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  Shu Shu Fu (Part 1)

   On the 13th dynasty from Zhou to Tang Dynasty, 27 people including Gong Shu and Shi Zhou were signed, eight people including Xu Sengquan were signed, eleven families including Princess Taiping were imprinted, ten families including Emperor Wu of Liang were recorded, two people including Bao Wan Wei Shu and others were solicited. Sixteen people, including eight people including Li Tonghui and Yi Muyu.

   The ancients made letters and deeds, and knotted ropes. At first, they pretended to express their feelings, but they were steeped in beauty. Since the time of Shique, it has been iteratively evolved, and its origins have become wider, and regular script has been gradually prepared, which distinguishes Yanyi. In the Tang Dynasty, at the end of Tianbao, the state was in trouble, the treasuries were overturned, and they were scattered into the countryside. After the restoration of Kyoto, the generals recruited them, and only a few of them returned. I often see Yu Zhide occasionally, dispelling the long-standing reverie, and being shocked by the new outlook on life. Although I am happy for my humble husband's luck, I really feel sorry for you. Hate sinking in the grass, reaching up to the bottom without any steps, remembering it and seeking for it, wishing to sell it for a good price. However, due to the imprisonment, the public and private trade moved, and he was just playing around for a while, and finally returned to others. I will write down all the things I have personally seen before and after this, as well as those from the time of Wude to the beginning of the Qian and Yuan Dynasties. Those whose calligraphy and calligraphy are so wonderful that they can enter the mainstream, I will prepare a book.

   Monday person: Shi Zhou.
   Qin Yiren: Li Si.
   Two Han people: Cai Yong and Du Cao.
   Five people from Wei: Wei Dan, Yu Song, Sima Shi, Sima Zhao, and Zhong Hui.
   Two Wu people: Huang Xiang and He Shao.
   Sixty-three people from the Jin Dynasty: King Xian of Qi, Emperor Yuan, Emperor Cheng, Emperor Kang, Emperor Xiaowu, King Wuling, King Kuaiji, Yang Zhao, Shan Tao, Ji Kang, Zhang Han, Cai Ke, Gu Rong, Liu Kun, Kong Kan, Kong Yu, Tao Kan, Xiong Yuan, Ying Zhan, Bian Hu, Liu Chao, Xie Zao, Yu Liang, Yu Yi, Yu Ji, Yu Zhun, Xi Jian, Xi Min, Xi Tan, Xi Chao, Xi Jianzhi, Xi Hui, Xie Shang, Xie Yi, Xie An, Wang Dao, Wang Shao, Wang Min, Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, Wang Yan, Wang Meng, Wang Shu, Ding Tan, He Chong, Liu Ne, Liu Yan, Liu Pu, Zhang Cheng, Zhang Ji, Huan Wen, Huan Xuan, Jiang Guan, Shen Jia, Liu Xuanzhi, Liu Yan, Fan Wang, Fan Ning, Zhuge Changmin, Liu Muzhi, Wen Fangzhi, Yang Xi, Song Jue.
   Twenty-five people from the Song Dynasty: Emperor Wu, Emperor Wen, Emperor Xiaowu, Emperor Ming, King Nanping, King Hailing, Xie Lingyun, Xie Fangming, Zhang Maodu, Zhang Yong, Yang Xin, Kong Linzhi, Bo Shaozhi, Wang Jinghong, Wang Sixuan, Yan Jun, Huan Hu Zhi, Luo Jian, Xiao Sihua, Pang Xiuzhi, Chao Shangzhi, Pei Songzhi, Xu Yuan, Jiang Seng'an, and He Daoli.
   Fifteen people from Qi: Emperor Gao of Qi, Emperor Wu, King Jingling, Chu Yuan, Chu Ben, Xu Xiaosi, Wang Senqian, Wang Ci, Wang Zhi, Wang Jian, Liu Yu, Gu Baoguang, Hu Xiezhi, Xu Xixiu, and Zhang Rong.
   Twenty-one Liang people: Emperor Wu, Emperor Jianwen, King Shaoling, Emperor Xiaoyuan, Xiao Que, Xiao Ziyun, Wang Ke, Lu Gao, Ren Fang, Fu Zhao, Zhu Yi, Wang Ji, Yin Jun, Ruan Yan, Wang Bao, Xiao Te, Yu Jianwu, Tao Hongjing, Jiang Qian, Zhou Hongrang, Fan Huaiyue.
   Twenty-one people in Chen: Emperor Wu, Emperor Wen, Emperor Yang, Empress Shen, King Xincai, King Luling, King Yongyang, King Guiyang, Shi Zhiyong, Zhiguo, Mr. Jiang, Xu Ling, Shen Junli, Yuan Xian, Mao Xi, Cai Jingli, Cai Yi, Gu Yewang, Fu Zhizhi, Xie Qi, He Lang.
   One person from the Northern Qi Dynasty: Liu Min, the ancestor of the Five Dynasties.
   Five people from the Sui Dynasty: Liu Xuanping, Fang Yanqian, Lu Changheng, Zhao Wenshen, and Zhao Xiaoyi.
   Forty-five people in the Tang Dynasty: Emperor Shenyao, Emperor Wenwu, Empress Zetian, Ruizong, Emperor Kaiyuan, King Yuanchang of Han, King Yuanfan of Qi, Li Huailin, Ouyang Xun, Ouyang Tong, Yu Shinan, Yu Zuan, Yu Huan, Chu Suiliang, Lu Jianzhi, Xue Ji, Fang Xuanling, Yin Zhongrong, Wang Zhijing, Wang Shaozong, Sun Guoting, Zhang Xu, He Zhizhang, Xu Qiaozhi. Xu Hao, Li Zao, Han Zemu, Tian Qi, Wei Bao, Cai Youlin, Zheng Qian, Li Quan, Li Shu, Li Junjun, Wang Wei, Wang Jin, Shi Weize, Li Yangbing, Jiajiu Hui, uncle Ming Ruoshan, Song Dynasty Dan, Li Qiu, Xiao Cheng, Zhang Congshen, Lu Xiang, the eldest brother Meng, Ma's wife Liu Qinmei, etc., should say what those who saw it personally said.

   And the pros and cons are intricate and straightforward. Or the famous sayings are made in a false way, and although they are not the same as the old ones, they are expressed in a gentle way. The mistakes in the publication are in the phonetic sounds, and the fixed eyes are stored in the palm of the hand. What is missing is that the quota is empty, and the pioneers who have been passed down by the world dare not rely on accuracy, and everything is ignored. His words say:

   Taste archeology and read history, despise the eyes but value the ears, describe mediocre merits and let others do it, and use calligraphy and ink to do it yourself. Then you will know that you are close and look forward to thinking, just like seeing a gentleman, understanding the elegance and elegance, and being able to laugh and relax. It is as beautiful as it is in ancient times. Although the end of the six arts is called calligraphy, the leader of the four people is called scholars. Scholars who have knowledge of books think they are useful, and scholars have a beginning with fake books. How can one's glory be worth one day, and one's appearance be worth a thousand miles? Wang Xizhi's book "Ji Shan Grandma Bamboo Horn Fan" has five characters. The characters ask for a hundred coins, and people bid for it. Emperor Yuan of Liang also said: "The appearance of a thousand miles can turn into ability."

   The seal script was written by Shi Zhou of Zhou Dynasty, Li Si of Qin Dynasty, and Cai Yong of Han Dynasty. It is called this in contemporary times. They all leave their fragrances carved on stone, broadcasting clear rules forever. The shape of Zhen is vivid and spiritual, connected with nature and boundless. Far away, the rainbow gentry forms a network, while near, the qiong tree falls away. This is a method that becomes ancient due to wonderful thoughts and establishes the ancestor of future learning. Like the remaining snow dripping, reflecting the red sill and hanging ice; the vines are fragrant and have straight ropes running through the green forest. The three body parts of Bojie are divided into eight parts and two seal scripts. The halberd curves and the stars turn. It's more slender than transplanted hair and extremely thick. The three sages of the Zhou, Qin and Han dynasties are the first to be seen by my eyes. Although the stone is pure, the clouds are lost, and the paper can be recorded but the treasure is passed down. (Shi Zhou was a historian during the reign of King Xuan of the Zhou Dynasty, and was the author of the great seal script teaching for children. In the south of Yongcheng in Qizhou, King Xuan of Zhou Dynasty hunted ten tablets, and made them into drum shapes with seal scripts on them. Today we see rubbings of them. The first volume of Xu Xu's notes by Su Xu, the Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, says: " Among the surviving handwritings of Shi Xianyan, Li Si is the oldest. I don’t know the trace of Shi Zhen, but it is close to Guanzhong." That is his writing. Li Si, a native of Shangcai, was the prime minister of the late Qin Dynasty. He wrote "Yishan Stele" in small seal script, and later received his title. Since the stele was destroyed, the natives carved wood to replace it, which is very different from the original on the stone. After the defeat of Zhong'an in Dezhong, the fourth son's younger brother Zhizhi passed down the national seal under the Qingshui Canal in Heyang. The text said: "I was ordered by heaven. , live long and prosperous." The dots are all hidden, in the shape of a dragon and bird. The small seal on the side reads: "Wei received the imperial seal of the Han Dynasty." A corner of the flat chili on the back is broken, and there is a yellow blemish on the tip of the nose. According to the genealogy test, it is found to be missing. Cha Chun, written by Yun Si. Cai Yong, courtesy name Bo Zhe, was born in Chen Liu. In the late Han Dynasty, Zuo Zhonglang, a general, found four copies of the "Three Body Stone Classic". The stone has been found and destroyed, and its copy is the rarest, but "Leng Jun" "And. "Guanghe" and other monuments can be seen from time to time.)

   The grass is divided into chapters, starting from Qi Bodu. At that time, the king was important and established his reputation, but he acted on his own and made mischief. The waves are driven by the force and create the anger of animals. (Du Cao, whose courtesy name was Bodu, was born in Jingzhao. He was the Prime Minister of Qi Dynasty in the later Han Dynasty. Emperor Zhang valued his traces and issued an imperial edict to Zhang Table, so he was named Zhangcao.) The Zhongge of Wei was unique in Fenzao. Some springs are overflowing, some are covered with jade. All traces and feelings are forgotten, and they enter into spiritual enlightenment. However, if he loses his talent and walks in danger, he will burn his hair and his hair will become plain. It is a pity not to meet someone who was not born in his generation. His reputation was small and his character was high, so he met his uncle Mao again. The style is simple and the muscles and bones are rich. Like broken clouds in the sky, the water is full of egrets. (Wei Dan was named Zhongjiang, a native of Jingzhao. He was the official of Guanglu in the late Wei Dynasty. When Lingyuntai was completed, he nailed the bulletin by mistake first. Emperor Ming sent Dan to sit in a cage and used a windlass to lead the book to the ground twenty-five feet away. Down below, his hair is bright. However. Yusong's courtesy name was Shumao, a native of Kuaiji. In the end of the Wei Dynasty, Zhongshu Ling and Da Sinong. He has a lot of scholars and scholars, and he is a talented person from the ancient times. Or he can send a message to express his courtesy, and he can be regarded as Taoist and benevolent, or he can look up to Zhong Yao and look down at Wei Zhen. Like a horse in the suburbs of Jingjing, the mountains in Weiwei are enchanting. (Sima Shi, courtesy name Ziyuan, was born in Hanoi. He was appointed as the Great Sima and Zhongwu Gong in the late Wei Dynasty. Yan received Zen and pursued Emperor Jing. His younger brother Zhao, whose courtesy name was Zishang, served as the Prime Minister of the Wei Dynasty. He was granted the title of King Wen and pursued the honorable title of Wen. Emperor.) Observe the track of the Shiji season, examine the transcendence of the Zhong family, look to the past and meet together, and follow the mistakes of Xiangxian. Just as the future generations are to be feared, the strong energy covers the wisdom of the past. (Zhong Hui, courtesy name Shiji, was a native of Yingchuan, Yaozi, and was the general who conquered the west in the late Wei Dynasty.) Wu Zeguang's mausoleum is in the Ming Dynasty, simple and ancient. It is difficult to learn the truth without learning it. Like a dragon crawling, it stretches out its plate and resumes its journey. Huang Xiang, whose courtesy name was Xiu Ming, was from Guangling. He served as the final servant and the governor of Wu Qingzhou. He's family prospered and they both retired at the same time. Barren but not elegant, relaxed and rude. Special congratulations from the Emperor, brothers of the category. (He Shao, whose courtesy name is Xingbo, was born in Wuxing. He eventually became the crown prince and tutor of Wu.)

   The Sima family received Zen, and Yan was the ancestor of the emperor. The King of Qi is so great, his handwriting is clear. Apart from calligraphy and calligraphy, it is best to appoint talents. The most severe ones are abrupt and graceful, while the least severe ones are jagged and jagged. (Sima You, also known as Dayou, was the second son of Emperor Wen and the younger brother of Emperor Wu. He was granted the title of King of Qixian. From the official position to the Great Sima of the Attendant.) When Longhua moved to the east, Jing Wenxing succeeded him. He was a naturally handsome man with extraordinary talent. Emperor Yuan's brushstrokes were impressive, while Shiyu's postures were similar. Like a sharp sword, a tiger is frightened and an owl is stunned; a coward loses his spirit, but a swordsman succeeds. (Emperor Yuan Rui, courtesy name Jingwen, was the leader of Zhongxing in the Eastern Dynasty. When he moved eastward, a rumor said: "Five horses floated across the river, and one horse turned into a dragon." That's who he was.) After becoming an emperor, he will have knowledge of grass and enlightenment. Well versed. Light makes people fearful, and blue makes people doubt more than blue. It is powerful and refreshing on the outside, with an ancient style inside. If the clouds open and the sun shines, the spring falls and hangs back into the blue pool. (Emperor Cheng Taoyan, courtesy name Shigen, was the grandson of Emperor Yuan and son of Emperor Ming.) Emperor Kang was young, idle and slow, and was far removed from the ordinary realm. He was not good at galloping with horses and chariots. (Emperor Kang's name was Yue, whose courtesy name was Shitong, and he became the emperor's younger brother.) He was straightforward, filial to military, and unruly. The Qi is too high, but the body has no owner. If the dew grows on the vines, the wind will send showers. (Emperor Xiaowu's taboo is Zhui Yao, whose courtesy name is Changming and Jian Wenzi.) Jiujiao Taoist uncle, a man of great purity and custom. When it comes to names, there are many, but when it comes to demeanor, there are not enough. Yuanzi was afraid of his might, but I followed his course. (Wuling King Xi's courtesy name was Uncle Dao, the younger brother of Emperor Ming) Daozi was elegant and thin, dense and slender. The dew is light and hidden, the false tune is quiet and steep. Just as a foot of water contains many images, a hill resembles ten thousand feet. Prince Daozi of Kuaiji, son of Emperor Xiaowu) concealed his name at the beginning of the season and showed his strength. Write extensions and pass them on together, and rewards can lead to a prosperous exchange. Like jagged hooks and claws, it transcends traps. (Yang Zhao, whose courtesy name was Jichu, was born in Xingyang and was the governor of Jingzhou in Jin Dynasty.) Juyuan's official script still has a simple outline. If you forget about the bamboo string, you will get fish if you express your love. If it is covered with hard grass, the sharp thatched cottage will be hidden. (Shan Tao, whose courtesy name is Juyuan, was born in Hanoi and was a Shizhong and Situ of Jin Dynasty.) Uncle Ye was talented and his heart was in the grave. The words and the military are allowed, and the orders are heard. Bright and arrogant. Lifting huge rocks with great strength, the fragrance surpasses all the fragrances. (Ji Kang's courtesy name is Shu Yeqiao, a native of Jinzhong.) Ji Ying has a voice and a majestic appearance. Although he has no name, he clings to Zhang and Suo. Like an owl with its wings hanging down like a broken cloud. (Zhang Han, also known as Ji Ying, was born in Wu County and was the great Sima Peng of Jin Dynasty.) Zini is simple, with a single moon and a solitary peak. Under a thousand years of age, it is dense and ancient. (Cai Ke was named Zini, a native of Chenliu, and was the king of Chengdu in the Jin Dynasty. Zimo, who was poisoned after eating crabs across the river, was the official servant of this dynasty.) Yanxian valued quality, and everything was there. You are like Master Kongtong, who is the worldly person? (Gu Rong, courtesy name Yanxian, was a native of Wu County and a hussar general of the Jin Dynasty. Now I see three cursive scripts with names, totaling 12 lines.) The stone is majestic and the calligraphy is smooth. It is like cutting down a tree but loving others, like aspiring to be a leader but practicing virtue. (Liu Kun, whose courtesy name is Yue Shi, was born in Zhongshan and was a Taiwei of the Jin Dynasty. Now I see half a piece of paper in running script, with names and five elements.) Jingsi and Jingkang, two Kong Shufang. Thoughts and actions are light, sharp and steep, similar to the frightening Qiu Yijun; Kangcao is ancient and gloomy, like falling harpoons and withering. (Kong Tao, courtesy name Jingsi, was born in Kuaiji, and was a great Sinong of Jin Dynasty. Now I see one paper with his name in running script, seven lines. Kong Yu, courtesy name Jingkang, was from Kuaiji, a chariot and cavalry general. Now I see one paper with his name, three lines.) Yongrong Shiheng, Jimeng Gonglu. The muscles and bones are relaxed and charming, and the spirit is lifted slowly. If you go to the mountain to go to court, you will wander around in various places. (Tao Kan, courtesy name Shiheng, was born in Moling, and is a general in the Jin Shizhong. Now I see a piece of paper with a name of ten lines.) Xiaowen has just finished, and I would like to give you some support. Although it was clumsy and powerful in ancient times, it is now highly praised. Just like a nobleman's flying horse, Wu Ben's swordsmanship. (Xiong Yuan, courtesy name Xiaowen, was born in Yuzhang. He is a general of the Jin Dynasty and has a long history. Now we see the seven pages of the official book with his name.) Siyuan's manuscript is unexplained and there is no pen and ink. He is sincere and natural, and rarely forgets his emotions. Just like a flock of birds flying across a Guangsha building, a small fish is playing in the sea. (Ying Zhan, whose courtesy name is Siyuan, is from Runan and is the general of Zhennan in Jin Dynasty. Now there are two pieces of paper with names on the grass table, a total of 17 lines.) The grass of Wangzhi is close to the past and old. The paper tendons are dropped, and the feathers are held in branches. It's like filling up a lot of people and intertwining miscellaneous treasures. (Bian Hu, courtesy name Wangzhi, a native of Jiyin, a Shizhong of the Jin Dynasty, and a general of Hussar. Now I see a piece of cursive script with the name on a piece of paper, with a total of six lines.) The body of the Dharma is extraordinary, and it is truly the most popular in the world. Natural talent leads to self-reliance, and chaos leads to the emperor's restraint. The imperial court is still old, and the virtues of the years are getting closer. (Liu Chao, courtesy name Shiyu, was born in Langya and was a Zhonghou of Lingling, Weiwei of the Jin Dynasty. Now I see a post with three lines of official writing with his name. Chao's handwriting is similar to that of Emperor Yuan. He lives in close proximity to himself, so he is kept away from outsiders. Shu Zhi's book is also called Shu Wenfa Zhong, which is thin and concise. Although the writing is skillful, the writing is not good. Like Zun Hong approaching the land, waiting for the baby swallow to peek into the nest. (Xie Zao, courtesy name Shuwen, was born in Kuaiji, and served as the Secretary of the Book of Jinzhong. Now I see two sections of the official book with the name, combined into one paper, with five lines. Half of them were in the official first, and half were outside. When they were found, they were combined into one. Get New, old and different.)

  Bo Zai's four Yus are prosperous and six Xi's are prosperous. The prosperity of the three thanks is the wonder of the eight kings. It is like a strong bone turning slowly, and it is difficult to catch up with a leisurely foot. The canopy is broken, and the vines are drooping. Ren Zongpan is thin, which is called Yuangui. (Yu Liang, whose courtesy name was Yuangui, was born in Yingchuan and was a Taiwei of Jin Dynasty. Today, there are five sheets of cursive script with a total of eight lines, and another sheet of cursive script with his name, with eleven lines.) The ancient imitation bell is left behind, and Uncle Yu Gao traces it. Although it is solid but shallow, it is still like Ye Gong's love of painting dragons. (Yu Yi, courtesy name Shuyu, was born in Yingchuan and was a general of the Jin Dynasty. Now I see a piece of paper with his name in official and running script, four lines.) The beauty of accumulated salary can be seen even more clearly. His name is Qi Yi Shao, and he is the ancestral figure of Mo Miao. If the grass is good, the eagle will fight and the falcon will attack; if the craftsmanship is good, the sword will be sharp. I am ashamed that my reputation has not yet been exhausted, and I am aware of the sound but rarely encounter it. It is desolate and fast, and Yanzu is humble, like a cunning rabbit in the wild, letting Pingpi follow his lead . (Yu Yi, whose courtesy name was Zhigong, was a chariot and cavalry general of the Jin Dynasty. Today we see four cursive scripts with a total of twenty-six lines. There is one official script with three lines of names. Yi and Yi are both younger brothers of Liang. Yu Zhun, whose courtesy name is Yanzu, Xizi, Liangsun, was the governor of Yuzhou in Jin Dynasty. Now I see a piece of paper with his name written in cursive, with eight lines.) The Dao emblem is rich and majestic, and the writing is firm and never lags. The calligraphy and ink strokes are thick and deep, waiting for the fisherman to ride the current and drum. Gao Pingyi Ye, Shengde left behind. Fang returned to Chongxi and took over the throne. When returning, Zhang Jiancao Yi and his hair body are clean and sharp. If the ice releases the springs, the clouds rush and the dragons soar. It is dense, strong and strange, and its traces are heavy and prosperous . If you throw a stone and pull it away, you will be angry and raise your eyebrows. During the reign of Jingxing, there was a shortage of people in Haoyun. The correct grass is light and sharp, and the ancient method is omitted. What are the traces based on the heart? They are numerous among officials and scholars. Cherish the handsomeness of the forest, and sigh in peace. Chuyue, Daoyin, the queen of the family is handsome. The wild grass is powerful but the elder brother is superior, the careful writing is straight and the younger brother is moist. All of them were admitted to the academic level, but they were ashamed to lose to Jiu Ren. (Xi Jian, whose courtesy name was Daowei, was a native of Gaoping and was the prime minister of the Jin Dynasty. Today we see three pages of cursive writing, with a total of seventeen lines. Xi Min, whose courtesy name is Fang Hui; Tan, whose courtesy name is Chong Xi. Bing Jianzi. Zhen Jin Sikong, seen in Zhang cursive writing One piece of father's miscellaneous list, forty-three lines, eight pages of cursive writing. The name of a general in the late Jin Dynasty is written on one piece of cursive writing, four lines. There are four sheets of cursive script in total. Xi Jianzhi's name is Chu Yue, and the Jin crown prince leads the order. Now we see two sheets of cursive script with his name. Xi Hui, whose style name is Daoyin, is the general of Jin Zhenjun . Now there are two sheets of cursive script and running script with his name. Yue, Daoyin, and Tanzi.) Xie's Sankun has a particularly steep grass. I still pay attention to the waterfall of the flying stream, and cast the empty blade of the whole cow. The traces of the great scholars are pushed without Yi. Hao Hanyun does it as he pleases. If you are able to do things magnanimously, you will eventually settle down. The master Yun is empty and quiet, and the good grass is straight. Fangyuan is poor, and the etiquette and laws are strict. The benevolence and wisdom of constant virtue are like the tortoise mirror of things. He hates his heart and is afraid of Jingxing, but his book is light and his son respects him . Seizing the alliance and holding the soil will damage the intelligence and cause illness. (Xie Shang, courtesy name Renzu, was a native of Chenjun, and a regular attendant of Sanqi in Jin Dynasty. Now I see a piece of cursive script with his name, six lines. Xie Yi, whose courtesy name is Wuyi, is the general of Jin Zhenxi. Now I see a piece of cursive script with his name, six lines. Xie An, courtesy name Anshi, Shangdi, was the Grand Tutor of the Jin Shizhong. Now there are two pages of official writing with thirty lines of names. The book An De presented was sometimes cut into paper clips. . One of the many abilities is to write cursive books. It will polish the previous model and leave behind the legacy. The wind is strong and the profits are high. A warrior like Jia Yong is a fish-player who is frightened by others. There is a son who respects Lun, and his traces remain for visual inspection. Use the past to peek into the present, and adjust to the beauty. In the early stage, the wings are gradually blooming, and the fragrance of orchids is dyed. Extension with the elder brother makes the younger brother sincere; he will be extravagant while being thrifty. The rope is appropriate, and Ji Yan is outstanding. Show off your edge but be open-minded, lean on etiquette and music but not pick it up. It's like sitting upright with a swaying hand, super steep but not dangerous. (Wang Dao, courtesy name Maohong, was born in Langya, Prime Minister of Jin Dynasty, and his posthumous title is Wen Gong. Today we see his name in cursive script on two pieces of paper, with a total of six lines. Wang Shao, whose son is Jinglun, is Daozi, a chariot and cavalry general of Jin Dynasty. Now we see his name in cursive script. A piece of cursive script with six lines on it. My brothers are Tian and Qia, but there is no authentic work. Qia Zimin , courtesy name Jiyan, is a bookkeeper in Jinzhong. Now I see a piece of cursive script with a name on it, with eight lines on it.) However, the purpose is very limited and has little meaning. the beginning. When the tiger changes, all the beasts will squat; when the wind increases, the grass will grow thin. He is willing to be at ease, and the gods are reasonable. Although the orchid pavilion is prosperous, the ink looks up to the pond water. Wu is not perfect, Shao is perfect. I still think that climbing Mount Tai is so sublime, and I know how winding the mountains are. When Cheng Zhaozhang was caught, there was no way to praise or criticize him. The grain is neither short nor long. If you believe in the independence of ancient and modern times, how can you not learn but be able to promote it? The youngest son, Zijing, creates grass and breaks the righteousness. Yongrong Wenjing was enthusiastic about Wuding. The state remains beautiful and has many states, and the potential has been exhausted. The gods are false, and there is no way for good fortune to happen. Although the Xiangxian is lacking in a hundred, how can he be ashamed of being a sage? The two princes know that Xi Wu of the Fang Qi family is close to the civil and military talents of the Zhou family. Sincerity is a word that makes a lot of difference, and it also contains rules and regulations. However, the title of authentic work is unique to Yamata. Forget about this worldly mind and don't take anything else. Why? And it is gained from calligraphy, but lost from memorizing ancient times. Knowing the difficulties and speaking plainly, he can be the master of Yue. (Wang Xizhi , courtesy name Yishao, was a general of the Jin Youjun Army. There are many cursive and cursive scripts before and after, but the correct script is rare in the world. The youngest son presented it, with the courtesy name Zijing, and was the scribe in Jinzhong. There are many unique cursive scripts in the world, and there are no traces of them. The book. The book calls the two kings, and often adds the real word. Although the others are beyond the mark, they are generally called extinct, which means the meaning of popular science.) Wen Wen Boyu also fanned the wind. The romantic surface is in the Xuan Mian. The bones are slowly straightened and blended wonderfully. Already high in nature, I hate the lack of merit. Like a nobleman who has inherited Yiye, he is a prodigy who has been training for a long time. (Wang Yan, courtesy name Boyu, is Daosun Huizi, and was a long history official in the Jin Dynasty, Tu Zuo. Now I see a piece of paper with the name in cursive script, seven lines.)

  Guangdong is like a hero from Taiyuan, born between two sons. Zhongzu admired Yuanchang's principles and cherished his ancestor's understanding of literature. The dialect is admired but I am ashamed, (Yan admires Zhong Yao.) Compared with Shu Wen, he is honored. (Bi Shuwen, that is, Xie Zao.) He failed to master what he learned through practice. (He said he understood Wang Dao.) He participated in it and sang first. (Refer to the temperature and let it go.) The end of the body is upright, and the strength is perfect. Just like the pillars and beams are rich in hugging each other, the craftsmen are skilled in cutting but not perfect. (That is, Wang Mengye.) The high profit is fast and thin, and even belongs to Qian Qing. Just like a bird hiding from the sky, it is on the side, and a spring stirs up the rocks and divides them horizontally. (That is, Wang Shuye. Wang Meng, courtesy name Zhongzu, was born in Taiyuan, and was a doctor of Jin Ziguanglu in Jin Dynasty. Now I see a piece of paper and two lines of official writing with the name. Wang Shu, courtesy name Huaizu, was born in Taiyuan, Shangshu Ling of Jin Dynasty , and Marquis of Lantian. Now I see a piece of paper with a name written in cursive, three lines.) If you don't forget the past, I will promote the world's prosperity. It seems that there is no leisure and little, just like the original nature. Just like the broken pods of the Taichi, the Yunfang of the secret mansion is picked up. (Dingtan, named Shikang, was born in Kuaiji, Gusun, Mizi, and a regular servant of Sanqi in Jin Dynasty. Now I see one paper each in the original and cursive scripts, with ten lines in total.) The second way is honest and honest, less than the charm. It's naturally majestic, and the calligraphy and ink tools are there. For example, when a scholar-bureaucrat travels to the capital, he visits noble people but his skin quality remains unchanged. (He Ke, named Cidao, was born in Lujiang, uncle of Yu Liang, and Sikong in the Jin Shizhong. Now I see three lines of running script with his name.) There are many kinds of benevolence, but Zhong is the master. Joyful leisure lies in the high track, and can end in clear rules. Although the belt is thin, it can still be close to each other. If the young phoenix is ​​prepared in five colors, the long pine can only climb one branch. (Liu Na, courtesy name Xingren, was born in Langya, and served as a regular attendant of Sanqi in Jin Dynasty. Now I see the four papers written by Emperor Kangxi, with a total of thirty-five lines.) When the grass is really long, it contains the thickness of childishness, and it is straight and clear over the restraints of the stone. It's frivolous and steep, and it's full of algae. The trees are falling in the autumn, and the gulls are flying in the meandering water. (Liu Yan, courtesy name Zhenchang, was born in Pei County, Danyang Yin, Jin Dynasty. Now I see one calligraphy and cursive calligraphy with the name, a total of six lines.) The Ming Dynasty Li Gong, Zhong Shi Yufeng. Strong and thin, keep the female and know the male. Like a son of the Taoist sect, the path to immortality is always open. (Zhang Cheng, whose courtesy name was Guoming, was born in Wujun. He was the son of Jia and became a doctor in Guanglu, Jin Dynasty. Now I see a seven-line paper on the official book with the name of Emperor Xiankang in the 8th year of Xiankang.) Yizi succeeded, and he passed the name. The official copy is solid and the draft is light. The wind is always high in the Yuan Dynasty, although it is sparse and strong. I still don't think about the sound of the bells and drums, which contain the sound of Lu Lu. (Liu Pu, courtesy name Zicheng, was born in Nanyang, Luxun, Jinguang, and was the son of Mrs. Wei in Nanyue. Mrs. Wei Shunu, father-in-law, practiced martial arts in Henei, Jin Dynasty. Now I see two pieces of paper with names in cursive script and cursive script. Ten lines.) The emperor and his ancestors are in control, and their art is renowned. It is difficult to test the grass correctly, but it is rare to catch its ability. It is false and can be confused with the truth, but there is no basis for it. It's time to watch the bell, but it's time to relax, and the master of grass is still there. With her husband, Jingren Taoist group, (Wang Xiu, Jiang Guan.) or pulling out grass to connect the trees. He is still determined to fly high, and his body is like an eagle. (Zhang Yi, courtesy name Junzu, was born in Xiapi, and was the prefect of Donghai in Jin Dynasty. At that time, Emperor Mu ordered Yi to write on Wang Youjun's watch. After the emperor approved it, Youjun almost couldn't leave . Jiunai Wuyun said: "The villain almost wants to mess with the truth." See now. There are three posts with names in Zheng and cursive scripts, with a total of sixteen lines.) Yuanzi Zhengcao is thick but not unethical. If the calligraphy is left behind, it is still true and pure. It's like the joy of mountains and forests, but it can't be matched by jade and silk. (Huan Wen, courtesy name Yuanzi, a native of Qiao, Xunzi, was the Prime Minister of the Jin Dynasty, Duke Xuanwu of Manan County. Now I see four sheets of paper with names in cursive script and thirty lines in total.) He respected the Tao and was playful, and he was sharp in thinking and penmanship. Relying on the right army, aiming at chaos. The grass is wild and graceful, but it is sparse and astringent, yet still fearful. Just like a bird bathing in fear of people, waiting for the shocking waves to hit the shore. (Huan Xuan , courtesy name Jingdao, Wenzi, was the prefect of Yixing in the Jin Dynasty. He signed himself as prime minister, and his nickname was Chu. Now I see ten pieces of paper with the name in Zheng, Xing and Cursive scripts, totaling 60 lines.) The Taoist group is leisurely and slow, and the style is self-motivated. Charge. Start learning the new system and completely transfer the ancient customs. The perfect combination with Bo Yu, (Wang Yan.) Ruo Zijing's Tongmeng. You are a world rich in rituals and music, and you are ready to display your splendor. (Jiang Guan, courtesy name Daoqun, born in Chenliu, served as an official of the Jin Dynasty and guarded the army. Now I see a piece of paper with his name in running script, seven lines.) The grass is long and lush, both quick and sparse. If you don't admire the king enough, you will be arbitrary. Like a bird of prey that misses in a fight, it stomps on the ancient ruins. (Shen Jia, whose courtesy name is Changmao, was born in Wujun and was the prefect of Wuxing in Jin Dynasty. Today I see his name in cursive script, with a total of three lines.) Yuanbao is upright , second to the two kings. The bones are upright and the strength is strong, and the standards are magnificent. Lingtu Zijing was ill due to frivolity. It is like changing martial arts and learning essays, like visiting a dragon and getting Ji. ( Liu Guizhi, courtesy name Yuanbao, was born in the state of Pei, and was the uncle of Chengyi City in the imperial censorship of the Jin Dynasty. Now I see nine lines of running script with his name.) Ji Shu is slender and vigorous , following the ancient rules and etiquette. It's hard to comment on the rarity, so I can only sign it. (Liu Yan, also known as Ji Shu, was born in Kuaiji and was a doctor in Guanglu, Jin Dynasty. Now I see the title of the book is on a piece of paper.) Shunyang's pen is excellent, I see Xuan Ping. Take a close look at Yuan Chang and look down at Guoming. (Zhang Cheng.) Benefit and cover up the thin, can make more like life. It's like the transport ax of a class loser, but there are no pillars to manage it. (Fan Wang, also known as Xuanping, was born in Shunyang and was the general of Anbei in Jin Dynasty. Now I see the official letter with his name, thanking you for the gift of melon and four lines of it.) Wu Zi's writing is quite ancient. Go away and forget your love, but keep your simplicity. You Gao Renzhi and Shizi are determined to follow the Tao and adhere to the law. (Fan Ning, also known as Wu Zi or Wang Zi, was the Vice Minister of the Book of Jinzhong. Now I see the official letter with the name on three pages, with a total of 21 lines.) If the long-term people follow the example of Zijing, it will be convenient for gender differentiation. Hongyi was born in heaven, and all the wonderful things are combined and lucky out alone. Ling's teacher is small and thin, but strong and unruly. The ice is still open when it flows, and the thunder is loud when it is flowing. (Zhuge Changmin, a native of Langya, a general of the Jin Dynasty, and an internal history of Xuancheng. Now I see a piece of running script with his name, six lines.) The Tao and leisurely elegance are far from the ancient and true. Slow and righteous, virtuous, high and pure. João Zang is a well-educated scholar, and he is a minister of the imperial court. (Liu Muzhi, courtesy name Daohe, was born in Dongguan and was a situ in the Jin Dynasty. Now I see a piece of writing with his name on a piece of paper, six lines.) Let him be forthright, and his writing will be strong. Don't forget to maintain it, which shows the principle. The pieces of brocade are still delicate, but the trickle is not extreme. (Wen Fangzhi, a native of Taiyuan, Qiaozi, was the minister of Huangmen in Jin Dynasty . Now I see two lines of names in cursive script.) Yang Zhenren's integrity and conduct are both honest and mature. Square and round self, structure and legacy. Like a boat that is not tied together, it is astonishing to be favored and humiliated . (The real person is Taixi, a native of Hongnong. Today, there are six lines of names in running script.) Song Jue was very tight and could make full use of it. Those who are familiar with the past may think it is light, but those who are new will definitely think it is more important. It is still a simple, scattered and fractal device, and when it is completed, it is established and praised. (Song Jue, a native of Guangping, joined the army in the Prime Minister's Office of Jin Dynasty. Now I see the name Fan in four lines in running script.)


  Qi Gao is civilized, military and heroic, and will bring good fortune when the time comes. Shao Bo is born very well, and Mo Miaohan flies. It seems that the monks are pious, and the disciples are crowded out. The high ground hides the depression, and the soaring grass negatives the positive. You are still powerful as an ox-dagger, and water shows its dragon nature. (Xiao Daocheng, courtesy name Shao Bo, was born in Lanling. He was the son of Yong. He was the right servant of the Song Dynasty and was granted the title of king of ten counties. He ascended the throne by Zen and was called Emperor Gao of Qi. Today, there are more than 30 papers with names in cursive script and miscellaneous batches. ) The ancestor of Xuanyuan Xiangxian, how dare he follow the British rules without success, and have the courage to be super powerful in writing. Don't care about routines, be forthright and open-minded. Ability to express one's energy without forgetting one's childlike innocence. If the transverse wave beams, it will flood shallowly and deeply. (Emperor Wu, taboo Yi, courtesy name Xuanyuan, is the eldest son of Emperor Gao. Today I see more than ten papers with names, cursive scripts and miscellaneous batches .) Ziliang can know what is not good, and his mind is far away and his traces are far away. If the family tradition is left behind, it will become despicable from the past. Although it is powerful but has no body, it will be true and beautiful. It is still the beginning of frugality. (Prince Liang of Jinling, son of Emperor Wu, is now seen in running script with his name, four lines.) There is no knot in the words, and the pen is also good. The decisive power is not limited, it is just sufficient. It's like pulling up maple willows, and suppressing them like wolfberries. (Chu Yuan, whose courtesy name was Yanhui, was from Henan. He was in charge of the Privy Council with Emperor Gao in the late Song Dynasty. Later, he built Qitai to support Ming Gong and was supervised by Situ Zhong. Now I see two sheets of cursive script with names, totaling 13 lines.) Weixian is loyal and good, and makes a name for himself. Experience is worth it, He Yayun Zang. If you are poor, reclusive and fat, you will be proud of being a prince. (Chu Ben, courtesy name Weixian, was the son of Yuan and was the secretary-general of Qi. Because his father was worried about being dismissed from his post, he stopped serving. People at the time thought it was a shame that his father had lost his integrity in the Song Dynasty, so he lived in isolation. Now I see a piece of paper with the name on the official book. Eight lines.) Don't say anything inappropriate, be calm and prosperous. Like a virtuous gentleman, morality is difficult to measure. And he is well-established in virtue and has a long -lasting pen. (Xu Xiaosi, whose courtesy name was Shichang, was from Donghai, Qi Taiwei and Shangshu Ling. Here we see the first two pages of the main book.) Jian Mu and his son recorded Mao Yufang. The monk's piety is dense and rich, gaining strength and losing strength. When you are angry, the horses are happy, but when you are in trouble, you are strong. However, he is high-spirited and upright. The hair is curled and stretched out, and the eyes are full of brilliance. The talent is both outstanding and the name is worthy of the name. If you plan a decisive victory, you will be extremely powerful. Bo Bao, Ci Dao, and Zi Yi Xun. The elder brother is a miscellaneous person (Taizu, Gaodi.) and externally combined, and has been divided into family members; the younger brother is thin and smooth, and will become more handsome in court. And it can be leisurely and wonderful, and it can be done with ease and speed without any excitement. People don't know about Bida Shi and the gentleman, but they are not surprised. Zhong Bao's husband Ji Shu signed Mo Piao Qiang Ren. (Wang Sengqian was born in Langya, the son of Tanshou, and the minister of Qi, Ling Jian Mu Gong. Now I see the official book contains two names, and a total of fifteen pages of running script. Wang Ci, courtesy name Bobao; Wang Zhi, courtesy name Cidao; Bingseng Qianzi. The champion of Ci Qi's Shizhong. Now I see two pieces of running script with my name, a total of twenty-five lines. My brother Zhi, Qi Shizhong and the Minister of the Ministry of Official Affairs, now there are three pieces of writing with my name , a total of seven lines. Wang Jian, courtesy name Zhongbao, Sengchuo Zi, Qi Shangshu Ling. Now I see that the signature is Qi, it is just a line character, the same as Kong Yu. Yu's character is Ji Shu.) Mao Qian is strong but not dense, and his ambition is constant and vulgar. Take the teacher's model lightly and indulge your desires. Like a brave beast, it crosses the foot of the forest. (Liu Miao, whose courtesy name was Maoqian, was born in Pengcheng. He was the Prince of Qi, Xi Ma, and the Censor Zhongcheng. Now I see two sheets of running script, totaling twenty lines.) Baoguang regular script has the same tone and rhyme. Just go to the pool, and the feathers and feathers will be in full swing. According to Xiaofu Wang, (Daocheng, Sengqian.) They all called Mu Lin. When it comes to strength, Hu is strong, when it comes to spirit, Gu is Jun. Just like the early spring on the willow bank, the land is connected to the river. (Gu Baoguang, a native of Wujun, was born in Qi Situ Zuoxi. Now I see two sheets of running script with his name, totaling twenty lines. Hu Kaizhi, a native of Nanchang, is the minister of Qi Duzhi. Now I see one sheet of running script with his name, lines eight.) Xi Xiuzhi Traces, respect for one's uncle. (Bo Shaozhi.) If the rules are correct, they should be carefully promoted and measured, while the grass should be restrained and extended. Such as a frugal gentleman and a scholar of the Qing Dynasty. (Xu Xixiu, a native of Langya, was a general of Qi Xiaoqi. Now I see two pieces of paper with names in running script and cursive script, a total of twelve lines.) Thinking of light and talent, and playing without stagnation. The power of super precious light comes from the control of monk Qian. The more regular and involved, the more distinguished and unreliable. Such as the road is turning and the sky is buzzing. (Zhang Rong, courtesy name Siguang, was born in Wujun County and had a long history with Situ Zuo of Qi Dynasty. Now I see the name on a piece of paper with nine lines of cursive script.)

  Liang Ze's great ancestor, Shuda, was magnificent and bowed. Lose the rules and become a child. Literary is superior to quality but poor in words, clear in observing the public but poor in reasoning. Like a skilled craftsman carving jade, his heart is full of joy and he carves insects. (Xiao Yan, courtesy name Shuda, was born in Lanling. He was the son of Shun, Zuopushe of Qi, and General Zhengdong. He was granted the title of King of Liang, and was enthroned by Zen, and was called Emperor Wu of Liang. Today, there are more than 40 pieces of paper with names in running script and miscellaneous manuscripts. .) The simple words of "Mo Zhong" are harmful if they are not flawless. Aojing Qiao and holding the ancients, (Xiao Ziyun.) shouldering Shaoling and leaving for Tai. (Emperor Jian Wen, named Shizuan, was the third son of Emperor Wu. Today, there are four pages of official writing with his name, six pages of Zen master's inscriptions, and four lines of running script.) The adjustment of the world will swallow up the vitality, and if it is set, Inside. Fang Zhihuida, (Xiao Te.) The purpose and interest are still unclear. He is good at the time but his reputation is high, and his traces are rarely caught. (Wang Lun of Shaoling, courtesy name Shidiao, was the sixth son of Emperor Wu. Now I see three sheets of running script with his name.) Filial piety to Yuan is informal, quick to benefit Sui Xu. Xi Kuan is sparse in one, and intensification is thin and small. However, the emperor's calligraphy and calligraphy are numbered, and he is called (Qu Sheng.) the son of a friend of Tianlun. All of them can be compared to orchids and chrysanthemums, which are particularly fragrant, and the swans and geese have different bodies. (Emperor Xiaoyuan, named Shicheng, is the seventh son of Emperor Wu. Now there are fifteen lines of running script with his name .) Zhongzheng is broad and strong, and credit is dense. Whirling and staggering, graceful and elegant. Follow the training of the court and make slight mistakes, let nature take its own course. If there are many peaks in the mountains, they are not all the same when exploring fairy caves. (Xiao Que, courtesy name Zhongzheng, Lunzi, was the governor of Guangzhou in Liang Dynasty and the Marquis of Yong'an. Now I see two sheets of paper with names and cursive script, 15 lines .) Jing Qiao polished the bell gate and showed her temperament. Plump, light, delicate and graceful. Although the poem changes the style of the country, how can it be virtuous to the master? Just like a luan looking into a mirror and fluttering its wings, a tiger is not belching but just walking on its tail. (Xiao Ziyun, courtesy name Jingqiao, was born in Lanling, Liang Shizhong and Guozi Jijiu. Now I see the official script with the name and Linyoujun script, a total of 30 lines, and more than 60 pieces of cursive script.) The name is bad and the pen is strong. Meet Wang Ke. The flow is not refined, and the sparseness is not fast. Like a rotten Confucian scholar, he is content with his use. (Wang Ke, a native of Langya, was a minister of Liang Dynasty, Pushe. Now I see the name in four lines of cursive script, with Hu Ang's seal at the end.) Lu Gao was quick to become familiar with it, and he was very capable. Let it go, no wind. Just like the Yushu hunting in the suburbs, the Yushu is galloping. (Lu Gao, a native of Wu County, was a doctor of Liang Guanglu and Dazhongzheng of Yangzhou. Now I see his name in cursive script, with nine lines.) His body is mixed with leisure and profit, and his husband is promoted. The structure is restrained but helpless, and the mind is full of ambition. Still paying attention to the hanging spring, swallowing ice. (Ren Fang, courtesy name Yansheng, was born in Le'an. He was a minister in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Liang and was in charge of writings. Today we see his name in cursive script with five elements .) Mao is far-reaching and sharp, enough to support himself. Yanhe Lianlian is beyond reach. It's like running over the eaves and slipping through the rain, and the flying sun is shining brightly in the sky. (Fu Zhao, courtesy name Maoyuan, a native of Beidi, Liang Secretary Supervisor, Jin Ziguanglu, doctor, Zhenzi. Now I see a piece of cursive script with eleven lines of name on a piece of paper. Zhu Yi, courtesy name Yanhe, a native of Wujun, is the right servant of the central leader. Shoot. Now I see a piece of paper with a name written in cursive, thirteen lines.) The sea of ​​​​writing is tight and fast, and the momentum and energy are high. Do not forget the customs and practice with determination. You are happy to be famous in the government and the public, but you are hiding in the grass. (Wang Ji, courtesy name Wenhai, a native of Langya, monk Qianzi, and the order of Zuotang in Liang. Now I see the name in cursive script, with eight lines.) Jihe is slow, and the wind rules belong to it. The roundness is quite smooth, but the backbone is not enough. (Yin Jun, courtesy name Jihe, was born in Chenjun County. He was the son of Liang Guojiu. Today there are two posts in the line and cursive scripts, with a total of three lines on one paper.) The writing machine is smooth and smooth, and the cursive writing is stable and sharp. Soft and charming, beautiful appearance. If he suppresses Ruan and praises Yin, he will be like the common people. Like springs gushing over the overhanging ridge, trees hanging down in late spring. (Ruan Yan, courtesy name Wenji, born in Chenliu, was the governor of Liangjiaozhou. Today, there are more than 50 papers with names in Zheng, Xing and cursive scripts.) Wei Zishen and Huida, the general Jing Qiao's young ambition. They all kiss each other, and they tie the knot together. It is deep, upright and stable but has little strength, and reaches the grass which is wide and full of meaning. Maybe he is more careless than his father, or he is more skillful and charming than his teacher. Who is different from Luo Wan, and wants to be the same as the suitcase? (Wang Bao, whose courtesy name is Zishen, was born in Langya, Guizi, and was the secretary official of Liang Dynasty, Pushe. Xiao Te, whose courtesy name was Huida , Ziyunzi, was born in Yanling, Liang Hai. Today, there are twenty-six sheets of names in Zheng, Xing, and Cursive scripts.) Jianwu is in trouble and lacks natural instinct. The work returns to Wenhua, but the humble opinion is correct. I heard from my disciple Ruan, (Ruan Yan.) How did he go to Liaoning? Make the lead knife evenly sharp, and it will be sycophant. (Yu Jianwu, courtesy name Zishen, Xinyeren, Liang Duzhi Shangshu. Now I see three sheets of running script with names.) It is bright, clear, compact and natural. The Song Dynasty is closed, and the Ruan Yan is sharply cut. Take a peek at the derailment, and don't let the real immortal . Like a dragon with a beard and a crane's neck, it lifts up the sky. (Tao Hongjing, courtesy name Tongming, was born in Danyang. He lived in seclusion in the mountains and forests. Emperor Wu gave him the posthumous title of Mr . Zhenbai. Now he has a correct name and 12 lines of running script.) Yanyuan's spirit is cowardly, and his power may be sluggish. The feathers are short, the wind is high, and the rise and fall are slow. (Jiang Qian , courtesy name Yanyuan, was born in Jiyang and served as a minister in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Liang Dynasty. Today I see three lines of cursive writing on a piece of paper with the name.) The promotion is quick and the birth is impressive. The sharpness is fast and the work is gentle. If the star lives in a remote and shabby place, the trees and vines will grow on the ground. (Zhou Hongrang, a native of Runan, brother of Hongzheng. Now I see seven lines of cursive script, with Hu Ang at the end.) I have a pact and let myself make it. If you are a lonely Confucian scholar, you will work hard to gain a skill. (Fan Huaiyue, a native of Wu County, served as a clerk in Liangdong Palace. Now I see a volume of "Zhenglan" written by Zhenglan, and a piece of paper with his name in running script. This is the end of the first volume of the Song Dynasty version.)

  Yuan and the Chen family were the first to start a business. There is power in lingering, but there is nothing in prison. Waiting for Master Wang to rely on his anger to defeat him and attack him. Complaining about literature but not knowing it, only staining the hair and losing the law. (Chen Baxian, a native of Yingchuan, Wen Zanzi, served as Prime Minister Sikong of Liang Dynasty, and was named Chen Gong. Later, he ascended the throne by Zen and was called Emperor Chen Wu . Now we see the four lines of the running script of Shen Geqi. Emperor Wen, taboo Qian, courtesy name Zihua, was the son of Emperor Wu. See three lines of running script written by Lu Qiong. Emperor Yang, taboo uncle Bao, with the courtesy name Yuanxiu, is the son of Emperor Xuan. Now I see a piece of running script with a name.) Shen's family was later named Wuhua. Yun Guang personally signed it, which is uniquely beautiful and praiseworthy. It's like clear clouds in the evening and lingering clouds in the evening. (Empress Yangdi, Shen, a native of Wuxing, is the daughter of Junli. Here is a piece of paper signed by her. Wuhua, the later name.) Uncle Qi Yuran, just signed a bond. Boren is soft and slow, and rulers and tablets are close to contempt. Qin Rongzhi's vigorous move, although the teacher's heart has flowed into the flow. The waves are high and strong, and Bomou is seen again. And like galloping horses , floating on reeds. (Wang Shuqi of Xincai, courtesy name Zixiao, was the younger brother of Emperor Yang, and served as a waiter for Zhongguozi to offer wine to him. See a piece of signature book. Wang Boren of Luling, courtesy name Shouzhi, was the son of Emperor Yang, and served as a minister of Guanglu and General Zhongwu. See you here today. Four lines of running script with the name. Wang Bozhi of Yongyang, courtesy name Rongzhi, younger brother of the King of Luling , official to General Zuoyi. Now I see seven lines of running script with the name. Wang Bomou of Guiyang, courtesy name Shenzhi, younger brother of the King of Yongyang, official to Danyang Yin. Now I see the five elements in running script with names.) Zhiyong, Zhiguo, Zen Lin pen master. The secret of heaven is shallow but afraid of mud, the ambition is high but it is difficult to achieve. Or solemn and solemn, the sound of the family is quiet. Or Li Fantong , Zhou Zhang is good at fame. He can still be the leader of the clan and the benchmark for the contemporary era. And just like a gentleman who strives to follow the right path, a superior person protects his will and remains chaste. (Monk Zhiyong of Yongxin Temple in Kuaiji, whose common surname is Wang, is the grandson of Youjun. I have found several copies of "Zhencao Qianwen" with two sheets of cursive script. Monk Zhiguo, a native of Kuaiji, has one sheet of cursive script with his name.) Po Chao is always in charge, and he is alone outside. Be willing to be forthright and join the crowd, rather than relying on force to promote gatherings. If you disobey the time and fall into hiding, you will die without a crown. (Mr. Jiang, a native of Jiyang, is the minister of Chen. Today I see his name written in three lines on a piece of cursive script.) Filial piety is contemptuous, resolute and clumsy. Still partial to the martial arts, courageous, wise and timid. (Xu Ling, courtesy name Xiaomu, was born in Donghai, Chen Zuopushe. Now here is a piece of paper with the name of the official book.) Zhonglun is fast and unbridled, and he is quick and careless. The ruler title is over, but the writing style is still there. Like the birds escaping from the sill of a cage, they are flying and singing. (Shen Junli, courtesy name Zhonglun, was born in Wuxing, Chen Shangshu , a doctor in the Ministry of official affairs, and a prince-in-law. Now I see a piece of paper with his name written in cursive.) Dezhang leads you and wanders quickly. The backbone is suddenly high, and the wind and spirit are popular. If you follow your ambition and lose track of the road, you will end up with rivers collapsing and trees falling. (Yuan Xian, courtesy name Dezhang, was born in Chen County, Chen Youpushe. Now I see two lines of cursive script with his name, with Hu Ang's seal at the end.) Kuai Bo Wu, with an empty heart and quick hands. If the ancient style is left behind, make Fan Weiyun. Such as the peaceful countryside and the flying falcons in the evening scene. (Mao Xi, courtesy name Bowu, was born in Rongyang, and is the Minister of the Ministry of Official Affairs of Chen. Now there are four pieces of paper with names in cursive and running script.) Jiyang is graceful and prosperous , and the world is auspicious. He is simple and ignorant, and he does not forget the customs. The father is light and swift, the son is sharp and strong. (Cai Jingli, courtesy name Maoshi, was born in Jiyang, and is the minister of Chen Duzhi. Today we see three papers with names in cursive script. Zizheng, courtesy name Xixiang, and Chen Zhongshu Ling. Today we see two papers with names in cursive script.) Jiewu Suibo, similar. Wild King. It is like the thick texture of different kinds of fat, and the frost of bamboo and cypress. (Gu Yewang, courtesy name Xifeng, was the master of the great works of Chen Huangmen. Now I see two papers with names in cursive script.) If you know, you will be lenient and careless, and there will be no choice. If you cut everything off often, you will get sick and suffocated. There is a land otter on the shore, struggling hard. (Fu Zhizhi, a native of Changping, has a long history in the north of Chenzhen. Now I see three sheets of cursive script with his name.) It is rich and beautiful, and recommended to Zhen Tongde. The mausoleum was replaced due to the season, and all were lost in Han Mo. The elk is the last, the first is the first, and it depends on the outcome. (Xie Gu, whose courtesy name is Hanmao, was born in Chenjun County and served as the official secretary of Chen Zhongshu. Today I see three sheets of cursive script with his name.) He's name is Lang, although it is not touching. If you don't have writing skills, you will still be poor in learning. The third is like an official tour, and the clothes turn into dust. (He Lang, a native of Kuaiji, secretary-supervisor Chen, I see three sheets of running script with his name.) Wen Shen, filial piety, and admire the past. The most respect for the master is as if you want to climb a dragon. He has the appearance of the Song and Qi Dynasties, but has a weak and thin mind. (Zhao Wenshen, a native of Tianshui, was a doctor of calligraphy in the later Zhou Dynasty, and his calligraphy was the most important thing at that time. Xiaoyi, a native of Tangyin, was an assistant teacher in the four schools of Sui Dynasty. He studied deeply with the Youjun army, followed the great orders, and made great achievements. After Pingliang, Wang When Bao entered the country, all the nobles in the dynasty learned from Bao, but these two were the only ones responsible for the teachings of the two kings. They both entered the Sui Dynasty and encountered the traces of the two kings, and they often become merciless ears in the world.)

   In the depressed Northern Qi Dynasty, Haohan Zhongbao. The bad overcomes the good, and the preparation method is tight. Ya Shi's right army, Er Yao said. Study a thousand changes to get one, take advantage of vulgarity and live in old age. It is like a mountain in the sea, high and deep, separated into isolated islands. (Liu Min, courtesy name Zhongbao, was born in Pengcheng, Yan Yingzi, and was one of the Sangong Langzhong of the Northern Qi Dynasty. Here are twelve sheets of cursive script with names.)

  In the Sui Dynasty, Xuanping and Sifang became famous. Yan Qian's grass power floats and tightens as usual. The transformation of the right army of dross is like the wall of Master. They are all like the numerous images of Yixingyu, without the solitary light of laurel. (Liu Xuanping, son of Min, Gao Dao, presented to Mr. Zhenfan in the Sui Dynasty. Today we see two sheets with names in cursive script. Fang Yanqian, a native of Qinghe, was the governor of Sili. Today we see ten sheets with names in cursive script.) Changheng was ups and downs, and he acted swiftly. do. Even if he despises the law and may be obedient, he is loyal but not stubborn. Like wild shoots growing into bamboo, the long wind blows away the leaves. (Lu Changheng, courtesy name Zijun, was born in Fanyang. He was a minister in the Sui Dynasty and presented to Sikong. His father was a pious man, and Zijun was the minister of the Ministry of Rites in the Sui Dynasty. He was also the concubine of the crown prince Zuo Shuzi. Now I see two pieces of paper with names in running script.)

   Shu Shu Fu (Part 2)


  At the end of the seam, the monk's power looks like a long pine with a sword hanging on it, and the full Qian looks like a rock and a crouching tiger. (Xu Sengquan, a native of Zhongshan. Manqian, a native of Fuyang .) If there are many, they are Huaichong and Huaizhen, and if they are rare, they are Yanzu and Yinzu. (Tang Huaichong, a native of Jinchang. Yao Huaizhen, a native of Wukang. Chen Yanzu, a native of Great Wall . Fan Yinzu, a native of Shunyang.) Chiwen is often seen, but it is not appropriate to see it closely. Although the name is correct, it is beautiful and ancient. I hate even writing on the treasure, and I don't have rulers or tablets to travel around. (Shen Chiwen, a native of Wukang. He Tuo, a foreigner. Yizi, the minister of Liang Zhongshu, famous for his documentary evidence at that time.)

  When the seal is verified, the jade seal is in Hu script, (The jade seal of the Wu family of Princess Taiping of Sanxiao Wutuo has Sihu script, many of which are now covered with ink, and the surviving ones are rare. The four characters "Sanxiao Wutuo" in Fanyun are also engraved with gold and seal characters. . The less can make all one, the more cannot exceed four. The name of the country is the name of the year, and the place of the family is marked . Go alone to Guiyi, (Guiyi is the family seal of King Gong of Wei.) and set up Dou Xuan. (Dou Min and Fan Yanggong Cao Dou Xie seal the book.) In the Kaiyuan period of Zhenguan, the writing ended in the second year. (The seal used by Taizong and Xuanzong of Kaiyuan in Zhenguan.) Tao An, Donghai, Xu and Li secretly. (Tao Andonghai Xu Jiuqiao's seal, Li Qiju made the seal.) Ten thousand words square inch, (ten thousand words square inch is unknown.) The category of wheel constraint. ("Guifei" "chuchuchuchu" Yan Wangyou Dou Yong's seal.) Zhang's Yongbao, (Zhang's Yongbao Zhang Huaiyu's seal.) Ren's words. (Ren's words are unknown.) Ancient Xiaoxiwen, written by Zhou Wei in the Eastern Dynasty. (Zhou Yi's servant of the Eastern Jin Dynasty shot Zhou Yi's seal.) Dou Meng was judged, (Dou Meng was judged and approved by Lang Dou Meng's seal.) Tinghou attacked Gui. ( The Marquis of Anguo Ning is unknown.) Yi Liu Zheng, (Yi Liu Zheng is unknown.) The family is Diao Er. Yi admired Pengcheng, (Liu Yi, a doctor in the calligraphy, painting, sealing and gold department of the Marquis of Pengcheng, made a calligraphy seal.) Ye Zhou's seal was different. (The book of the Marquis of Ye is engraved with the seal of Zhou Fang, the prime minister of the country, and the seal of the Marquis of Ye, Li Bi , and the seal of Zhou Fang, the governor of Xuanzhou.) It may be a shame to record the ancients, but it is not lacking in elegance.

  Song Yuhe's "Biao" was heard by Emperor Ming, and Qi Jianmu's "Shu" was answered by King Jinling. The "Table" refers to all the appointments, while the "Book" contains detailed information. (The "Biao of the Emperor of the Shangming Dynasty" by Yu He, the Minister of the Song Dynasty, discusses the wonderful works of the past and present. It is written in regular, running, cursive, and regular script, paper color, scroll scroll, authenticity, and volume number . Everything is fully prepared. The watch has been used in the world, and the authentic work is therefore in daily life. Li Zaode, the scholar of the family, wrote "Reply to the Good Book of Prince Jinling" written by Qi Sikong and Jian Mu Gong Langya Wang Sengqian. It was prefaced by a good calligrapher in ancient times, and the evaluation was all appropriate. It is famous in the world, and its authentic work is now available to Li Han, the imperial censor. That's it. ) Zaojian said Liang Gaozu was clever but not knowledgeable. (When Emperor Wu wrote the "Book Review".) Shaoling King Bao didn't arrive yet. (Xiao Lun also wrote "Book Review".) Yu Zhongshu lost his character and was limited to literature. (Liang Yu Jianwu wrote "Book Review".) Fu Wubing was in a higher position than he was when he died. (Liang Fuzhao wrote the "Calligraphy Catalog".) The list of names was compiled by Sima, ( Sima Yao Zui of the Prince of Sui and Shu wrote the "Book of Famous Books".) The good deeds were collected in Sanqi. (Yao Silian, the constant servant of Sanqi on the left, collected "Names of Good Calligraphers".) Li Yaxiang's writings were complicated, (Li Sizhen, the imperial censor on the right, wrote "Books".) Zhang Bingcao benefited from rough practice. (Zhang Huaiguan, the governor of Hubei Province and the governor of Hubei Province, wrote the first, middle and second parts of "Shi-ti Shujuan".) Kao Shugong is famous for his many appointments and biographies. If I am not keen on climbing high, how can I ask for preparation with empty words? Dare to write directly about what I have seen with my own eyes, not just because of my hobby.

  I am little Sikong, Wei Gong said. He works in this art house, and his talents are the same as those in history. The Mao people are strong and prosperous, and the Holy Dynasty comes out. If it is the purpose of elucidating strange news, then you should be diligent in doing good things. Then you will forget your tiredness, vomit and hold your hands, and will not be distracted by the wind and dust. What you talk about becomes a market, what you talk about becomes a market, and what you talk about becomes a treasure and its price increases. A small person is good at speaking to himself, a big person is good at promoting others. He was famous for hundreds of years, but when he met this gentleman, his virtue was new. It can be said that it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is unique and unparalleled. (Wei Shu, a native of Jingzhao, is the Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.) As for the clumsy workmanship that tests moral ability, he knows the advantages and disadvantages of ancient and modern times. Yu Ji said that he played with energy in ancient times, and there is a saying because he pretended to be able. The names of the gangsters are recorded , and their faces are surpassed. The quality is covered with text, and the years are empty. The appearance is like Mu Lin, caressing the new traces and forgetting them; how could it be a gift but also looking back, embracing the reverie and being tongue-tied. In the end, I hope to find out where I came from and prepare for the exhibition. He might gather Fu Yan (Zhong Shaojing, a native of Nankang, Zhongshu Ling, Guanglu doctor. He collected treasures and donated money , and the rivers flowed and accepted it.) and met Yingchuan, (the uncle of the family was Taizan, Sima of the King of Bin, and played to achieve the purpose). The persistent pursuit is not enough.) Gui Youshi (Li Zao brushed the mirror to bypass it, and he was devoted to the good price.) and entered Buque. (Xi Xun, a stable man, right to make up for the problem. He is devoted to the task, and the family business may be left behind.) Offering wine, (Xu Hao's law is to preserve the law, soliciting for non-profit.) The search and interpretation of the Hanlin, (Zhang Huaiguan's brother Huaiguan, Sheng Wangfu Sima, together with Hanlin, are all eager to wait for the imperial edict, and they can also make assumptions.) Wutai, (Pan Lushen, a native of Xingyang, supervising the censor. Ke Zun is able to do things, and he picks and plays with Fangyou.) Dun Yue of the Fen Department. (Cai Xiji, a native of Jiyang, is a doctor in the Jinbu. He studies and nourishes his body, pretending to be comfortable.) Xin Ge has a great way of doing things. the difference. (Brother Rui thought about the poor source, and Zenghui changed his mind.) Han Sheng refused to lose, (Han Huang, a native of Yingchuan, was responsible for the affairs, committed to quality, considered the long-term, and was sincere and honest.) Tengzi supported the decision. (Teng Sheng, the magistrate of Wuyuan County in Shezhou. If you choose and give freely, you can benefit the spring.) The Zhang family asked for help. (Huaiguan, a native of Hailing, the Sima of the emperor's Ezhou, benefit without rejection, the Tao is expert.) Xu Yue of the Lu family. (Lu Yao, a native of Wu County, was arrested by Yu Fang, but he had no ambitions.) Shi Fei transcended the other side, (Liang Fei, a monk from Fuxian Temple in Tokyo, was a Silla native, with a common surname of Lin. He donated his clothes and bowls, and became the best among his peers.) Plum blossoms are in vain. (Gao Zhizhi, a native of Bohai, is a fellow official. His Qi is in line with the ancient customs, and he is capable of doing things.) Wen Bojinsheng, (Wen Chao, a native of Taiyuan, Guozibu. He admires his wholeheartedly, and his disciples ask for help.) Cui Hanbingjie. (Cui Manqian, a native of Qinghe, and the captain of Huxian County. Haohan manages the business, and it is as if he is not as good as he is.) Ruo Jingchen and Zhao, (Chen Hong, a native of Yingchuan, the long history of the Chen Palace. Zhao Weiming, a native of Tianshui. Or Zhidun studied, or Since I am fond of the ancient skills, I have learned to play without skill.) Jia Yongxu , Xue. (Xu Shouxing, a native of Donghai, is a supervisory censor. Xue Yong, a native of Hedong, is a doctor. He may be attracted by ancient times, or he may be able to climb up and lift, and he is eager for it.) Guan and Guo Shuangfenfei, (Guan Puppet, a native of Longxi, Guo Hui, A native of Taiyuan. Either Gui Gui Dan Hao or Chu Chu Chuan.) Pan and Yuan both exhausted themselves. (Pan Shu, a native of Kuaiji. Yuan Ming, a native of Chenjun. Some are looking for ways to negotiate, or some are poor.) The hairpins and tassels are made of plain cloth, and are placed between Shendao. The rivers are flowing together and sightseeing in Houzhe. The speed of pearls and jade is without shins, which can be briefly described as: Chang'an Zemu Yu, (Yu) was a native of Longyou, Xianyang. He was mainly engaged in selling books. Later he went to Dezhong . He complained about the search for ancient monuments and forced the Shiquan family to pay back the book merits of Empress Zetian. He was punished by Jinwu Changshi in vain. , changed his name to Xiang, taking advantage of danger to shoot profit.) Wang Chang (from Liaodong, Ci Huangzhiyu.) Guiding its origin, Ye Feng, (from Kuozhou, with respectful appearance and secluded nature.) Tian Ying (from Chang'an, with stagnant ambition and knowledge) .) Submit it to yourself. You must pick up the lost horses in the market, and carry the treasures with flying ducks. In Luoyang, Du Fu, (from Henan, he talks about practice and skill.) Liu Yi (from Luoyang, he is honest, hard-working and honest.) Qi Guang, (from Henan, has little Taoism and little industry.) Zhao Yan (from Hanoi, is wise) Special recognition.) Le Wangzhen. (These four people are book sellers in Luoyang.) They all praise their eyes and their power, but in reality they are complicated. The poem is not about "bandit ax", but it is called "anti-corner". If you can use Zheng Shuzi, you will find a different path for thousands of miles. Then my chickens and dogs will come and go, and my clothes will not drag or fall. Looking forward to becoming a family, making friends from all over the world. (Words make money and money is profitable.)

  Things match the Taoist cause, and the heart and eyes are close. Several changes to the gray rhythm, through winter and spring. We treat each other as guest and host, traveling back and forth between Zhou and Qin. My brother Zuo Yi has a poor and distant career. (Named Xi, Tongzhou Biejia.) Long Xing Zhang Yi, Tao Qi Zhen Chun. (I presented a letter with Pan Shu to pay homage to the official, and now I am the captain of Longxing County.) Yaxing retreats to keep it, and the ancient style opens the book to attack people. Otherwise, how can one be poor and alone and indulge in pleasure, and how can one be greedy and reclusive while being in the imperial court? (Talk about reciprocity. ) Everyone is so kind, and wise men come from time to time. Stars fall into your eyes once, and clouds reach your shoulders for a hundred generations. The body is gone and the traces are still fragrant and can be passed down. The gold seal and jade seal are monuments and treasures. The Chong seal script is divided into eight sections, and the manuscript is in full swing. What can't be measured can't be measured, so how can it be prepared for declaration? If it is the reputation of the previous generation, the performance will be the same. When recording military aircraft, the eagles and falcons are included in the feathers, and when the fate of the country is recounted, the diao cicada is played. Communicate with relatives and friends to express gratitude, and consult with the heavens for advice. After Wu Bowei, he succeeded to the throne. Then I will not give way to Fu Song, and dare to separate the beauty and leave the beauty. Rely on being good at a young age and knowing it late, and even become familiar with it; one who observes carefully and speaks straightforwardly without any shame. When you look at it, you will be able to speak lightly, and when you put it in the palm of your hand , you will be able to write down all your worries. Its vines and moss cover the valley, and its sides are bordered by Shu. Flowers of ephedra are gorgeous, ochre-cyanotic green. After being suppressed, the text died, (it was not the person who kept it, even though the dynasty was close to it, it was also corrupted.) The scroll was kept and kept far away. (The land obtained is perfect even in ancient times.) The supreme wisdom is the reason for hanging the solution, (the direct knowledge.) The mean is the reason for the war. (Doubtful.) Taking advantage of others will make you laugh and despise him. Then there is a black head with a naked head, and a purple seal appears. The good elixir changes when the time comes, but the sad color changes. The mist is like a black leopard, and the fan is like a carved tiger. Although the water has been placed for ten days, the equipment has been moved many times. The deeper it becomes, the more straightforward it becomes, and the easier it is to see. Alas! Don't be suspicious of the ancients, (high-rise.) Take the fake and the vulgar. (Dazzled and confused. ) To induce shallow feelings in the end of prosperity, and to expect all kinds of rewards. How absurd! It is better to know how to legislate and lose truth, than to practice virtue and still be pure. It is a joy to forget one's feelings, and there are people in each generation. (Determining what is right and wrong.) It must be easy to remember the time, (it is in the middle of summer.) There is no deception in accepting the color. The wonderful way of being sensitive, harmonious and harmonious can be achieved by the rules of smoothness and softness. (Use noodles to adjust, wait for Yin to complete.) Dense and dense, bitter and happy, different shapes and appropriateness. (The thickness is complete. ) The upper part is about abundant and the lower part is abundant. (Continued from the previous and next examples.) The real name of the seller is the real name, and the position is fully combined and separated. (There is room for changing the ranking list.) Or the attached volumes are even, which is enough to make them unworthy. (Thin and beetle-like.) Or the anvil may sound properly, and then the posture may appear. (thick and complete.) Explore the origins, and aim to escape. Jihe cut, work hard without being bored. Mingqi is short and long, harmonious and measured. Honesty, sometimes impatience, dispel lingering regrets. It's like a rainbow lingering on the lace, and a luan dancing on the brocade jacket. Qingma Ayamon, the dress and appearance. The sandalwood heart is in the head, and the gold reflects the silver network. The bag is beautiful and beautiful, and the fragrance is made by caressing the roll. There are so many types of decorations that it is difficult to prepare them in detail. (He also said that he would criticize and pretend to be carrying something on his back.) If you really want to see something rare, you can discard the Kunshan piece of jade. After playing for a long time, it will be full. Although it is a treasure, it will blow the autumn wind. Compete for one's own merits and change one's position; praise and judge but listen to one's wisdom. Either the dirty work disappears, or the true work is lost. My ears are wrong and my eyesight is poor. Because it is originally based on knowledge, it is suspended and flooded. It has been divided and is now here, and they are fighting for supremacy. (It's easy to say Shen Bo.) If you make false efforts and work hard, the truth will come out first. A blind child destroys paper and pen. In the end, a gentleman is asked to abandon his flaws to bring out his talents, and a strong man to cut off his wrists to show his integrity. Make up for the hard work at the beginning and the end of the year, and encourage the harvest at the beginning and the end. Ziyou's bamboo is there, but Huo can't live there for a day. (Words promote the Tao.) The greatness of husband's metaphor begins with the humbleness of things, and then the ultimate admiration comes from the gathering of similar things. Kuangwu wears public utensils and rewards good people. He is innocent but not a bow and qiu, how can he be the ancestor of the ancestors. Like Yao, he worshiped Shun, and Shun ordered Yu. The Tao must be noble, even if the voices are the same, Heaven has no relatives but virtues to assist. Gui can be protected by giving and receiving, and selfishness can protect against insults. Therefore, it is known that those who follow the trend will be closely related and will donate heartily; those who are in line with the trend will raise their reserves and spread the word. The profit of bright jade and silk is at the end, but the righteousness of my disciple comes first. (The words are passed on first, and then the success is achieved.) When he stopped playing the piano, he left the hall and dispersed his coats. Read the new scrolls and pour the old full bottles of wine. Chang nostalgic for the past and left behind, wet the head with lotus every time. Sent by the heat and coolness, there is no fault in looking up. The smoke accumulates on the lonely pine trees, and the spring passes by the five willow trees. I think of the daffodils in my eyes, and the phoenixes and phoenixes in my hands. A good neighbor makes a friend, and a friend who knows me is a friend. Secretly leaving behind fame and fortune, he spent his time in Maoyou. So if you wish to be humble, you can live and die immortally. Although the eyes are filled with gold and green, the pottery is whispering in the ears . It's just a matter of embellishment and joy, but it's really not about competing for beauty. The virtuous man changes his appearance, but there is no joy in medicine. They live in thatched cottages with poor food and poor alleys with drinking water. I vowed to complete my career with integrity, and there is nothing more to do than to refresh the wind. Luan said: There is no great virtue in the Tao of Music, and there is no great thing in helping Xuanlan to rely on it. The room is full of orchids and the beauty is left behind, and friends have forgotten their words and the ancients meet. The traces of Xiangxian's play are still there, and the history has lasted for thousands of years.

   Zhu is released at the seventh month of the fourth year of the Dali calendar, and the search for interpretation is so strict that it breaks the heart and bones. His people have passed away, but his traces remain today. Thinking about Rong Hui, I shed tears and sobbed.
  ○Example character patterns of "Shu Shu Fu" (Dou Meng)

  My fourth younger brother, Shang Nianjun, has a long character, Zhang, Wang in calligraphy, and Lingban, Ma in writing. The words are rich and powerful, and the grass and Li are profound. He wrote more than 100,000 words of inscriptions, poems, poems, odes and chapters in his life. Among the most beautiful ones, there are "Datong Fu" and "Three Palaces Cuju Fu" dedicated by Tianbao, which are based on satire, exhortation and criticism, and Kuang Jun to save the time. For this. The emperor is Zi'er, who can compile books, envoys to kings, Rong Yao Qili, dragon seals and phoenix seal scripts, favoring Xi Confucianism. In his later years, he also wrote "Shu Shu Fu", which has a total of 7,640 words. It is a concise summary of the purpose and a detailed interpretation of the secret meaning. , Basuo, "Poetry", "Sao", "Li", "Yi", "Selected Works" and " Ci Lin" are still unknown. Therefore, the conclusion is a conclusion, the music is deep and mysterious, each word and sentence, and the meaning of the meaning is bypassed. Shang Nianjun is a scholar of heaven and man, and he is very knowledgeable in exegesis, annotation and analysis, all based on historical biography. The note is incomplete, in this case; meaning