When the minister heard that he led the land to pay tribute, he let him have his own possessions, he devoted himself to serving the master, and he did everything he could. He did not avoid anything with his thoughts and words in mind. Kuang Jin has made it clear that he is a loyal minister and a righteous man, and he can be said to have opened up a great way. Your Majesty also thinks that his ministers know everything in the book. When it comes to calligraphy, it is the duty of a minister. If you know but don’t say it, what can you do with it? I dare not fail to complete what I say.

   If you want to learn articles, you must first read the classics and history. The most talented ones have a deep understanding of what the ancients meant and do not lose sight of their words. Therefore, Lu Shiheng said: "Maybe it is new because it is based on the old." The beautiful words are new and the ancient is meant. Among them, the talented ones use the two characters "lianwen" and add words to form a chapter, which will provide evidence and evidence for the story. The talented people among them imitate old texts, go back and change the ends, or present new systems. When they see the imitated texts, they feel ashamed. Those who have no talent but are good at it are just writing. The same is true for calligraphy. Although I don't know how to calligraphy, I know the way quite well. The sage is not stagnant in things. All methods are uncertain. Different paths lead to the same destination. His wisdom has no method but is wonderful and useful. He can find the method without grasping it. As for the helplessness, it can be said that he has achieved it. Why bother with Zhong, Wang, Zhang, Suo but scale? The Tao is natural. Who knows the limit? It is also like the sea. Those who know how to understand it can grasp it according to their nature. The sages have said that attacking each other cannot be regarded as virtuous, so everything above and below is incomprehensible. If the face is right and the belly is wrong, protecting the left and guarding the right, then the name of evil will be concealed and the sound will come.

   The horse with more tendons and less meat is considered the top, and the horse with more meat and less tendons is considered the bottom. The same goes for books. Today's scholars may have the method of having more meat but less tendons, and using the same pottage for ten years without distinguishing. They would rather not hide their intelligence, mix their body methods, and reward them the same, or make it so. When the horses are walking in a herd, the horses are not allowed to go out, and they are arranged in a row, and they are able to feel at ease. All things with consciousness want their flesh and bones to be proportional, and their expressions are cold. If the muscles and bones are not allowed to retain their fat and flesh, it will be like a pig in a horse, a flesh disease in a human being, and a black pig in a book. The condition is presumed to be symptomatic, and it cannot be cured without medical treatment. As long as the title section reaches eight points, it can be fat and dense. From then on, it is suitable to be loose and loose, allowing it to move freely. However, it is extremely difficult to master it, and it is not easy to discern it. Those who observe it carefully will be like a butcher trying to decipher an ox, unable to see the whole picture, analyze the branches and reasons. There are bits and pieces of paintings, the mood is vertical and horizontal, and there is more than enough space in the middle. The knots are handsome and vivid, as if deep and profound, as bright as the gods, and the unpredictable is used as the measure, which is the wonderful thing about the book. If there is no illness on this day, it will be better if you practice diligently. It is square, wide and even, with fat and hip branches. The arrangement is narrow and narrow, with no room for anything, and it is angular and shapeless. The condition is no longer physical, the expression is dim, the climate is contemptuous, and those who regard thickness as beauty are troubled in writing. I am very sick today and I need some poison to attack it. Ancient Chinese script, seal script, and seal script, the ancestors of calligraphy, all have no corners and knots. They can connect the past to the present, and the principles can be understood. The cover should be square and regular, round without losing its regularity, just like the fingers and wrists of a human being. If it is stretched, it is like a fist with fingers, and if it is stretched, it is like bending of the wrist. It must be wrapped with skin and flesh. If the muscles and bones are exposed, it is a disease, isn't it? The day is strong and the writing on the side must also be rounded and follow the laws of nature. If it often becomes angular, it is a disease. How can it be called strength!

   A man's good craftsmanship and materials management leave no trace; the gifted scholar's prefaces are hidden in the process; the writing can flow into the flow, contain the harmony, and be understood, the tune is like a natural one, the corners are carved and the edge is sharp, without any residual harm; everything is easy for those who are clumsy, and those who can do it are easy. It's difficult, the children's books have edges and corners, how can it be said that they can understand each other together. If they are sparse at the beginning and dense at the end, they are the same; if they are dense at the beginning and sparse at the end, they are very different. Therefore, the villain is willing to be bad, and the gentleman is indifferent to achieve success. The book of brilliance is sweet and easy to enter. At first glance, it is plump, but it is pleasing to the heart and eyes, and it is like listening to the sound of Zheng. Moreover, if the ministers serve the master and offer small profits to express their small abilities, they are not great talents and will be useless in governance. Those who flatter must have words that are favorable to their feelings, and those who are loyal and flattering must have words that are irritating to their ears. Those who know that they are loyal but do not love them are disobedient to them; Only the Ming Lord, the Holy King, can reflect and examine again, listen to the ancient words, get close to the loyal and good, and increase the Ming Sage. This is a far-reaching plan, and it cannot be taken lightly or short-term. The disadvantages of books with edges and corners are that they are thin, and those with fat and flesh are the disadvantages of books that are filthy. Infants suffering from this disease need to visit a good doctor to clear their mind and relieve their worries. The wonderful deeds of the ancients are so melancholy that they cannot be seen without searching for them.

   Therefore, great skill is like clumsiness, and understanding is like ignorance. Overlooking it is confused with ignorance, and studying it is horrifying to the mind. Hundreds of spirits are as before, and all phenomena are in sight. Thunder and lightning rise and fall, light and shadow are entangled. Examine without explanation but study the emotion. , Observe the invisible and get the appearance, change with the changes, and explore the dark world, Jinshan and Yulin, Yin and Yin are in it, why is it not surprising, why is it not stored. There is no image of anything. It is hidden in a secret. If you look for it quietly, it may be there. If you search for it impetuously, you may lose it. Although you have a clear eye and observe it carefully, you will not see it. If you have a long-term plan and examine it, you will not know it. How can it be nothing more than pouring sage, hanging needles, cutting waves, and hanging dew? And Ji Zai knows it. The roughness is explained by words, but the false words are said. If the fineness is expressed by the heart, there will be no words. The understanding of the heart is just a matter of penetrating it, and when it is obtained, the heart and the hands are in harmony, just like a flattened wheel, which is impossible to say. Therefore, Zhong, Zhang and the two kings were speechless. Chickens and cranes are common birds. They know the night and the morning, so no other bird can reach it. It is not the wisdom and innate nature of others. The foolishness of my minister may be close to that of a chicken or a crane!

   In the past, Emperor Wen and Wu had edicts to reward Yu Shinan for his good books; at that time, there were also Ouyang Xun, Chu Suiliang, Lu Jian, etc.; some were elegant and elegant, some were elegant and gentle, gentle and elegant in appearance, and strong and decisive in execution. , raised his voice, only four sons. Although the person is already latent, he can still record the traces of writing and record the differences. After several dynasties, he knows that the honor and disgrace between the emperor and his ministers are equal. The emperor must abide by the virtuous and honorable ways, and he also uses false reputations to decorate himself. His reputation is only half the truth, which is enough to be called a virtuous emperor. Those who know the taste will enjoy it. If they don't know it, they can just watch it with their hands. One hundred will not be reduced, but they cannot cut off their ears. Isn't it confusing to be disgusted with the happiness in life and live up to the reputation after death, so that experts and gentlemen can discuss it? Furthermore, the lords of Yao and Shun had virtues that would not be passed down to this day, and those who heard of them would be happy to wear them; the kings of Jie and Zhou, whose poison would not be passed down to this day, would be angry and resentful to those who heard them. The reputation is indispensable, and the virtue is indispensable. Nowadays, sanctification is overflowing, and the world is full of enthusiasm. The common people are still pure, and the book has not returned to simplicity. Is it the same for today's writers to memorize ancient famous sites? Looking at the past and looking at the present is like a tortoise mirror, which can be witnessed. There are so many things, and each one returns to its root, which is called a duplicate. The book was restored to its original form, and the first part was focused on nature, the second part was the seal script, and the third part was learned from Zhong and Wang. If you follow the example of Zhong and Wang, you will not be able to succeed Yu and Chu. What a waste!

   Since the work of Cao Li, "Shu Duan" has been detailed. From the Song and Qi Dynasties, the imperial barbarians came to Liang and Chen. Those who were strong were lost to those above, and those who were humble were confused by those below. The disadvantages of fatness and dullness are the most serious. . During the reign of Zhenguan, it flourished again, and even now, it has fat, fleshy edges, and edges, and the season leaves of thousands of years of writing can also be said to be extremely wet. Things will return when they are extreme, and when they are negative, they will be yang. They must wait for the sage to understand the changes. If they are poor, they will change. Things may be possible because of the efforts of mediocre people and sages; the way may be feasible, and the enlightened master will accept the humble advice: all are said to be obtained at the right time. Your Majesty opened up the world to great virtues, taught the six arts, traced the ancient times, transformed the style of Yao and Shun, and wrote books in the days of the Han and Wei dynasties. I wish that all things in the world should be perfect and perfect. Would I rather say that calligraphy alone can express gratitude to the previous generations? However, the great road is not worthy of respect. And calligraphy should also be correct. If it is done suddenly, it will be clumsy. If it is preserved, it will still be wonderful. Solid wealth is called a great cause, and daily renewal is called great virtue. If you are willing to issue a clear edict to call you, your grass will be favored. The trickling stream of common people forms a river and the sea, and the wormwood leaves form a land. Isn’t it a great event, isn’t it beautiful!

   Those who have gone before are bent, and those who have come are stretched. No, no one who is not the present body dares to come, or those who have made mistakes, do not dare to enter! The wind is used to teach, the wind moves it, and the teaching transforms it. Therefore, the wind of the world can be transformed by one person. If he does not regret his expression, he has already obtained his mysterious pearl, the bells of the tile cauldron will ring, and the drums and thunder will roar. As long as the tune is in line with the purpose, there will be no fault. I know this very well and cannot bear to do it. A person with lofty ideals is loyal and righteous, and it will last a hundred trials. Everyone will die and there will be no regrets. During the Zhenguan period, there were countless civil servants, and Wei Zheng was the one who promoted him. Emperor Wen valued him, wrote good histories, and praised them for future generations. The simple soldiers are easy to see, but the generals are not chosen at all. Therefore, common things are the same as others, and strange materials are different from others. The same is true for books. To make a general clear, there is no need to lay out pictures and lectures, the essence lies in predicting the enemy's victory; to be wise in writing, one does not need to follow the text according to the text, focusing on adapting to circumstances, being able to do everything, adapting to the situation, and making decisions within the limits. Moreover, the rise and fall of an army depends on the light and darkness of the general, and the success or failure of the people depends on the wiseness and foolishness of the division. If wisdom is not in the heart, you don’t know, and if you don’t know, you can’t teach people. Teachers and generals, people's ears and eyes, can know if the ears and eyes are not clear. Therefore, a gentleman should be careful where he follows. The white sand is in the mud, and it is black with it. The madman goes eastward, and the one who chases him is not the same. The capital city is spread out, rules are taken from all directions, customs and customs are in place, the whole country cares about each other, wandering astray and forgetting to return, where can the deep waves return? Benevolence covers the education of children, don't you not care about it. It is my wish that the heavenly doctor will send medicine to wake up the drowsy people, and guide them to return to the right path. The bad trends will change, and the ancient methods will flow forever. God will transform them, and silence will lead to them. It is said that there is a wonderful book from the holy dynasty in Jifu's Tianfu, which seems to have happened thousands of years ago. It is comparable to bells and kings, and there are beautiful bamboos and silks. The wishes of the humble ministers are enough, and your majesty's ability is completed. That’s it.

   There is an ancient saying: If you are poor, you can be good for yourself; if you are rich, you can help the world. Although Chen Yu sees it, I would rather hope that it can be done. It is not known to me, and the matter is determined by the Holy Spirit. Everyone wants to obey themselves but not others. This is emotion. Only those who understand can separate it with reason. Moreover, your great reputation and prowess are all shared by your master. His life was commendable, and he was good at contemporary beauty. His achievements are also memorable, and his reputation will be remembered after his death. The saying goes: There is no room for needles in the human heart. I say that this is a good thing to say, and it is the same way both above and below. If there is a good deed, it will be an honor for the body; if there is an evil deed, it will be a disgrace to the body; I am afraid that future generations will comment on this book, although it will not be a burden to the future, it will not be beneficial in the end. In the past, Yiyin mainly focused on cooking, not food. The minister used his elementary school to mock the emperor, but the truth is not limited to books. The minister has been hiding in the rocks for a long time. He has no hope of interfering in seeking progress, nor is he recommended by the ministers. Your Majesty will listen to you and go to the grass. He selects his materials from abandoned trees and promotes his ministers to the Imperial Academy. This is to encourage the slaves, dare not to exert their efforts, and be afraid. If you doubt your destiny, you will be afraid of the enlightenment of heaven. Hongfei is in the dark, there is no need to drink and peck. For example, if a tree is placed in the wild, it will flourish with lush leaves and cover its shade. If the wood is taken from it, the beams, pillars, and shafts will be used at the right time. When a minister violates his relatives and serves his master, he shifts his filial piety to loyalty. If loyalty is not wholehearted, filial piety can be known. As the days of service are approaching, there are often comments and remarks, and the sin of the minister is also to keep silent, to violate the power of heaven, to increase the dust, to have no care, to be unable to live up to the public, and to live up to the country's grace. Everyone takes grace and would rather avoid danger; walk on the right path and dare not forget the Lord. With a simple heart, I wish to pay more attention to the Holy Observation, and I cannot be foolish and straightforward, so I present the "Essay on Medicine and Stone" as stated.