There was a good-tempered young man who frequently asked about famous books from ancient times. He quite judged the difference between them and said: "It can be said that he knows the books." Fu Dan has different hobbies, but rarely the same likes and dislikes. If the judgment is not tactful, then everyone will keep their seal. Since the world is full of different opinions, why not control his character and eliminate his doubts? Moreover, the young master is noble and Taoist, so he appreciates it and estimates it. The distinction between high and low is clear, and since it is easy for the world to understand, Wang Xizhi is used as the standard. For example, the characters in Dawang's cursive script are one hundred straight. Five characters are as good as one line of running script, and three lines of running script are as good as one line. There are only partial posts, such as "Le Yi", "Huang Ting", "Tai Shi Zhi", "Painting Praise", "Lai Biao", "Oath", etc., but if it is completed into a piece, it will be a national treasure and cannot be counted. In word count. There may be thousands or tens of thousands, but the identification is fine and rough. He all imitates this. Recently, Zhong Shangshu, Shao Jing, also had a good deed. He spent a lot of money and went bankrupt to get a book. He planned to spend millions of money, but he got five pieces of Youjun's running script, but he couldn't produce a single word of the real book. The traces of Cui and Zhang are indeed lonely. But within the Heavenly Mansion, there is only existence. For example, if there is a coincidence between the lines of the manuscript and the manuscripts written by Xiao Wang, the collaborators will be unparalleled and independent through the ages, and only those with a distinguished family can be his disciples. In the 15th or 6th year of Zijing's reign, Chang Baiyi Shao said: "The ancient chapters and chapters are not grand and elegant, and they are quite different from other styles. Today's poor and fake chapters are extremely cursive and are not as good as between the lines of the manuscript. The Dharma of the past is very different. Sir, it is advisable to change your body." Shao Yi smiled and did not answer. After the work is completed, the divine power will be outstanding and the natural appearance will be particularly beautiful. Relieving yourself is simple and aims to surprise you. The dangers and depths start from this place. However, I was tired of defeats and ignored the flaws, so I reduced the price of Youjun's running script. It can be said that the son is a handsome man and the father has a harmonious spirit. The true deeds of father and son have been a model for generations. However, the literature and quality are related to each other, and three evaluations are established; the noble and inferior products are divided into five grades. Among the three appraisals, Zhuan and Zhou are rated as high, Zhong and Zhang are rated as medium, and Xi and Xian are rated as lower. The high estimate has its image but no trace; the medium estimate is a unique miracle, which is precious and valuable. If you want to buy it, you should pay a thousand gold. Maybe there is no book in the book, and Xun Xing is the same as the instrument. If it is left to the road, it can still pay for a thousand pieces of gold with a word. Du Du and Cui Yuan are comparable to Boying. However, their ambition is ancient and their strength is not that great. However, their beauty is not as good as that of Zhang Zhi. Wei Guan can be his younger brother, and Suo Jing can surpass him. Moreover, as Youjun's true calligraphy is extremely wonderful, and it is of vital importance in the world, it should be valued at the same price. It is rare in ancient times, and it is not without decline. Cui and Zhang are jade; Yi Shao is gold. Big merchants value their jade, while small businessmen value their gold. Superficial people tend to listen to their ears, but they regard Wang's book as the best. It is both true and cursive, with slight differences. How can they realize that Youjun's book has ten grades:
  History of Yellow Emperor Zhou Xuanshi Zhong Yao
  Zhang Zhi Wang Xizhi Cui Yuan
  Wei Guan Suo Jing Wang Xianzhi
  ──The above nine people are first class.
  Cai Yong Zhang Chang Xun Xu
  Huang Xiang Wei Dan Zhong Hui
  Dude Biyi, Cui and Zhang Zhiya, are slightly inferior to Youjun's running script.
  ──The above six people are second class.
  Cao Xi Handan Chun Luo Hui
  Zhao Xi Cui Shi Liu Desheng
  Shi Yiguan Liang Hu Hu Zhao
  Xun Shuang Zhang Pengzu Zhang Hong
  Fu Xuan Emperor Wu of Wei Cao Zhi
  Wu Sunhao Sun Quan Ying Xu
  Xu Qian Zhang Zhao Ji Kang
  He Zeng Wei Qian Du Yu
  Yang Zhao Le Guang Liu Hui
  Sima You Wei Heng Mrs. Wei
  Wei Jie Li Shi
  Wang Dun Xi Jian Xi Min
  Wei Chang Huan Xuan Wang Yi
  Wang Dao Wang Qia Wang Min
  Xie An, Yu Yi and others may have extraordinary talents, or they may be extremely difficult to find, and their cursive scripts are worth the price of a few common people.
  ──The above forty-three people are in the third category.
  Zhang Jia Yu Liang Xi Chao
  Wang Xun Dai Ruosi Wei Guan
  Seng Huishi Wang Xiu Zhang Yi
  Dai Andao Wang Xuanzhi Wang Ningzhi
  Wang Huizhi Wang Caozhi Sun Xinggong
  Wang Yunzhi Emperor Wen of Song Dynasty Song Xiaowu
  Kang Xin Wang Sengqian Xie Lingyun
  Yang Xin Bo Shaozhi Kong Linzhi
  Xiao Sihua Zhang Yong Xiao Ziliang
  Emperor Gao of Qi, Xiao Ziyun and others had their own gains and losses. They always saw the profound, the long and the short, and their wisdom and strength were strong. They could rival one-third of Youjun's cursive writing.
  ──The fourth class among the twenty-nine people above.
  Zhang Yue Zhang Rong Tao Hongjing
  Ruan Yan Mao Xi Seng Zhiyong
  Yu Shinan, Ouyang Xun, Chu Suiliang and others can defeat a quarter of the right army's cursive writing.
  ──Fifth level among the above nine people.
  The above rates are all estimated to be very close. He doesn't realize it, and he's hanging on to it several times. Although they all belong to the same family, things are rare and expensive. Today Yanyan is quaint and elegant, gradually becoming barren. From the Han Dynasty to today, hundreds of people have been killed. Noble, far, cheap, near, this is what Chunli means. All ninety-six people are listed on the right. Beyond the fifth level, there are many sages. Although the sravakas are beautiful, their achievements have not yet been accomplished. There is no hope of slaying a dragon, but it is difficult to achieve success by painting a tiger. Don't be a slut, think about the legacy. The eighteenth day of the first month of the thirteenth year of Tianbao.