Xi Zhongni began to write books since Yao and Shun. When Yao and Shun ruled the world, there were many articles. The writing is good and the calligraphy skills are still good. In the era of Xia and Yin, those who were able survived. Between the Qin and Han dynasties, various bodies emerged. Xuan You has good luck and uses his talents wonderfully. If you chase the weak and catch the subtle, ghosts and gods will not allow it to hide; if you respond to the subtle, the words and images will not predict its survival. Wonderful treasures overflow the Dongshan Mountains, and pearls overflow the South China Sea. His ways are noble and he is called a saint, but his deeds are secret and should not be told. The inexhaustible reason can be expressed in words, and the inexhaustible beauty can be expressed in writing. If you don't know everything, how can you do this? It is an immortal event, so I will describe it. Husband, grass and trees are busy doing their own business, and if they don't bury themselves, how can they be better than animals? How about human relations? Wild beasts and birds of prey have different colors. This is the method of calligraphy. The ancient Chinese scripts, seal scripts, and seals are rarely used at that time, and they are all ignored. Among the actual drafts of the debate, there may be a feather of a phoenix, a piece of turtle or a dragon, and everything is recorded. There are 19 people who are famous and famous, and they are listed below:
  Cui Yuan Zhang Zhi Zhang Chang Zhong Yao Zhong Hui
  Wei Dan Huang Xiang Ji Kang Wei Guan Mrs. Wei
  Suo Jing Xie An Wang Dao Wang Dun Wang Miao
  Wang Qia Wang Min Wang Xizhi Wang Xianzhi
  However, over the course of thousands of years, only dozens of people will be able to achieve this wonder. Each has a voice that can fly thousands of miles, and is promoted for hundreds of generations. Although he has a few words, his handwriting is smooth, and he is unique in the beauty of his family. His nature is natural, and his wind and spirit are the most powerful. Moreover, his teachings are subtle and his taste is thin, so no ordinary person can learn them; his principles are hidden but meaningful. Deep, there are few close friends in the world. There are several commentators in the past who have no words, so how can they establish the theory and draw the potential from the image? It seems that its shape is known, its door is known, but its secret is not known, so it cannot be discerned through words. The husband is not clear about the way, and he keeps saying what he says. In addition, the words are few and essential, the theory is refined, and the special abilities of the sages are not described. Besides, there are Qiu Ming's new ideas and long explanations, which are not impressive enough. Fu's calligraphy and articles are most wonderful because they all have profound meanings, so that the intention can be seen and understood immediately. If you meet him face to face, you will have a faint wisdom, mixed with white and black in your mind; if you understand the subtleties of your heart, you will be able to grasp the past and present. The mysterious meaning emerges from the surface of things; the profound truth lies in the darkness. How can ordinary feelings be described, and worldly wisdom be measured. There is no such thing as hearing alone, and only seeing clearly, and there is no way to understand the silent sounds and invisible forms. It is better to recite the words of the saints than to hear them in person; to comment on the books of the sages will not be able to fully understand their profound meanings. There is a thousand-year-old mirror that can shine without any obstruction; a glazed screen that can see through without being obstructed. Although his character is recorded now, it is not only about his talent. They all start with their nature and then their learning. Even though there are strange shapes and strange bodies, they are always consistent in reason and reason. They are not outside the ancient times and cannot be separated from the clumsiness of workmanship. However, wisdom has no boundaries, and the law is fixed and unfixed. Those with wind, spirit, strength and strength are at the top, while those with beauty and function are at the bottom.
  real book

  Yishao is first, Yuan Chang is second, Shijiang is third
  Zijing is fourth, Shiji is fifth, Wen Jing is sixth
  Shigehiro seventh
  running script

  Yishao is first, Zijing is second, Yuan Chang is third
  Boying is fourth, Boyu is fifth, Ji Yan is sixth
  Jinghe is seventh, Shigehiro is eighth, Anshi is ninth
  chapter book

  Ziyu was first, Boying was second, and Youan was third.
  Boyu is fourth, Yi Shao is fifth, Shiji is sixth
  Zijing is seventh and Xiu Ming is eighth
  In cursive script, Boying established the standard and obtained the shape of objects and the principles of creation. However, his method is too ancient and the quality is not judged, so this is rare. There is a wonderful meaning in the vertebrae, and after learning about fishing and hunting, he should be the first among them.

  Boying was first, Shu Ye was second, and Zijing was third.
  Chu Chong is fourth, Shijiang is fifth, Zhongjiang is sixth
  Shi Ji is seventh and Yishao is eighth
  Or ask: "Among the people of this class, how can it be said that there are too few and too few?" The answer is: "People have their own strengths and weaknesses. Each of the disciples has their own nature and consciousness, their spirit is transcendent, and their spirit is shining. People. If they are less elegant, their rhythm is not high, and their kung fu is little. Although they are round, plump and beautiful, they lack spirit. They have no spear and halberd to be fearful, and no vivid and surprising images. Therefore, they are inferior to other scholars. "Those who have the same name are. With truth and action. There is no one in the world who knows it, but everyone thinks it is true, and it is just a piece of cake. If what you see is the same as that of other disciples, then why bother making comments. The character of today's products is weighed by generations. Be ruthless to things, spare no harm. But with reason, he is quite capable of confronting people. He hopes to comply with Xuanjiang's rules, but does not care about deaf customs. I am a deaf man who has no eyes or ears, but if he hears it, he will hide in silence. Why should he see it? Seeing and not seeing are the same. Although he claims to be a high-ranking observer, he is like a three-year-old baby, how dare he weigh the weight of the tripod! Boya and Ziqi are not easy to meet. Those who create seals should be people who sell clothes and hats, and they are not intended to serve the people of Yue. However, there is a difference between grass and truth. If it is true, the character will end and its meaning will end, while with grass, the movement will be exhausted but the potential will not be exhausted. Or smoke and mist merge, or electric stars flow. Take wind and bone as the body and change as the function. There are clouds and clouds that gather and disperse, forming when touched; dragons and tigers are powerful, flying and gaining momentum. The rocks and valleys are steep and steep, and the mountains and rivers are high and deep. It includes thousands of different things and cuts them into one phase. It may be used to convey the ambition to achieve great success, or it may be used to relieve depression. Although it is noble, it cannot suppress its height, and although it is wonderful, it cannot control its power. It is used by doing nothing, which is the same as the work of nature; things follow their shapes and get the principles of creation. No one knows this. You can have a heart-to-heart agreement, but you can't express it in words. The viewer feels like entering a temple to see God, or peeping into a bottomless valley. Bend the teeth and claws of ferocious beasts, and force the edge of sharp swords. Only when you are solemn and dangerous can you know the subtlety of grass. When Zijing was in his fifteenth or sixteenth year, his father said: "The ancient drafts are not grand. Today's sketches are poor and fake, and they are extremely sketchy. They are not as solid as those in the manuscripts." Sir, it is advisable to change the body." Moreover, since the law is uncertain, things need to be flexible, but the ancient law is also rigid and rigid. Zijing was a man of great talent and far-sightedness, and he opened a new door beyond just practice and grass. My running calligraphy is neither cursive nor true. It is between Ji and Meng. Those who are both true and true are called true practitioners, and those who have grass are called walking grass. Zijing's method is neither grass nor walking, it is easy to move, and it is in the middle. There is no borrowing or following, it is more rigid and disciplined, it is straight and showy, it is simple, it is full of emotions, it is leisurely and leisurely, it is adaptable to the situation, and it is based on the intention. It is convenient, as if the wind is flowing and the rain is scattered, it is polished and blooming. Among the brushwork and posture, it is the most elegant. Yi Shao adheres to the truth and implements the essentials, while Zijing executes and implements the power. The father's spiritual harmony and the son's divine beauty are both unique in ancient and modern times. Although people in the world cannot tell them apart, everyone is fascinated by hearing about the two kings. This means that virtue cannot be falsely established, and reputation cannot be false. However, under Jingshan Mountain, the jade is uneven. It may be as cheap as rubble, or it may be as valuable as a city. Its eighth part is the right of the two kings. After Zi Jing died, Yang and Bo succeeded him. Between the Song and Qi Dynasties, this style was extremely outstanding, and Xie Lingyun was particularly outstanding. More recently, Yu Shinan also practiced this method, or when the emperor gave an order, the official affairs were complicated, so he could respond to the opportunity and go as quickly as possible. Or there are letters from all over the world, heard from thousands of miles away, the traces are full of emotions, and the words are just narratives. Unaware of it, he smiled happily, even though he didn't have a face, it was as if he had a face. The wonderful use of Xuan Tong is adjacent to deification. However, although this theory is not enough to search for the true principle, it can also be said to be the gateway to Zhang Huangmo's wonderful ideas. But if you can pursue it carefully, you will get it. If you think about it endlessly, God will tell you. If principles and Tao are connected, they will definitely respond to each other. If you are aspiring to primary school, why not encourage them! The famous masters of ancient times can do what they do, but they cannot express what they mean. Although this servant cannot do his job, he always expresses his intention. The scholars also have some shortcomings: they may lack movement and steepness, or they may lack wave momentum and indulgence. Scholars should make their own gains and losses. Superpowers are extremely beautiful, so be prepared. However, those who are in harmony with the Tao will be shoulder to shoulder for thousands of years. If there is knowledge after death, how can there be no spiritual friendship? Yi Shaocao has female talent, but no masculine temperament, and is not expensive enough. A wise man and a gentleman are not stupid in this, but wise in that, knowing and not knowing, using and not using. The same goes for calligraphy. Although it may be inferior to one thing, it may be more valuable than that. Although wisdom is fixed, rewards come at the right time. Ji Shuye was seven feet six inches long, with a beautiful voice and a majestic appearance. Although he had a body made of earth and wood, he had the appearance of a dragon or a phoenix, and his nature was natural. In addition to being a filial friend and gentle and respectful, I admire him as a person. I often have a piece of paper with his cursive handwriting of "Letter of Severance of Diplomacy", which is very precious. Some people find it difficult for me to write the two pieces of paper with Wang Youjun. I read the whole book close to Li Zao, and I clearly know that fairness generates ambition, just like face to face. Those who are ambitious in the future should read this discussion carefully. He who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise. When discussing talents, write first and then ink. Nineteen people including Xi and Xian were all good at writing and calligraphy. Zhang Huaiguan reported it on April 1, the first year of Qianyuan.