original sequence
  Yu Gushan, Xiang Zijing, was named Moju because of his family's many Dharma books. When Hengyi passed the exhibition, Changjun Dechun came down from the side, only saying to appreciate the thorns, and he was actually a calligrapher. Yu Xiao said that Zijing said: "This man is different, so he should be the victor." And Yu returned after traveling outside the border for more than ten years. Dechun was already proud of his ability to write, and it was not long. People said that Dechun could write like a mouthful. Yu Shi went on to say: "With the name of the king, the wisdom and talent, it is still the ear of Rongtai." However, he gave up early and concealed himself with a skill. The Youjun covered his life with books, so he regretted it later? Dechun said: If you are the Su Wang Youmengyu, you can't know the fate of the battle, but if it is Moqing Youmengyu, you can win the art competition. And the right army said at the time that Bian Zhongzhen was the one who established the festival. Xiangye is Wang Maohong, and Zaining is Tao Changsha. However, the three of them are definitely not as good as the right army, and because of the book, they are not concealed by everyone's kisses.
  Most of the pure books of virtue were written in the Jin and Tang Dynasties, and all famous scholars should not know them, and few of them are admired and pursued. That is to say, even if it is slightly downgraded, Ou Yuxiu Li will not be reduced. Therefore, in the sacred teaching of "Lanting", he must copy a piece of paper every day to supervise himself. Although it is fiercely hot and cold, it does not take a break. The taster said: "Recently, when I was sitting in meditation, I heard that there is a Huyou soldier in the mud ball. This is just like the ancients who dreamed of Boying, and it is also an experience of divine association." Because of the volume of "Calligraphy Yayan". For thousands of years, the product is the first week, and it is almost a skill. Even if you denounce Su Mi, slander Luo Yuanzhen, and even set up a few words, you are the ones who are close to calligraphers and dare not say it. He also thinks that if this is kept secret for the end, someone like Yuan Chang in the future will beat his leg and vomit blood, so as not to be provoked by the general. So I begged Yu to narrate and pass it on, and Yu also licked the pen, and the common people used the co-language to Zijing.
  On the right, the embroidered water contemplates filial piety.

  ○ Book system
  Hippo negative map, Luo Gui presented a book, this world also opened the text. Xi draws the gossip and writes the six lines, which is also inspired by the sage king. If it is the name of the dragon, phoenix and tortoise, the title of Suiyun Kedou, the seal script and the successor, the ancient Li Yuanxing, the changes of the times and the new ones cannot be described, and the letter is handed down to the present seal and Li Yan. Er Li Zhou and Qin, from the Han Dynasty to the Jin Dynasty, the true deeds have been repeated, the chapters and grasses have been soaked, the writing essence is exhausted. However, the works of books, the economics of emperors, the learning of sages, as for the persuasion and punishment of Xuanwen, Neidian, Baishi, Jiuliu, poetry, and the admonition of inscriptions, are not limited to these words, so how can they be recorded? Therefore, the book is a merit, and it flows with the world, and Yiwei teaches the scriptures. The husband throws the pot and shoots the arrow, which is still the name of Guande. It is a sage and a statement. Yu Ze said: Yi Shao is as important as Zhong Zhang Da Qi, and it is not easy to live forever. Thirdly, Tang Xianqiu's muscle strength measure is also strict and careful. Song Xianqiu's spirit and spirit, his faults are also indulgent and wanton. Yuan Xianqiu's temperament and posture are also gentle and gentle. During this period, heroes rose up, not without exception, and most of the customs and rumors in the view have their own advantages and disadvantages. I Ming Zhao Yun, still follow the Yuan Gui, Feng Zhu Wen Yao, secretly pursue Tang Yu, Shang Zong Yi Shao, most of them are afraid of difficulties. Both Yao and Shun can do it, why should calligraphy be afraid of him, and Yi Shao is my teacher. What you want to learn is what you want.
  Since Zhu Wen died, the kings and horses of the north and the south have been confused. In the past few years, he has competed to imitate Su Mi, Wang Ma is superficial and weird, and it is easy to know what is wrong. Su Mi boasted fiercely, but rarely realized his mistake. When Si Feng advocated it, it was unstoppable. Attacking heresies will cause serious harm. Moreover, academics and economics all start from the heart, and if the heart is not right, what is moved will be evil. Xuansheng wrote the Spring and Autumn Period, and Ziyu was far away from Yang Mo, fearing that Taoism would decline day by day. What he said is not what he has said. Liu Gongquan said: When the heart is upright, the pen is upright. Yu Ze said: People are upright and books are upright. The selection of various chapters is not without the inscriptions of Shang and Han, and the theory of equality of mind is actually the same as the thinking of Confucius and Mencius. Is the Six Classics non-heart learning? Is it not the six books to preach the scriptures? Correct calligraphy so correct people's hearts. Correcting people's hearts is the way of the holy way. Ziyu is far away from Yang Mo in the past, and Yu will let Su Mi live in the present, and it will last for a thousand years. If those who know it come back, they must have the merit of knowing the authentic script, and they are worthy of being a saint.

  ○ ancient and modern
  The book deeds originated from Emperor Jie, and the simplicity of Zuoli originated from Yingzheng. If he lives in Zhiying and the like, fish, insects, scallions and the like, Ji Mengrui in those days, the picture image was in one day, there is no real work, it is just a false name. The style is obsolete, so what is the basis for research, and the letter is passed down, the most important thing is the same text. If you search for oddities, it's not applicable. Therefore, the eyes of calligraphy are not limited to seal script and ancient script, which are both Zhenxing cursive style. The school of calligraphy is dedicated to Xiao Yong by Xi alone, and assisted by Yu Chu and Luyan. If he is in a hurry, he will fly away, and he should also be free to open up Zhang Liliu, or he can get involved. The so-called taking the law from the top is only from the middle. At the beginning, the sages are followed, and the sages are expected to follow the former sages. It is not necessary to learn from a large group of wonderful people to become a family.
  Mi Yuanzhang Yun: The times are oppressive, you can't be old-fashioned, self-painting is very solid. It also said: The real one is in the front, the arrogance is intimidating, and the fear of the enemy is deeper. It is said that if the book does not enter the Jin Dynasty, it will only become a low-grade one. If you see the real thing, you will kill someone in fear. It not only pushes the two kings to be good at calligraphy, but also prevents future generations from daring to learn from ancient times. Yuanzhang's merits and crimes are well balanced. Alas! It doesn't matter if there are no scholars in the world. Those who claim to be able to write have two diseases. The man who searched and fished in the sea, every time he fished in the Qin and Han Dynasties: the man who sits in the well and peeps. Heng took the style in Song and Yuan Dynasties. If it's too late, you'll lose your balance. It is said that the present is not as good as the ancients. Every cloud Jinyan is old-fashioned, using the slave book as a mocker, claiming to be independent and good at starting a family. Those who do not learn ancient methods are nonsense. Those who specialize in ancient times, how can they follow the scholars of Zhou Dynasty? The Shangding tripod of Fu Xiayu is no longer a custom of drinking from dirty respects: the upper building and the lower space are also different from the custom of nesting in caves. Born in the three generations, not the people of the Three Emperors. When Hu Fu is alive today, Xi must go against the way of the ancients. Therefore, Yao, Shun, Yu and Zhou were all saints, and only Confucius was the master of saints. History, Li, Cai and Du are all the ancestors of the book, but the right army is the main target of the book. However, the ancients do not realize the beauty of the time, and they only use one painting to be longer, and one wave to be strong, exaggerating the wind of admiring quality. Unexpectedly, the sages of the three generations and the former sages of the two Jin Dynasties still have a lot of simple meanings. Xuan Sheng said: Gentle and polite, then a gentleman. Sun Guoting said: When the past was bad, it is not bad today. Shen Si's second language, with the passing of the world. The rules are from the heart, and the purpose is to be neutral. It is said: Heaven has not lost its gentleness, and the leisure is less than it is today. If it is as small as a human being, who am I going to return?

  ○ body identification
  The madam is the soul of all things; the heart is the master of all bones. Therefore, the origin of the heart; the accumulation of it is morality, and the manifestation of it is economics. The tree is honor, and the establishment is morality. Proclaim it as an article, and transport it as handwriting. Yuan wrote the book of Qizheng, deleted the description on behalf of the knotted rope, and made meritorious deeds and immortals. Gou Feida is wise, who can learn from the mystery. But people's hearts are different, just like their faces, from the inside to the outside, and the book is the same. Although the scholars who dye Han are the same as the Legalists, they have different physiques when they are arrogant. The advanced nature of the examination is inherent. Sun Guoting said: Those who are restrained are disadvantaged by restraint, those who are easy lose their rules, those who are impetuous and brave are too aggressive, and those who are suspicious are addicted to stagnation. This is to give up its strengths and point out its weaknesses. The husband realizes his shortcomings, and he always ends up in suffering; relying on his strengths, he mostly draws on complacency. The grandson attacks the short because of the short, and the long and stabs the long. Make art into a unique skill, not resting on one's own ability. Learn from the specialty and benefit from the magic of general prescriptions. Science and technology are clumsy, and it is easy to know the crime.
  Madam's temperament is endowed with hardness and softness, and the use of hands is obedient to each other. Those who stick to it are restrained, and those who are indulgent go beyond the rules. Those who are fast and vigorous have no fear, and those who are slow and heavy are timid and do not fly. The simple and serious ones are straight and fresh, while the strict ones are compact and solid. Those who are warm and charming are charming and slender, while those who are dangerous are too harsh in carving and painting. The majestic ones are ashamed to be arrogant, while the graceful ones are ashamed and generous. Those who are solemn will dislike Lupu, and those who are elegant will surpass flashy. Those who drive seem to be lacking in depth, while those who are luxuriant are more scattered and slow. Those who are strong and healthy are brave, while those who are stable and familiar lack novelty. This is all due to the partiality of the husband's nature, and the proximity of his capital. If he sticks to the ancient style, he will be a blunt pedant. Those who use themselves as a family are mediocre vulgar officials. Anyone who writes suddenly is rash and beyond the law. Those who hesitate near the pool are reserved and sad. Those who specialize in freshness are dry and slender. Those who work alone are thick and fresh but lack bones. This also favors resignation, and those who are willing to give up. The first teacher is because of his aptitude. Self-study, overcome yourself first. Read the second language, and forget the two when you are tired. As the world goes by, people advance and retreat. Why worry about the disharmony of the book style.

  ○Form and quality
  Between the dome and the earth, there are teeth, horns, claws and wings. Everything is not complete, and it is because of the natural gas. Books come in many shapes and forms, and people have different attainments, so it is necessary to combine all kinds of wonderful things. There is no complete book in ancient and modern times. However, the air of heaven and earth, rain and cold, wind, thunder, frost and snow, come to prepare for the time. All things prosper, rarely too much, chemical industry is overwhelmed. Therefore, the most holy person has the merit of counselor, and the king has the responsibility of Xie Li, and they all have the function of advocating Yin and Yang and reconciling vitality. It is what people are endowed with, and it is uneven up and down. The nature and endowments are the same, but the qi and habits are different, but they are called Zhongxing, mad and sloppy. Therefore, people are handy with books. There are thousands of shapes and shapes, but they are said to be neutral, fat and thin.
  If the book is also shortened and fit, the lightness and heavyness are balanced; According to the theory of the world, those who are neither fat nor thin, neither long nor short are considered beautiful. This is also the book of action. If you are still pure and vigorous, you will tend to be thin. If you are thin, your bones will be weak and your body will be barren, and if you are alone, you will be fat. If you are fat, your body will be beautiful and your backbone will be weak. Judging people's appearance, those who are thin and exposed, fat and exposed, don't think it is good. It is admirable to be thin without showing your bones, and to be fat without showing your flesh. Make the backbone thin and steep, add it to be soft and elegant, dignified and smooth, although thin, it is actually plump. The body is fat and thick, combined with convenience and strength, flowing and handsome, even though fat, it is solid and beautiful.
  Those who are thin and plump are said to be clear and wonderful, but if they are not clear, they are not good. Those who are fat and handsome are called plump and gorgeous, and those who are not plump are not gorgeous. Therefore, Feiyan and Wang Qiang are equally beautiful, and Taizhen and Caiping are equally beautiful. For example, the four parts of osmanthus, the five petals of plum, the pregnant fragrance of orchid, the clump of chrysanthemum, the richness of peony, and the splendor of hibiscus. Scholars near the pool advance and retreat between fat and thin, and learn the magic of neutralization. It's like self-indulgence, just go ahead and do it, be careful not to be violent and give up.
  Husband's quality is divided into high and low, and it may not be wonderful. There are depths and depths of credit, each can be beautiful and good, each person makes his own achievements, and he is good at special skills. There are five Yans: one is authentic, the other is great masters, the third is famous, and the fourth is famous. It is called Zhengyuan, and the fifth is called Benliu. They are juxtaposed with fine mirrors, and the advantages and disadvantages are determined.
  Knowing the past and passing the present, neither aggressive nor vigorous. Well-mannered and well-mannered. It is capable of all bodies and escapes naturally. It is majestic and elegant, elegant and fresh. This is called great success. Integrating the wonderful into the fashion, inheriting the past and opening up the future, and forever following the model, one is authentic.
  Seal and official chapters, all kinds of grass are well known, they are used and used, and they are excellent and good. They are counted and painted, and their shapes and qualities are different. The end of each character is different. Baoyingzang, issued by Chen at the time, glows with shock, and everyone is second.
  All kinds of true practice, one is inferior to the other, is fast, energetic and slow to work, beautiful and plump, or has a strong bone structure, or shows off a handsome appearance, has a different mood, and reveals the true nature, such as medical divination and physiognomy, has a wide reputation, and his true color is partial to craftsmanship. Cheng is unique, and the three famous masters are also.
  Gentle but not harsh, respectful but less peaceful, majestic but widowed, clear but rich, bent and stretched, like a ceremonial punishment, swaying and relaxed, abiding by the rules, like an innocent old family, following good children, not promoting the new Karma, if you don't fall first, it is the source of the four.
  Indulgent and furious, Jia Qiao reveals the front, marks the madness, comes and goes, attracts snakes to hang, suddenly looks like squatting, or withered and shriveled, or fat and overflowing, such as exotic plants and rare treasures, when you are shocked Shockingly popular, the mountain pheasant is like a sea whale, and a pheasant looks like a dragon. This is called the river, and it occupies five places.
  Husband is authentic, everyone is a famous blogger, how special is he? Is it true that it is willing to follow the flow, is it wanton? If you want to gain a lot of knowledge, you should first specialize in it. Ning Jin starts from being cautious and professional, self-professional and well-mannered, thoroughly examines one's ambition, sleeps and eats peacefully, never forgets one's heart and hands, although one is not tired, one must enter the orthodox school, and is beyond the ranks of famous masters.
  The law of calligraphy; stippling and painting are of the same shape, but Chumo has different temperaments, as if they were distributed from the same source, and they share different branches. He Zai's qualifications are high and low, so don't learn shallow and deep. Both knowledge and knowledge are excellent, and the writing skills are smooth. If you are not friendly, you will follow your heart. The book has a physique, and you can't know it without learning. If you are excellent in learning but poor in talent, although you can write calligraphy well, you will be full of emptiness and comfortable in misery, and the magical effect of flying and flying together will not be obtained. The book has air, not Fuming. If you are old-fashioned and learn to learn, although the strokes are strong, you are not familiar with the power of grabbing, intercepting and dragging. Therefore, wealth is more valuable than talent, learning is still vast, and wealth is more than learning. Every time you lose your madness, you learn too much. There are still rules, capital is indispensable, and learning is the first.
  The ancients said: There is no one who can learn but can't, and there is no one who can't learn. However, learning can be encouraged, but capital cannot be forced. Talented and philosophical, with a strange and ingenious appearance, the color flies and the soul is absolutely at the moment. Proficient in knowledge, follow the rules and regulations, and be a role model for thousands of years. Confucianism has always been learning, but it is so good to learn from Lu, and it is impossible to be inaccurate in learning. However, people's talents are endowed with gentleness and weakness, bravery, slowness, and speed. Knowing and restraining oneself, privately adding daily new learning, endless encouragement, gradually entering the sea of ​​An Wanchuan, and succeeding Then one. If at the time of writing, it is dry and cramped, and bitter and dull, it is like rotten wood that cannot be carved, and stubborn stone that is difficult to carve. For those who have learned from their husbands, the more they sing, the more familiar they are with the soundboard tune. If the lips and teeth leak air, and the mouthpiece is short of sand, if you don't have the teeth to learn it, you will eventually get rid of it.
  Since the Zhou Dynasty, and before the Han Dynasty, there have been many seal scripts and official scripts, and the regular script is still rare.
  Tongxu began from the Three Dynasties and was set in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. The origin of the book originated from Liu Yao, and flourished in the two Jin Dynasties. When Xuanni proclaimed the saint, Zhongyi Shaoyong, the treasure is the training. It is said that one who understands the present and meets the past, gathers great achievements, and cannot be changed for trillions of years. Since the Jin Dynasty, there have been many families in Ranhan, with historical records showing their names and surnames. There are many generations, and it is difficult to discuss. If the character is at the bottom, the original work will not be handed down, and there will be no reconsideration for the list. I heard that Zhang Zhongxi presented the four masters of calligraphers, good ones can be used as guides, and Yuan Yuan is used as a guide. The other four sages are also those who have both knowledge and education. However, if you look at their products in detail, there are also differences between them. Zhang Zhixuezhong, his talents cannot be valued, is Yi Shaozhi sensitive? Zhang Erxue apologized a little, do you really want to learn? Zhong and Zi are weaker than Boying, and he has advanced ten years in learning, and he is in the seventh place in Zi. Yuan Chang is against Zhang, and Yi Shao gets nine of them. Zi Jingzi was born in Yingzao, Qi Zhe Yuanchang, his academic ability is not deep, he walks in the dust and grass, but he regrets that his orchids will not last forever. Ziyun: Shengfu has something to rely on. After a few years, it's not like Pingyu. Zhiyong, a famous scholar in the Six Dynasties, has a deep reputation as a proficient student. Zi Yunpiao raised his capital to call Maoyan. As for the talents of Tang sages, Chu Li marked the flag, and Lu Yan was famous for his academic ability. If Yu Ruoou, Ruo Sun Ruoliu, and Zangzhen Zhang Xu have their own strengths and weaknesses, they may learn Liuqi and be able to learn Liuqi, or learn Liuqi after learning Liuqi. You can distinguish their strokes from the mature and elegant postures. .
  The famous scholars in Song Dynasty, Jun Mo as the head, Qi Fan Tangxian, Tianshui Chaoshuliu Pangzhu, Li Suhuangmi, half of evil and good. All in all, it is also a good product. Later calligraphy, Ziyu Zhengyuan, Deng Yuboji can also take over martial arts, beauty is more excellent, but backbone is weak, Junmo learned six and got seven, Ziang learned eight and got four, rest. The two dynasties of Cai and Zhao also stand out. Yuanzhang's talents are not reduced, and Chu Li's academic ability is not enough to appoint talents. Looking at his thick and stern attitude, you will see golden ears in the sand. Zi Ang's learning is similar to Lu Yan's, but his backbone is weak and he is exactly like him. Maybe the sages of Song Dynasty are better than learning? Elementary learning is better than capital? To be endowed with the acumen of Yuanzhang, the spirit of encouraging one's son, the vigor of Emperor Zongmo, and the hanging of the wrist of Lu Zhi, not only deviated from the Three Tang Dynasty, but surpassed the Song and Yuan Dynasties, and lived at the top? Under Yi Shao, Zi Jing is above.
  Since the Ming Dynasty, the writings have been mixed. Jing Lian has Zhen Zhongheng, Bo Hu only follows the traces of Yuan, Bo Qi Ying Zhen and Meng Ju, and Yuan Bo knows a little about Tang and Song Dynasties. Xi Zhecun is equal in etiquette and learning. In the early days of Jin and Tang Dynasties, it was strange and vulgar, competing for viciousness and frightening ordinary people. The so-called living in Xia and becoming a barbarian is also a person who abandons Chen and learns from Xu. However, if you learn later, Zhizong Jin and Tang Dynasties, how can their merits be less tonic. Wen's father and son Zheng Zhong are far inferior to Zi Angzi in learning, and their pens are sharp and lacking in depth. The lower case is long and neat. Shouchengxiucheng, the capital is better than the father, the entry is right, and the Keshajiqiu. If you want to talk about the place where you get it, if you don't catch the ability of abundance and blessing, the evil spirit will not stain the ugliness of the two men. Zhongwen Zhangge's quaint elegance remains, and Gongshou's behavior is still simple and vigorous. The restoration of Gaoyang Dao has only the legacy of Mi Fu; If you can use the capital of Fengzhu, and recruit Zhongzhi's learning, the elegance of Shoucheng, and the vigorousness of Xiucheng, it is almost impossible to see Ou Sunzhi again. If at the time of writing, it is as bitter and shabby as Ni Yu's hand, even if it is the age of Lao Peng, it will not be a good place.
  ○ rules
  The sky is round and the earth is round, and the pictograms of groups and classes are formed by sages to make rules, so it is called: rules, square and round. To the extent, but the success of the song is also. The purpose of the university is to cultivate Qi Zhengping first. The leader of the emperor's pole, guard against one side and turn against the other. In addition, the emperor's Dian Mo Xun Gao, and the sage's articles on nature and Tao have all been handed down and taught for thousands of years. Therefore, it is clear and virtuous and gentle. Is there any one who can let go of evil and extravagance, but can show the way of justice and integrity.
  In discussing books from ancient to modern times, the two Jin Dynasties are only promoted, but the people of the Jin Dynasty are unruly and uninhibited, and the right army is full of excellent styles. If the book does not enter Jingu, it is not upper class. Fabuzong Wang Ju called it Yipin. From the Six Dynasties to the early Tang Dynasty, Xiao Yang used to catch Zhiyong, and Shangzhi tended to form a family together. Nai's Huai Sujiang and the New Year, the degree of chaos and quaintness, competed in a sly shape, and her husband Yuanzhang used his heroic talent to show off his outstanding talents, so that he could be a pen of sprinting. And he said: "The book of the great year, loves its sideways trend, and it comes from other than the two kings. It is said: Zigong is more worthy than Zhongni, and the hills are higher than the sun and the moon." How can there be She Zhongni who can say the right way, and who can be a book of Dharma because there are few strange things?
  However, today's scholars of calligraphy always think poorly about their wisdom and Yong Ziang, like a monk scolding the real minister's public power, like a general's husband Yan Liu is too strict, and Yong Zhao Shaofu is very energetic. also. Moreover, among the sky and the earth, there are rules and regulations. A good heart and a good heart are all good for harmony. If the size is not proportional, the bitterness is not adjusted, and the palace and merchants are not in harmony, who will take it again. Try to discuss it in terms of the human body, a beautiful husband is distinguished by dignified dignity and elegant speech. A beautiful woman still has the virtue of chastity and tranquility, and a beautiful face. Is there any leader whose siblings are rough, evil, and leprosy, but can be called beautiful? There is no need to say anything about the image device. As for a bird's nest, a bee's nest, and a spider's web, they are all round and precise. Can calligraphy be the great way, but birds and insects are not as good? This is a matter of love and knowledge. Ruofu's clear scorpion and stamen petals are all rounded and trimmed to make them half stretched and half contracted. It's no wonder that the king's words originated from Yuanzhang, and the theory of the moment caused the superficial to vie for the wonders of the late heroes, and if they didn't explore the source of neutrality, they would be sick of giving birth to anger in vain. The pulse of the book is a few strands in danger. Kuang Yuanzhang's pen is wonderful in the transitional structure, he does not think of imitation, but only intends to indulge the loss of plagiarism and bravery, and exaggerates the magic. The so-called abandoning its strengths and attacking its weaknesses is not good but has its own disease. . With the effect of Dong Shi, I will repeat Xi Jianzai.
  The square is the rule to resemble the sky, and the square is the square to resemble the earth. The square and the square are used together, just like yin and yang hide each other. Therefore, the pen is expensive, and the font is expensive. Not only said: rules, but also said: the ultimate. It is the God of Hen Nai He that cannot be stagnated. Fang Naitong Fang can't hold on. How can self-enlightenment make you know. Before the Jin and Wei Dynasties, the seal script was slightly longer and the official script was less, and Zhong Wang Zhenxing met and neutralized it. The book and the letter will grow in order to grow. As low as Xusu, it is square and round. Or oblique complex straight. How to write two words, promote it like one word. The word yaoshengben is like two characters. However, Xu Su's flying grass is harmless to the world, but see the cursive script. I have seen the posts of Lang Guan and others, but they are dignified and tidy, just like Tang Qi. The vulgar and nonsensical people of the later generations will make a gesture of uneven size, or envelop the number with a single word, or form a cluster of numbers with a side, forcefully connect and connect, line up and connect, stippling is chaotic, and suddenly shrinks. stretch. For example, Yang Mitu, Zhang Rubi, Ma Yilong and others, and they call it plum blossom body. Just like blind beggars with broken hands and feet, who wear ropes to wear old and young in a bad state, they sing slang words and parade through the villages and cities. Some plum blossoms are in full bloom, some are half open, and some are not yet open, so they vary. If the openness is enough, how can there be those who are mixed in size? And the flowers fall up and down, facing east and west, like a book with a bow and a bow, looking left and right. If one branch is too big and the other is too small, if there are many with six petals and few with four petals, how can they be called plum blossoms? The shape is in line with each other, neither mixed nor mixed. Five of the petals come out, not many, not many. From Mei Guanzhi, you can know the book. If he is a scholar without observing it, he would rather be chasing stink at sea.
  ○ constant change
  Xuan Ni's disease is solid and the rules are all said, nothing is solid. The ancients had the shape of a folding knife without twists and turns, and the momentum of painting sand and ink clay, but nothing is beyond the rules. The word "husband" still uses soldiers to win together. The soldiers are impermanent, and the characters are indeterminate. When the opportunity arises, the book will be reviewed, and the calculations of the temple of power and tactics are in place. However, although the formation changes, the ranks must not be disordered. Although the shape of the characters has changed, the physique cannot be surpassed. For example, the blue sky and white clouds, the gentle wind and the clear dew, the bright stars and the bright moon, the cold snow and summer thunder, these are the vitality of good fortune, and they are constant. Thunder and electric shock, rain and hurricane, summer hail and winter thunder, blowing sand and haze, these yin and yang murderous intentions are also changing. All these and other forces will not end in the dynasty, and the four seasons are all dark and dark, and there is no day. So take off your scarves and bare your feet, laugh and sing wildly, in the gardens and valleys, meet friends, drink wine and flowers, or be like a king's servant. On the day when the great guests are about to sacrifice, how can they be allowed to be wild and unrestrained, if this is the reason. Palaces and temples, recorded in laws and regulations, are really the first. Table slips, pavilions, moving texts and titles, the line is the first. If the stele office is played, it is scribbled and crazy, so why is it obscene.
  Belief in knowing the truth is the usual style of calligraphy, but the law of drafting changes in a moment, so it is meaningless for Zhao Yi to disagree with it. So it is said: there is a different method for the cursive style, if you move the stirrup and press it, the truth and action are interlinked. Keep the hook and ring, the situation is different. The rotation is smooth, and the inflection is dangerous. The embellishment is wonderful, and the vertical and dry energy is strong. The waves are decisive, and the flying speed is fluttering. The flow is poured into the pan, and the entanglement is entangled. If you stop, you will be calm, if you are vigorous, you will be galloping, if you are excited, you will be graceful, and if you are excited, you will be steep. Or like a seal, or like an ancient official, or like a rush, or like a flying white, or like: all the beasts frighten their heads and return their feet, the birds raise their wings and want to fly, the apes hang in the gills, and the dragons coil around the mountains. Ze, play with his attitude according to the situation, and show off his prestige by judging the situation. Each stroke has its own shape, and the two characters have different styles. The beauty of cursive script is beyond this. As for running cursive, it is necessary to combine it with the other, to deal with setbacks, to deal with emergencies, to gain and lose between the real grass, and to communicate with the state of mind.
  ○ Zhengqi
  The main points of calligraphy are positive and odd. The so-called upright ones: Yan Yang suddenly set back, reveal according to the response, the muscles and bones are dignified, and there is indeed restraint. The so-called strange ones: unevenness rises and falls, soars and shoots the sky, and the style is unrestrained, ingenious and versatile. Oddity is transported within Zheng, and Zheng is listed among Qi. It is upright but unremarkable, although it is solemn and solid, it is simple and thick but less literary. Strange and upright, although majestic and elegant, it is so shrewd and lacking in elegance. The home of Naif's appreciation, every finger is a coincidence of hard work, and does not understand the rules and regulations. Scholars near the pool always show off their skills in the subtleties of the situation, not in the subtleties of their temperament and backbone. It is said: despising morality and emphasizing utilitarianism, retreating from loyalty and going straight to traitorous heroes. Who started the story of curiosity?
  Boying was anxious to follow Yuan Chang's regular script, and it was not until ancient times that there was still a wind of division. As soon as Yi Shao came out, he made rituals and music, strict and lawful, with a radiant look, and a mixture of righteousness and strangeness. Zi Jingshi and his father rhyme with Zong Boying, the wind and spirit are scattered, bright and colorful, Liang Wu called it wonderful and superior, and praised it for superficiality, Tang Wenmu regarded it as constricted and hungry, and it was too deep. Sun Guoting said: "Zijing puts his best effort into building a body, and the work is not enough. His expression is suspended." If you get it, the book is respected by Zi, and the door of Shang Qi is opened. Afterwards, Zhiyong taught Fan Youjun, who was proficient and unremarkable, and this learning was correct but unchanged. Yang Xinsi and Qi Daling behaved in the same way, and this study is strange but unchanged. Wisdom Yong, passed down by my husband from the south, contains firmness, softness, intention and simplicity. Its running grass is very charming, but its muscle strength is a little weak. Li Yong had few teachers at the beginning, he got rid of the old habits and renewed his brushwork, he started straight and finally lost his embarrassment, and the law has a great success rate, which is the first change of this trip. Ouyang Xin's book also proposed that the right army should be changed and the party should be the leader. It is dangerous, thin and hard to rise and cut. If you look at it, it will be too fierce. Chu's ascension to goodness began in the late southern period of the world, chasing Yi Shao, strong, gentle, rich, beautiful and rich, lacking in nature and too sculptural, this true practice will change again.
  Examining Zhu Yongchun's previous scale, most of them were elegant and elegant, but after Kaiyuan's husband's Kaiyuan, his temperament gradually became majestic and clear, and his ministers, silkworm heads, swallow tails, Hong Weixiong, were deeply heavy and unclear. Liu Chengxuan's bones are strong and honest, but he is immediately severe and not gentle. There are three changes in this real book. Zhang's style is Zijing from Shenyuan, and his style of writing is absolutely like that of Beihai. Shi Shi's Suliu flowed from Boying, and the supporters were as big as a startled snake, but it was very strange and bald to turn around. There are three changes in this grass line. If the book changes like you, it is nothing but literary soldiers. For the most part, those who remain unchanged are constrained in keeping the truth, and those who tend to change are intent on exploring novelties. Since Zhengqi is divided into two parts, the calligraphy is mellow and flowing. However, being simple and dignified is regarded as righteousness, and being impatient and frightening is regarded as strange, which is not the magical effect of righteousness. People who are tired of the world often like to be new, and always give up the righteousness and admire the strange, but they don't know that the strange does not need to seek the self-satisfaction. If a man of elegance pays attention to brushstrokes, searches carefully, learns from time to time, learns from time to time, is well-versed in the distribution of order, and is proficient in the use of circumflexion, he will naturally write first and then forget his feelings, and the ink will be calm and calm. It's a coincidence that I can get it. Youfu Xizi Mao Qiang has a heavenly appearance and national beauty, and the radiance without powder and black is moving. What's the matter to ask for the accident, the voice of the world is hanging from the back of the pen.
  ○ neutralize
  Books have temperament, which is the attribute of muscle strength. In terms of shape and quality, that is, the standard and the like. True takes Fangzheng as its body, and Qiqi as its function; grass takes Fangzheng as its body, and Fangzheng as its function. The real ones are based on regular script, and it is not easy for the author to work quickly; the cursive ones are mostly simple and vertical, and it is difficult for those who see them. It's not true, it's not cursive. Those who seem to be true and are both grass-like are true. Those who look like grass and are both real and real are walking grass. It is square and square and round again. Positive energy is full of wonders without losing positive understanding. Neutralization and Sri Lanka are good and good. Those who are in the middle have no faults and are not as good as they are, and those who are in harmony have no obedience and no embarrassment. However, harmony in the middle cannot be abolished, and harmony cannot be separated from the middle, just like etiquette, music and the original nature. If the etiquette is too strict, it will be strict, and if the music is pure and harmonious, it will be obscene. Therefore, etiquette should be calm but not urgent, music and precepts should be ruthless, and neutrality and consistency can be expected.
  The squares and circles complement each other in a positive and odd way, and if they are partial, they are not neutral, so that the regular script and the line are true but not blunt, that is, they are sharp. Running grass and grass but not vulgar, that is, it will be born. I don't know that Zheng Qi can use Si Ke and Quan, and the so-called Quan is called "Wu Ping Shi", that is, neutralization. Although the sages of the Tang Dynasty had their own families, they had one hand and were good at one or two elders, and those who were capable but clumsy had one or two bodies. Those who are just learning should choose the good and follow them. Lu Jianzhi learned the law in Shinan, late Good at the reputation of blue. I have tasted the Lanting poems written by him, and there is no single stroke of the right army, which is the least elegant and smooth. Er Zhang Bogao's world-wide eyes are top-notch, but he knows the meaning of brushwork when he sees his husband fighting for happiness, hears blowing and watching sword dancing, he is certainly very human. There are absolutely no authentic books, and the cursive characters in Shengmo are full of fantasy and do not exceed the rules. Nai Boying's son, how could Su Su be able to match it? Mi Fu blamed him for disturbing the ancient law and shocked ordinary people. Although Yan Qingchen is famous for his regular script, it is really heavy. If its movements are really like postcards of preserved deer, and its cursive movements are like postcards for sacrificing concubine, it is comfortable, vigorous, vigorous, beautiful and super-moving. In his own narration, he was rude, weird, overly turbid and cruel, and not in his usual mood. Mi Fu imitated it alone, and he was also a disease of curiosity. Although there are three changes in the books of Er Tang, Yu Chu's truth and cursive, Lu Li's true practice, Lu Gong's cursive, rate change's authentic book, and Changshi's flying grass, the so-called outstanding ones are definitely not those who follow the trend. There is also a lot of cooperation in the Tibetan scriptures of the Holy Mother of Gu Su, but the large characters and thousands of words are unreasonable. Thousands of words in small characters are too plain, and self-narrative postings handed down from generation to generation are too dry and insufficient to teach. The master is good at being a teacher, rather than stepping on the ladder of the king.
  ○ young and old
  There are old and young books, and the difference is shallow and deep. Although the situation is different, the reason is the same. The so-called old man: the structure is precise and the genre is high and ancient, and the towering peaks and banners of Yanxiu are also arrayed. The so-called lesser: the air is full and the standard is elegant and elegant, and it is also true of various tastes and a thousand kinds of romance. Old but not much, although ancient and majestic, it is not rich and beautiful. Young but not old, although it is graceful and graceful, it lacks heavy and classic meaning. The two are mixed into one, and those who treat each other are also successful. Try to use character as a metaphor, if you are proficient in knowledge and knowledge, you must be called Huang Maozhiyan. The tone of the words is clear and the actions are convenient, and there are always handsome and fashionable heroes. The old is the strength of the book, and the young is the beauty of the book. Muscular strength is still strong, and the appearance is noble and beautiful. If you know it, you will be kind, but if you analyze it, you will be good. It is integrated and connected, and there are several books.
  A scholar of Xuanjian seeks old age more than codes, and explores less than expressions. If its scale is grand, its meaning is graceful and graceful, with circumflexes, twists and turns, tranquility and grace. No old, no young, it's hard to name it, like a fairy and a jade girl who can't tell their age, this is the best.
  Although the first glance is small, the closer inspection is really old, the end is majestic and graceful, and the wind is gentle and resolute. The so-called young and mature in the world is the second best. The scales and feathers are scattered among the peaks and ridges, and the references are euphemistic and euphemistic. The characters are formed in different shapes and styles, just like the gathering of young and old in a hall.
  The muscles are strong and the bones are strong and clean, and the swords and crossbows are tense. The bear crouches and the tiger crouches, only to see that he is old but not young.
  Brilliant like a brocade and gorgeous like a flower, at first glance it is radiant and detailed, and you lose your timidity, just like you usually boast about calling yourself Hongji, but when you encounter difficulties and righteousness, you will lose your righteousness, and then follow. Ruofu let the brush take shape and gather the ink as the momentum, making a slanted appearance, pretending to be dangerous and unrestrained.
  Books are words: San Ye, Shu Ye, Yi Ye, Ru Ye. If you want a book, you must relax your arms. As you wish, it can be called a divine book. Does not change bandits foot language God also. The so-called deified person is no longer outside the rules. The ingenuity of the rules is the name of deification, and there is a wonderful way to be unobstructed if you are not stagnant or persistent. Kuang Dazao's mysterious skills are vented in the deification of words, that is, the spontaneous and vivid charm of heavenly secrets. The longitude and latitude of the sun, the moon, and the stars, the change of cold and heat, day and night, the gathering and scattering of wind, cloud, thunder and rain, the flow of mountains, rivers and seas, are they not changes of heaven and earth? A high-ranking scholar shakes his clothes and screams, waving his head and talking about the mystery; a beautiful woman brushes flowers in front of the mirror, and dances her sleeves to look forward to it. Like the wind-blowing flowers of beautiful flowers, or the tuneful tongue and feathers of a good bird, the variety of shapes becomes more and more strange. It's even more difficult to find the shadows in the forest, and the hidden scales and flying wings are nowhere to be found. This is the change of all things.
  Human beings are in the book, the shape and quality are dignified and peaceful, and the intertwining is intricate and exquisite, and the words are as good as they can be. The apotheosis of the world's theory only refers to the abnormality of the body, the bold and vigorous writing, and praises it with one voice, how shallow is the understanding. It is about the purpose of in-depth exploration of its purpose, but it is said: follow the time and do what you want. Xuanni Yishao, the source of Taoist books, is also known by the bandits. Xun of the township party, Xun of the dynasty. Kan Zhigui's eyes, the joy of private eyes. He was happy in Lu and Zhang, just suitable for Song Dynasty and sewed to his husband. Han Fangshuo's praise is related to strangeness, while Yan Leyi's discussion is more restrained. Xiuyu collections narrate prosperity, ease and joy, and private oaths are full of emotion, all of which change with the times. The yin and yang of soothing and miserable opportunities follow one's heart's desire, overflowing with the meaning of sorrow and joy, if the husband's heart and hands are smooth, how can he be beautiful and good at the same time. Move with time or know its feelings, and understand its truth from what you want. People want to be righteous but not evil, and they want to be familiar but not to be born. This is the perseverance of people. If you are not well versed in the rules, your heart and hand are still suspicious, you will be handsome but not full of energy, you will not be able to write well before your intentions, all of which cannot follow your heart's desire. As for the desire to follow the heart, how can there be less than the standard? Xuan Ni said: From the heart. Fu Yun: If you don't go beyond, you may go beyond the middle way. For example, if you throw a pot and shoot, don't you want to hit it. If the hand does not move from the heart, it will not hit. If you do not move, you will not change. If you can change, you can transform. If you are not sincere, how can there be someone who can move? With a clear heart and a determined mind, extensive study and professional research, the full shape of the characters is vivid in the eyes, the wonderful use of the brush is leisurely and forgetful, and the natural wrist can follow the arm and the fingers can follow the heart, flying freely and freely, like a butcher unleashing an ox, holding it in the palm of his hand. It's hard for the author to figure out how to make pills, but how can those who care for the scrolls measure them. The golden mean is nothing but the unexpected. Mencius said: Further studies are self-sufficient. Life and Pang are all obtained through deep learning, it is the desire to know books that changes, sincerity and unceasing aspirations, its merits will be manifested, and the movement will be transformed into thousands of changes, holy and divine. Alas! This is indescribable from the heart.
  Words are born, and books are written in the heart. Although the words have images, they come out of inaction; although the heart is invisible, the use depends on the master. Beginners must have something to do; seek meaning because of the image, and finally understand. Will do nothing; be proud and forget the image. Therefore, it is said: Know the mind from the image, and lose the mind from the image. The image cannot be grasped; the heart cannot be separated. Before writing the book, make up your mind to be handsome; when writing the book, cultivate your energy to fill your ambition. Don't forget, don't help, from Mian to An, and Si Yushu is also inseparable. Husband Yusugui cried with emotion and spirit, and if there is something promising in the future. The immortal hand of the Dharma book achieves the ultimate harmony, which can reveal the mysteries of the heaven and the earth, proclaim the profoundness of the righteousness, inherit the unique knowledge of the sages, and open up the conscience of the late awakened. It's just that the window is clean, the mind is happy, the work is free, the pen and inkstone are excellent, and life is a blessing.
  ○ heart
  Funeral: Virtue is rooted in the heart. It is full of color, handy, and the book is also like that. However, they have different personalities and different temperaments. The evil and the evil are shaped by the gestures of the pen. The heart of the book: Advocating the imaginative cutting of calculations. It is intended to be the shape of the pen end. The appearance of the book: turning and turning, advancing and retreating, majestic and divine. The pen can be sent at will, and the heart of the shape is also. Try to use character as a metaphor, Zaifu is the one who loves the king and tolerates the virtuous, and is honest and honest. A general must have the heart of loyalty and integrity, and the appearance of wisdom and courage. Remonstrance means that you have the heart of an upright Daoist gentleman, and you have an indifferent appearance. A hermit is most valuable to have a heart of happiness and kindness without boredom, and the appearance of leaving behind the immortals. From this example, Confucianism, talents, beauties, monks and Taoism, all have original minds and suitable appearances. The so-called all within must be external, and one can know its heart by looking at its appearance. Liu Gongquan said: When the heart is upright, the pen is upright. Yu Jin said: People are upright and books are upright. The heart is the handsome man, and the heart is upright, and the person is upright. The pen is the book, and the book is correct when the pen is filled. People are right from the heart, and books are right from the pen. That is, "Poetry" says: thinking is innocent. "Ritual" says: no disrespect. The main purpose of calligraphy can be summed up in one sentence.
  Taste the ancient relics, and talk about the past people who have not heard about it. For example: Huan Wen is bold and bold, Wang Dun is arrogant, An Shi is impetuous and domineering, and his stubbornness is revealed in the heroic room. He is not pure like Li Yong's straight 竦, Su Shi's fat man, and Mi Fu's Nu Si. Zhenliang people are nothing but arrogant and coquettish people. As for the strength of Chu Suiliang, the dignifiedness of Yan Zhenqing, and the solemnity of Liu Gongquan, although they are in calligraphy, they are all loyal and straightforward people. Ruofu Zhao Mengfu's book is gentle, leisurely and elegant, which seems to be passed on from the right army, charming and gentle, but lacks the spirit of integrity. Therefore, the descendants of Tianshui are willing to hate Yu's salary. Therefore, those who want to correct their books first correct their pens, and those who want to correct their authors first correct their hearts. If the so-called sincerity, it means that the heart has been cleared, and there is no emptiness or duplicity. Those who know; that is, to judge their gains and losses with this heart, and to know what to choose. Those who investigate things; that is, to use this mind to learn and study carefully, and not to use it on their own. Is there anything more to say than righteousness? From this earnestly act. As for the further study of nature, thinking about life with writing, Linchi Zhiyi is updated in the new, which is wonderful and wonderful, not only not surprising but also surprising, but it is also correct and the things are correct. The hexagrams of the Husband's Classics are drawn with the heart, and calligraphy is passed on from the heart. As the sinner said, don't avoid it for the sake of being circuitous.
  ○ trade-off
  Su Mi's traces are copied all over the world, and it is meaningless for those who are alone to pretend to be imitators. Su's stippling is majestic, and rice's momentum is super dynamic, which is his strength. Su Zhiyong's side is towering, and Mi Zhi's fierce arrogance is his shortcoming. All are talented, although they are better than academic ability. Nai Du didn't do what he wanted, and used this to cover up his ugliness. For example, when an actor or actor sings in the middle of the room, he doesn't pick up his voice, and if he makes a chaotic sound of gongs and drums, he frowns and frowns. Xizi uses frowning to add beauty, but Dongshi imitates it to increase ugliness. Xizi's bright eyes and bright teeth shine brightly, her boudoir love is full of resentment and her eyebrows are sad and sad, she is pitiful and pitiful, she knows that frown is a very abnormal disease. On the stage of Gusu in the palace of the baby girl in his pavilion, he frowns sullenly and locks his moth eyebrows, how can Fu Chai be favored again. Dong Shi has no beauty at all, so he pretended to teach himself how to frown, but he was ugly and ugly, which is extremely abominable. People who are imitating learn from the strengths and discard the weaknesses, are they not good scholars?
  Since the Zhou and Qin Dynasties, and before Yi Shao, he has specialized in seal script and official script, which is rare and true. Simple, dignified, but not all literary and high-quality, lacking and broken steles, there is no perfect imitation. Yi Shao can understand ancient and modern calligraphy when he comes out Kai Dading, self-righteous and down-to-earth. Try to cite the only surviving relics in this world, extracting its beauty and pointing out its flaws. Once the choices are clear, the trend can be determined. Zhi Yongshinan got his broadness and strength but not his grandeur; Ouyang Xun got his strong bones but lacked a gentle face; Chu Suiliang got his strong tendons but not his ease; Li Yong got his majestic and upright character. Qi loses embarrassment, Yan Liu gains boldness but loses boldness, Xu Su loses surprise when he gains transcendence, Lu Xu gains respect and thrift but loses restraint, and court wins The danger of losing the fun of leisure is scattered. Cai Xiang got his thick appearance, Ting Jian got his way of lifting the waist, and Meng Fu got his gentle posture. However, Cai is too charming, Zhao Yuan is charming, and Lu Zhi stretches out his feet and hands even though he knows how to write, his physique is disastrous. Su Shi's only patriarch, Li Mifu, was also concurrently Chu and Zhangsu. She looked like a fat and beautiful servant girl who was raised as his wife. Her behavior was ugly and big-footed. The Merry Mi Ruo was suffering from carbuncle warts. He galloped to test his sword and yelled and laughed as if there was no one else around. There is no time to discuss it in detail outside of the number of kings. Choose the strengths and learn from them, and change the weaknesses. The essence of Xuanjian, a scholar in Linchi.
  Lu Youren's "Yanbei Magazine" says: Cai Junmo imitated the posts of the Youjun, and he has all the flesh and blood, and he dare not surpass it. It was not until Mi Yuanzhang began to change his method to surpass the rules and regulations. Although he was angry, his brushwork was absolutely perfect. I call it the book of Junmo. Su Huang and Mi, the giants of the Song Dynasty, are close to everyone who has learned from others, and they can speak the same language even if they are not kings. Zhu Huiweng also said that the characters were scrambled and yellowed, and the words of the brushwork were absolutely perfect, and both languages ​​were engraved. Shugong's brushwork is not perfect, and his physique is often surpassed, because his academic ability is not enough to enter the house. Among the few gentlemen, only Yuanzhang is more eye-catching and easy to write. Every time he looks at the scriptures, he thinks about imitating. Beginners must not look at it. The source of rice books comes from Yan Chu. If you want to learn rice, you should first enter Ou, from Ou to Yu, and from Yu to Chu. If you learn so much, you can see the door of everyone. Yuanzhang also bowed down. For example, the original works of the former sages are not easy to see, so choose the good ones to imitate them carefully, and then look at the Yuan chapter after ten years. Ruo Yishao's Preface to the Holy Religion, unless you have twenty years of hard work, you can't know its magic and you can't write a stroke. It's appropriate that there are only a few scholars, so you can explain it to those who know it.
  Appreciation by the pool is a worthy representative; commenting on the posture is not the truth. It resembles a marble, like a dragon and a snake. It looks flashy on the outside, but it is true on the inside. As for those who are ignorant and easy-going, there is no hundred-day talk about false recognition of merit, and they don't know that there is no near-term achievement in the king's way, and it will not take time to complete a book. Beginners first establish the general body, arrange the cloth white horizontally and vertically, and make sure that they are even and square. Then fix its muscles and bones, open and close back and forth, and connect with each other, so as to be vigorous and connected. The second is to respect its majesty, advance and retreat quickly, bend and stretch, in order to be dignified and elegant. Then examine his expression, war and frown single-folded back with a flip, the axis of the machine is graceful and graceful. If there are too many words and the power is exhausted, or if the brush is broken but the meaning is connected, smooth and sharp, vigorous and harmonious, and extended and touched, the ability of the book is completed. However, counting the beginning, it must be forty years that it cannot be accomplished. Therefore, there are fifty or two of Yishao's books and they are called wonderful, and Xuanni's studies are after sixty and follow the heart. Since ancient times and modern times, it has been late. The only son respecting talent is well-known in his family, so he doesn't have to look for others when he gets started.
  Scholars of the first generation don't know where to start, they must first copy to have a certain trend. At the beginning, he specialized in the family of sects, and secondly, he studied all kinds of bodies, integrated the secrets of nature into self-satisfaction, and gathered the wisdom of the group in one heart. This is also a great achievement in the book. The good and the bad of the past sages left behind models are imitated one after another, the most expensive ones are judged, and the fine ones are imitated. Give up its shortcomings and choose its strengths, starting from being flat and pursuing excellence, and finally returning to neutrality from danger, with both heart and pen, and never tire of comparing it month after year. Flick the strings on the piano, and the wonderful sound will come out with your fingers. The omission is included in the crossbow, and the Yi arrow flies to the target. The meaning is in front of the pen, Han changed from a hero to a saint again, and I can't say anything more. If the distribution is less clear, you will think about it cleverly, and if you are not familiar with it, you will want to make it strange.
  The preface of the book of learning is already done, and the people in the bureau are unavoidably afraid. Let me know with a few words. There are three precepts in Dali Shu: the uneven and sloppy distribution of the first book, the immaturity and stagnation after knowing the rules, and the proficiency in avoiding madness and vulgarity. If it is uneven and twitchy, as if the ears, eyes, mouth and nose are open and long, it is wrong to stand sideways and sit upright. Inactivity and stagnation are like clay sculptures and woodcarvings that do not talk or laugh, while boards are fixed and lifeless. Crazy and vulgar, like a drunken witch and a village man, talking nonsense, falling down and being ugly. There are three points in the book: first, it must be neat, so that the stippling and painting will not be mixed, and the shape will not be biased if it is neat. The second is to be gentle and moist. If you are gentle, you will not be arrogant and angry, and if you are moist, you will not be frustrated and dry. The third is to be leisurely and elegant. If you are leisurely, you will use it without restraint, and if you are elegant, you will not fluctuate unrestrainedly. According to Si's words, if you think carefully and practice carefully, you may not be able to surpass the superior level, and you will be a famous master. If the above-listed rules are correct, old and young, the deification of the chapters, the yin and yang, the back, the slow, the slow, the ups and downs, etc., there are different ones, but this is a strategy, so you should refer to them for common understanding.
  "Pen Zhentu" says: The paper is the array, the writer's knife is also, the ink is the armor, and the inkstone is the city. Sun Guoting said: It is suspected that it was made by the right army, but it can still be inspired by Tongmeng Changsu's transmission without borrowing catalogues. He also said: The twelve chapters on pen gestures are contemptuous of reasoning, and the meaning is obedient and clumsy. To detail its purpose, it is not the right army. I can see that it is difficult to exhaustively discuss his theories, but if he extracts a few words, it is not without the strictness of his words outside the grandson's purpose. "Bizhentu" uses ink to imitate the armor, and uses inkstone to describe the city. If the metaphor is unreasonable, it may not be the right army. I try to discuss it with the gentleman, the husband and body are the marshal, the heart is the military commander, the hand is the lieutenant, the pointer is the soldier, the paper is the topography, the writer is the halberd, the ink is the grain and grass, and the inkstone is the bag. The paper is not only fine, but it is like a galloping steed running through a thorny and muddy field, and it is impossible to gallop ahead. The pen is not bright and strong, but the ambition is strong, holding a broken and dull soldier, chopping and stabbing can not be done. If ink is not refined and mysterious, for example, if there is not enough food and grass to raise a general and train soldiers, why should he be angry if he looks hungry. If the inkstone is not stored, for example, the teacher's journey is flourishing, and his life is in the lack of food and payment, so how powerful it is. The four cannot be discarded, and the pen and paper still come first. As the saying goes: If you can write without choosing a pen, there is no reason for it. If a man wants to be good at his work, he must first sharpen his tools. The work of wood, stone, gold and jade, the work of knives, saws and furnaces, is not refined and sharp. Although there are skills in carving and carving, it is ingenious that Li Lou Gongshu's ability will be used. It is customary to use a broom or a broom in an official book, such as a scroll and a sketch, to show the old and healthy appearance and spirit. As for painting dust, shadows, fire, gathering rice and injecting sand, it is not vulgar and turbid without sassafras. Let the slaves of Yi Shao's family have spirits, and I would rather not touch my palms under the spring.
  Alas! Those who can write must have real hands, and those who are good at learning rarely have real eyes. Those who study books should not regard it as easy or difficult. If it is easy, you will suddenly let go of your mind, and if it is difficult, you will be afraid and stop your mind. Those who appraise books can't be shallow, and can't be deep. If it is shallow, it involves general observations but does not study its subtleties; Learn the method of calligraphy, examine the past words, and refer to the current theory, and there is nothing wrong with it. Gu uses the method of appraising books to illuminate the sages. At the beginning of the opening of the book, you can see the head of a gentleman from a distance, with a dignified appearance, delicate and majestic, floating like a god, and tall like a noble. And when you observe it closely at the entrance, you will find that the air is full and graceful, the virtue is like a vain fool, and the majesty is as heavy as a mountain. He is present at the banquet with a magnificent appearance, he listens with eloquence, he is not angry when he is frustrated, he is not alarmed when he is vigilant, he is not moved when he is tempted, he is unyielding, his moral spirit is radiant and he is kind and convincing to the audience, making people feel contemptuous and self-absorbed . Another example is that a beautiful woman is gorgeous and affectionate, if the beauty of jade is dazzling, she will become more lovely when she plays with it, and she can't bear to leave it when she sees it.
  Therefore, discussing books is like discussing appearances, viewing books is like observing people, and appreciation is a great thing. However, the character is different, and the knowledge is also different, and there is a lesson. Have a good eye. Learn from your heart. If you encounter the first exhibition of the scroll, whether it is right or wrong, gains or losses, what to do and what to replace, it is as if you are close to you, and you will not wait for the final reading. This is called the god of knowing books, and the heart is also a lesson. If it is according to Ruoxian, if a certain volume is posted somewhere, I will buy it without paying money. This money-winner collects it to show off and learn from his ears. If you don't know how to open the book, first check who is wise in the postscript. You can't tell the ancient and the modern from the paper and ink, but only reward according to the seal. Those who learn by ear are called reckless children who appreciate music. Those who have seen it with eyes are called the village woman Suihua. As for the likes of those who respond to the sound, those who are arrogant and nonsensical, who have no real vision in their chests, they claim to know the words when they meet them, and they have one or two scrolls in their family. The pen is old and the moon is painted, and the stippling is not clear. There will be great deeds of supernatural powers, and every sigh is exquisite and unsurprising. Or through the evil and false books, I lamented the many mistakes and mistakes, so this is called barking at the sun and barking at the snow, frightening the dragon and frightening the dragon. Superficial likes and dislikes are allowed to be partial, and there is a will to decide what to do first, not like a village fool who has a fair opinion. The key to appraising handwriting: He Cun is gentle but fierce, mighty but not fierce, respectful and quiet, and Nieder's nature is completely neutral. Stick to this to see people's taste, this is to learn by yourself, good books and good lessons are all you need.