Large Seal Script Small Seal Script Eight Points Official Script Running Script Cursive Script

  When the minister hears the shape and sees it, he calls it Xiang, and the person who wrote it is also called Dharma Xiang. The heart cannot be as wonderful and deep as things, and ink cannot be as perfect as the heart. Think about it, generate it with force, harmonize it with energy, calm it with spirit, combine it and cut it into pieces, adapt it to changes. Dharma has no body at all, and is precious. It will work. Observing his whereabouts and understanding his subtle purpose, even though he has been lonely for thousands of years, it is as if his face is surrounded by the sound of Hui. The depth of interest and the excitement of emotion can be understood tacitly but cannot be expressed in words. It is also like the existence of mysterious ghosts and gods, which cannot be seen but can be known. If you open their mysterious entrance and understand their ultimate principles, they are no different from the great road. The "Jing" is a sacred text, which is passed down but not kept secret; the book is a wonderful miracle, which is kept secret but not passed down. It is so glorious to die, it is difficult to live up to this, it is truly an immortal event.

  The big seal script was made by Shi Zhen. It is as broad as ancient texts, and the method is based on the traces of birds. It is like a luan flapping its wings in the wind, or a horned dragon losing its tail, or the calyx of a flower is connected to each other, or the leaves of a kettle leaf are spread smoothly, the force is as straight as an arrow, as curved as a bow, and the sharpness and subtleness of the stroke are the same as deification. Shi Zhen was his ancestor, and Li Si and Cai Yong were his heirs.

  The small seal script was made by Li Si. It may have an engraved fiber bending disk or a hanging needle shape. The scales and feathers are staggered and advance into each other, and the walls are staggered to stand out. Its momentum is soaring and its shape is graceful. Li Si is the ancestor, and Cao Xi and Cai Yong are his heirs.

  Eight points are made by Wang Cizhong. When the dot painting is activated, the body and bones are majestic, the halberd is thrown with authority, the energy is flying, the elegance is still strange, and the spirit is explored. It can be said that Cai Yong is the ancestor, Zhang Chang and Huang Xiang are the sons, and Zhong Yao and Suo Jing are the grandsons.

  The official script was created by Cheng Miao. The characters are all real, and they are called real books. Dashu real books are like standing, running script is like walking, and cursive script is like walking. They are different in the way they are written. There are no two schools of thought in cursive writing. Young and old all over the world are learning the true calligraphy, but they rarely succeed in it. This is the most difficult thing. Zhong Yao used the method of large seal script to express his magical thoughts and obtain its ancient style. There are also shortcomings, which are caused by sparseness and thinness. Wang Xizhi is more powerful and powerful than Zhong Yao. If the child is enlarged or damaged, the flesh and bones will be proportional; if it is polished, it will be graceful and graceful. This is too much. Wang Xianzhi is far inferior to his father, and his sharp edges are often straight. The sharp ones are like the tusks of a rhinoceros and the graceful ones are like the wandering posture of a dragon. The object carries the yin and holds the yang, the book is also soft on the outside but strong on the inside. If it is slow, it will be slender, and if it is urgent, it will be destroyed. The length and length are different, and the rocks and valleys are leaning against each other. It is not easy to collapse, and it is not easy to lose when it falls. This is a rough idea. It can be said that Yuanchang is the elder brother, Yi Shao is the younger brother, and Zijing is Xi.

  The calligrapher was made by Liu Desheng. It's not true or cursive, it's called running script. The morning rooster staggers and is about to fly, and the dusk crows are about to descend. Your family is blessed with endless inheritance and a smooth climate. Young Master Yi moves the instrument, adjusts the metal and stone, and looks so graceful that he has nothing to say. Zijing cannot be pure, or it may be mixed, and those who are weak will be between gods and gods. It cannot be used as a front, and it is grand, elegant, and vigorous, which is more than family respect. It can be said that Zijing is Meng, Yi Shao is Zhong, and Yuan Chang is Ji.

  The cursive script was created by Zhang Zhi. Grass is the end of writing, but Boying's creativity is before writing. Its function is close to that of seal characters, exploring all phenomena and extracting its essence. As for the similarity in form, it is the closest. The calligraphy is vivid and natural, truly a gesture of creation, with endless transformations. However, the most important thing about grass method is simplicity, and this method is too simple. Although Yi Shao's profits and losses are appropriate, his son is very mature and has a long way to go. Boying is his ancestor, Yi Shao and Zijing are his heirs.

  If it is omnipotent, unique in nature, brilliant in the present and resists the past, and popular in a hundred generations, then Yi Shao is the best. Therefore, it is true that the quality of ancient and modern texts is inferior to the quality of the world, but the text is noble. The text changes to the vulgar and is in line with the deep feelings. Those who know it must study the ancients, and first the quality and then the text. The quality is like a sutra, the text is like weft, bells and branches are like branches, and the two kings are flowers and leaves. Beauty is beautiful, like peaches and plums, jutting and clanking, in line with the palace; the rocks of Kunshan are falling proudly, and the waves of the craggy blue sea are rushing. The electric shock flies into the air, and suddenly the water flows into the gully. Even if it passes through the pearls one by one, it still moves in the couplet of wild geese. It is attached to Xiwei, and it is seen as nothing. It may be graceful, or it may be straight and plain, or it may be as smooth as ice, and then it will be obtained. Therefore, those who study Zhen must also be attentive to Zhong, and those who study Cao must also be attentive to Zhang. These are the bones of calligraphy. If you don’t follow the methods of the two schools, it’s not easy to seek something wonderful! If there is someone who can surpass the laws and regulations of other families and the scale of Cao Li, shine alone on the spiritual lap, transcend the appearance of things, learn from nature, and create rules, otherwise he must join Zhong and Zhang. If you don't have the ability to make arbitrary decisions, you can consult the public for opinions; put aside the shortcomings and focus on the long-term, and it is rare to lose a book. You can also explore the beauty of various families, let alone ignore their ancestors!

  The ministers Shu Duilong Yan followed the imperial edict to compile books, and prepared the Pope for primary school. When he was still young, he also learned books from other kings, but did not study the ancient texts. The present does not follow the ancients, and there is no doubt about the reason. For example, if you only read articles written by modern people and don't touch the classics, how can you be a great scholar? Another example is that he does not know the capital of the east, but he only needs to be shown the way to Luoyang. He travels far and near according to his strength. If the Jian is led away, he will naturally not go further. It is also like sitting under a stable, or locking a young mandarin duck in a cage, and looking at the vast distance is really difficult! If he were allowed to come out of his cage, brush his feathers, vibrate his orchid tendons, ride on the strong wind, and build roads on tiptoe, he could ride the sky and chase the sun, wouldn't he be able to travel thousands of miles? Just like people have different faces and different personalities, even though calligraphy is the same, each has its own convenience. If you follow your emotions, your career will be successful; if you go against your will, your achievements will be wasted. How can you become a famous person? If you are good at shooting, the arrow will be pointed and far away. If you use it close, it will hit the object and penetrate deeply into the person, which is more powerful. If you are not able to shoot well, the arrow will fall close and miss the object, and will not penetrate deeply into the solid object. The momentum has been exhausted.

  However, there is also a way to hold the pen. If you hold the pen shallowly but firmly, and press hard enough to hold it three inches and touch the paper one inch, you will have more power; if you hold the pen deep and tight, and hold it three inches and touch the paper one inch, the power will be exhausted. What's the reason? If the pen is in the auspicious position of the finger, the palm will move emptily, jumping and fluttering at will, and the vitality will be absent; if the pen is in the middle position, the palm will be solid. If the pivot does not turn, the lever will not be free, and the movement will turn and turn, forming edges and corners. Since the pen is dead, I would rather the characters be vivid. When Xian was just five years old, Xi Zhi was so curious about his brush that he could hold it behind his back and hold on to it. He learned the method at a young age and knew it from birth. Therefore, there must be a method to learn, and there is no body when it is completed. If you want to explore its secrets, you must first know its door. There are those who know the door but don’t know its secrets, and there is no one who can’t get the method without knowing the method.

  A good person seeks out famous books to teach his children, observes what they have read, and then teaches them to learn from them. It is like a businessman who shops in a department store. With many colors and eyes, there must be someone who is good at others. If you value many books, you will be born in Taoism, and you will be poor. Anyone who complains will not be able to subdue him. However, Your Majesty is as rich as all nations, while the common people are poor. What is the use of cherishing the wonderful book of Tianfu? If you are afraid of damaging the original work, you can also make a rubbing. Every inch has its own strengths. Since ancient times, there have been many good hands, each with their own unique talents. You can also refer to them for details. Fu Yuan once or twice every season, summon all the kings, visit the ancient sites, and discuss the poor workmanship of each family. His mind will be greatly enlightened, and he will get used to it. From then on, the leopard will change, and it will be as cold as ice in the water. In the past, there were sincere words, and the situation will return to heaven. It is true that humans and gods are at the mercy of others. How can we allow the two kings Zhong, Zhang and Wang to be higher than in the past? Moreover, the beauty of one meal can only satisfy one's day. If one realizes it at one glance, it will nourish it for life. The lady wrote a book about setting up treasures. Even if you listen to the music of the sky and see the pearls of the bright moon, what benefit will you have to others? If you follow its nature and follow its laws, then there will be nothing you can't do and nothing you can't accomplish. A person who serves as a calligrapher should only point out the wonderful principles, just like a person who serves as a lecturer and enacts the imperial edict.

  Nowadays, great changes are flowing, nothing is happening on the four sides, no scholars are left behind, and officials are using their talents to the best of their abilities. I and my younger brother Huai Zhendao worshiped it together. I would like to enter Huai Zhen's calligraphy in large, small and eight-point seal scripts, and my calligraphy in Zhen, Xing and Cao forms six parts. For more than three thousand years since the deed was written, the descendants of the descendants have been divided into good and bad branches. Now I want to examine its wonders and abandon the complexity of others. When the Dao requires writing, use these six styles; when the Dao requires characters, write these essays, compare and observe them, see the beginning and end, explore the profound purpose of the sages, and know the reasons for the changes. I dare to exhaust the mediocrity and foolishness, and I would like to present "Shu Lun" 》.