Tips for Yanti calligraphy

01 Right point Left point             02 Side point Vertical point
03 Leaving point Counterattack point 04 Opposing point Long and horizontal
05 short horizontal long bow horizontal 06 hanging needle vertical left hanging vertical
07 Left hanging and vertical, slanted, 08 long, slanted, crescent
09 Liu Ming's short oblique left 10 Hui Feng's flat left
11 flat hook slanted hook 12 horizontal hook vertical hook
13 Vertical flat hook Vertical curved hook 14 Back throwing hook Inclined hook
15 long pick short pick 16 pick points horizontal fold
17. Single person. 18. Double person. Three points of water.
19 Next to the twisted wire Next to the vertical heart 20 Next to the indication words Next to the words
21 Titu Beside Jinzi Beside 22 King’s Department Wood Department
23 The Ministry of Agriculture, The Ministry of Rice, 24 The Ministry of Fire, The Ministry of Vehicles
25 Arch Department Foot Department 26 Beside the Force Knife Force Department
27 Next to the word Jin Next to the anti-text 28 Jianbu Jiabu
29 pages of the departure of the departure of the 30 dogs
31 Beijing character head, treasure hijab head, 32 grass part, claw part
33 Bamboo Department Chang prefix 34 Rain Department Four Departments
35 sheep prefix spring prefix 36 double fire department mountain department
37 Guangbu Corpse Department 38 Babu Heart Character Base
39 the word "er" at the bottom of the word "Cun" 40 the word "日" at the end of the word "sand"
41 Zouzhidi Zoubu 42 Same character as the department
43 Tianzi frame female part 44 scarf part shell part
45 Stone Part Horse Part 46 Food Part Ear Part
47 Yubu, General, 48 Gebu, Genbu
49 The left and right are the same width, the left is narrow and the right is wide, 50 the left is wide and the right is narrow, the left is high and the right is low.
51 Low on the left and high on the right Large on the left and small on the right 52 Large on the left and small on the right Left, middle and right are the same width
53 Wide on the left and right, narrow on the middle, wide on the left and right, narrow on the left and right 54 Big on the top and small on the bottom Small on the top Small on the bottom
55 The top and bottom are of equal height. The top, middle and bottom are of equal height. 56. Wide in the middle. Narrow in the middle.
57 Upper left, lower right Upper right, lower left 58 Body width Narrow body
59 The body is long, the horizontal deviation is straight, and the shape is straight. 60 The deviation is straight, and the word is flat and straight.
61 points vertical alignment, two horizontal lines interrupted, 62 vertical drawings corresponding to characters with more horizontal drawings