The beauty of Fu's calligraphy is mostly due to the sound behind him. The book of the two kings was very valuable in the world, so I presented it to Emperor Jian Wen ten times. The last inscription said: "Xiaguan is very cooperative with this book. Please keep it in mind." This book was treasured by Huanxuan, who loved the two kings and could not explain it. The hand is made of fine silk and paper with a fine texture. Each one is a piece of paper and is always placed on the left and right sides. When he ran south, even though he was in great embarrassment, he still followed himself. He was defeated and thrown into the river. The binding of books in the Jin Dynasty was a mess of authenticity and cursive materials, and the backing paper was wrinkled. Fan Ye pretended to be in control, and achieved a small victory. Xiaowu of the Song Dynasty also sent Xu Yuanzhi to protect ten pieces of paper into one volume. Emperor Ming also sent three Wujiu envoys to gather and disperse, and ordered Yu He, Chao Shangzhi, Xu Xixiu, Sun Fengbo, etc. to compile the order more. The two kings have a coral scroll of two volumes and twenty-four volumes written on plain silk, a gold scroll of two volumes and twenty-four volumes written on paper, and a tortoiseshell scroll of five and fifty volumes written on paper, with gold inscriptions and jade woven into a belt. There are two volumes of fan books, two fifteen volumes of paper and white paper, and a sandalwood scroll. There are also twelve volumes of paper and calligraphy, together with the crown of the book. From then on, there were three grades of books, including fifty-two volumes, five hundred and twenty volumes, and sandalwood scrolls. His new acquisition consisted of six volumes and one hundred and twenty volumes. Many of them were lost after being disorganized. During the Qi Gao Emperor's reign, there were only twelve monuments in the Shufu to show the piety of the kings and monks, and they still looked for traces of capable people. Monk Qian found out that there was nothing in the book, so he obtained ten volumes of Zhang Zhi, Suo Jing, Wei Boyu, Emperor Wu, Emperor Jing, Gui Minghou, Wang Dao, Wang Qia, Wang Min, Zhang Yi, Huan Xuan, etc.; they were compared with the book Among those who agree, Wang Tian, ​​Wang Xun, Wang Ningzhi, Wang Huizhi, and Wang Yunzhi all entered the secret pavilion. Emperor Wu of Liang Dynasty was particularly good at books. He searched all over the world and found a lot. He used the old clothes to make them strong, but the calligraphy was damaged. In the Tianjian, he ordered Zhu Yi, Xu Sengquan, Tang Huaiyun, Yao Huaizhen, and Shen Chi to analyze the articles and put them in the old clothes. He also checked the titles. The Book of the Two Kings is generally composed of seventy-eight pieces, seven hundred and sixty-seven volumes, and is woven into a belt with coral scrolls and inscribed with gold and jade. Hou Jing usurped the throne and hid it in the library. After Hou Jing was defeated, Wang Sengbian searched for it and sent it to Jiangling. At the end of Chengsheng, the Wei army attacked Jingzhou, the city fell, and Emperor Yuan was about to surrender. That night, he collected 140,000 volumes of ancient and modern books, as well as the relics of the two kings, and sent Gao Shanbao, a member of the Hougeshe, to burn them. Wu Yue picked up the sword and chopped off the pillar, and then sighed: "Xiao Shicheng has come to this, and his civil and military skills are at a loss tonight!" The secret treasures of the past dynasties were simmered to ashes. Zhou Yujin, Pu Liuruzhong and others collected four thousand volumes of Yifan and returned them to Chang'an. At the end of the great cause, Emperor Yang was fortunate to be in Jiangdu, and most of the books in his secret palace were sent to the country. The ships in the middle road were lost, and most of them were abandoned. During the period, there were few that survived. After killing the rebels, he returned to Yu Wenji. When they arrived at Liaocheng, they were defeated by Dou Jiande and all were lost. Those who stayed in Dongdu later joined Wang Shichong. When the world is peaceful, he returns to heaven. In the thirteenth year of Zhenguan's reign, he ordered the purchase of Youjun's letter and rewarded him with a high price. Wonderful miracles in all directions are endless. The emperor ordered Chu Suiliang, the resident official, and Wang Zhijing, the school secretary, to go to the Changbo Gate in the west of Xuanwu Gate to take the slips. They came from the right army to attend the school together, and ordered the official Wang Xingzhen to dress them up. The old Liang Dynasty decoration paper still exists, but it has only been cut. Youjunshu generally consists of two thousand two hundred and ninety sheets of paper, bound in thirteen volumes, and contains one hundred and twenty-eight volumes. The real book has fifty sheets of paper and eight volumes in each volume, measured according to the length of the book; the running script has two hundred and forty sheets of paper and forty volumes in four volumes and is measured in four feet; the cursive script has two thousand papers and eighty volumes in eight volumes and is measured in one foot and two feet. For the measure, it is woven into a bow with gold strands and miscellaneous treasures. Every seam of the book is printed with a small seal, and the text is "Zhenguan". If you don’t buy the Great Order Book, it will only remain in Tianfu. Ancient famous books are precious to emperors of all dynasties. The Qi and Song dynasties had already advanced, and there were many losses. Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty collected countless doves, which were woven from coral scrolls and inscribed with gold and jade. The two kings' writings totaled fifteen thousand pieces of paper. The Yuan Emperor went crazy and burned them all. Emperor Wen bought it at the highest price, and the world was finally over. The king only got fifty sheets of authentic writing, two hundred and forty sheets of running script, and two thousand sheets of cursive writing, all decorated with gold and treasure. Today, the government has less than ten pages of real books, dozens of pages of running script, and hundreds of pages of cursive script, totaling 218 volumes. One roll for Zhang Zhi, one roll for Zhang Chang, and a sandalwood scroll and brocade jacket. Since they are not preserved, they are scattered in the world, or they may be donated, and they are mostly piled up in Hanlin miscellaneous books. Jade and jade are mixed together, and incest and ashes are used in the same vessel. It's not just a book, it's the same with people. It's hidden by sacrifice and deeds. Between words and deeds, it can't be tarnished. Just like the orchid and osmanthus, although they are in seclusion, they are not fragrant just because no one knows about them. When I went to the Hanlin Hall, I saw two ancient bells, two feet high and more than a foot in circumference. There were about 300 ancient Chinese characters on them, recording the achievements of Xia Yu. At that time, I didn't dare to listen to the music, so I abandoned it in the soil, where it remained with the rubble for a long time. However, the nonsense has been going on for a long time. And if Zhang Yi and Seng Hui followed the example of Youjun, people at the time could not argue with it. Recently, Shi Zhiyong wrote a rough draft, almost trying to confuse the truth. For example, in the Song Dynasty, many of the great orders were studied, but Kang Xin, Wang Senqian, Bo Shaozhi, Yang Xin, etc. also wanted to confuse them with nonsense, so there were many forgeries in the books of the two kings. When good things are accumulated, they should be scrutinized carefully. The treasures that are treasured by the emperor are the same as swallows and stones, which can be turned into scoffs by those with knowledge. May day of the third year of Qianyuan period.