangbu Corpse Department 38 Eight Departments Bottom of heart
39 The bottom of the character Cunbu 40 The bottom of the word Dish
41 Bottom of walking, Department of walking 42 Bottom of the same word, Department of doors
43 Field box Women's department 44 Towel department Shell department
45 Stone Department Horse Department 46 Food Department Ear
47 Yu Department General Department 48 Ge Department 彡 Department
49 left and right same width, left narrow and right wide 50 left wide and right narrow, left high and right low
51 Left low right high Left big right small 52 Left big right small Left middle right same width
53 left and right width and middle narrow middle width and left and right narrow 54 upper big and lower small upper small and lower big
55 Upper and lower contours Upper, middle and lower contours 56 Middle width Middle narrow
57 Up Left Down Right Up Right Down Left 58 Body Wide Body Narrow
59 The length of the body The horizontal deviation is positive 60 The deviation is positive The knot is straight
61 point vertical alignment 2 horizontal breaks 62 vertical corresponding to horizontally many characters