Calligraphy is as valuable as the structure of the ancients. Those who study the calligraphy closely will see the movement and effect flow. What was difficult in the past is easy now, the ancients were profound and strange, but today is tender, weak, vulgar and elegant, so it is easy to learn. Woohoo! This is true for both poetry and ancient prose, but only the calligraphy.
   ——"Qiongrui Lu Tie" is written after "Chunhua Pavilion Tie Fifth·Ancient Dharma Tie". "Qiong Rui Lu Tie", now in Kyoto, Japan, published in "Wang Duo's Calligraphy Volume" edited by Murakami Mishima, Japan

  Huaisu's writings alone are impressive. He writes about wild ways, but he doesn't want to come and watch.
   ——"Qiong Rui Lu Tie" is copied from "Tang Seng Huai Su Tie"

   I am good at turning posts. Although I am not as good as others, if I can turn them, I will not fall into the wild way. After studying calligraphy for thirty years and copying by hand and heart, there must be someone in the world who knows me.
   ——After copying "Chunhua Pavilion Tie·Chu Suiliang Tie", collected by Zhejiang Provincial Museum

   In every book, when Tan Bing talks about swordsmanship, he sometimes expresses his feelings of injustice, and his ten fingers are full of energy, which is often as fast as the vertebrae.
   ——After the "Book of Poems for Brother Sidao", collected by Rongbaozhai

   There is no importance in writing a book, but people who have been practicing this for thousands of years are from the ancients and dare not act rashly. According to the ancient writings, when I look at him in front of him, he is astonished and wary of himself. For example, if Denhower realizes that his abilities are insufficient, he may make some progress if he studies hard during the holidays. I should write it again to my relatives one day to see how it turned out.
   ——After the "Imitation Antique Tie" in "Langhua Pavilion Tie" (engraved edition by Zhang Ao)

   I have learned a lot in my calligraphy studies for forty years, and there must be people who love my calligraphy more than I do. Those who don’t know are called Gao Xian, Zhang Xu, and Huai Su. I don’t accept it, I don’t accept it, I don’t accept it!
   ——The end of "Cursive Script Du Shijuan", collected by Shanghai Museum (see the fifth series of "Calligraphy Series" of Cultural Relics Publishing House)

   If the book does not learn from the ancients, it will fall into the wild customs, just like writing poetry and prose, there is a method and then combined. It is said that if you don't use the six rhythms, you can't correct the five tones. Just like chess and chess, there is a score. However, if we look at the poems "Wind", "Ya" and "Song", we can also know the literature of Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin and Han. Therefore, those who are good teachers of the past will never leave the past or follow the past. Those who must ignore the past and not talk about it are just writing it without learning.
   ——After "Langhua Pavilion Tie Album", collected by Xubaizhai, Hong Kong

   On the fifth day of the third lunar month in Bingshu, on the second watch of the night, I brought wine with me, but I was not too tipsy to get drunk. I wrote it in the Langhua Hall of Beidu. Use the methods of Zhang Zhi, Liu, and Yucao to expand the area and make it bigger. It is not necessary to use evil elements all the way. The observer carefully discerns it, but suddenly forgets it.
   ——After "Volume of Du Fu's Qinzhou Miscellaneous Poems in Cursive Script" (see "Wang Duo's Calligraphy Volume 2" compiled by Murakami Mishima

   The book I wrote is unique to Xi and Xian. That is to say, all the schools in the Tang and Song Dynasties originated from Xi and Xian, but people did not notice it. Dong said: One learns rice and the other learns cai. Going back further, they say: a certain Yu, a certain Liu, and a certain Ou. I have been living in this way for about fifty years, and I always refuse to give in to my strong points. The calligraphy, painting, poetry and prose of the ancients are all found. It's hard to describe how much knowledge a bandit has gained.
   ——The end of "Chunhua Pavilion Notes" combined with landscape (see "Wang Duo's Calligraphy·Volume 2" edited by Murakami Mishima)

   On the first day of the new year of Xinsi, I read this volume and found it had been four years. The bitter hut is not good, and everything in the situation is useless. I often feel a little happy when I look at it. I wrote this when I was forty-six years old. After fifty years, I have been tempered even more, and I am still content with it? It is like mountain climbing. The higher you go, the steeper and wider you become. Having already admired the peak, I immediately bowed down. Any painting that is self-sufficient is He Bo's first class.
   ——After "Qiongrui Lu Tie"

   I am devoted to books, poems, articles, and words, sinking my heart and driving my intellect, cutting off my emotions and desires, and thinking straight (foot branch) about the mystery of that room. I hate that the ancients don't see me, so I only dream of eating and drinking. Now when I look at it again, I feel that I have some proof. (Zhi Zhi) Unexpectedly, he passed away in the hall! His second brother Zhonghe returned home, and it can be seen that for the remaining thirty years he devoted himself to books, poems, articles and calligraphy.
   ——After "Qiongrui Lu Tie"

   Hui's calligraphy is warm and dense, like the smoke from a distant stream. It's a pity that it is rare. It has been recorded in ancient and modern times, and only a few words have been heard. I tried my best to copy, but I was so surprised that I began to believe that calligraphy is not easy.
   ——"Qiongrui Lu Tie" after "Book of Jin Huangmen Lang Wang Hui"

   While writing, two young children were playing in front of them, and their chirping sounds were chaotic, so they dropped the words (such as) dragon, shape, ten thousand, and 呑, which can also be used as a joke. Calligraphy and painting must be done deep in the mountains, among the shadows of pines, waves and clouds. Is this a happy and peaceful thing?
   ——"Selected Collections of Xishanyuan" (Collection of Poems·Taiwan Student Book Company) Volume 1

   The character must first be formed in the mind,... When I was about to write it, my spirit was flowing out. It was not about the old ways, and there was no fixed method. It was extremely powerful.
   ——"The Collection of Mr. Wang Yanke"

   Looking at Gong's calligraphy today, the fundamental changes of the two kings are like dragons, the essence of regular script, the spirit of execution, and the depth of calligraphy is so profound, wow! Gong's calligraphy is not deeply studied, it is enough to make people imagine loyalty and anger, not to mention art and literature. If you look into other books and make up for the Duke's legacy in the Tang Dynasty, can you remember the painstaking efforts you put in later?
   ——Inscription and postscript two of Volume 39 of "Selected Works of Xiangshan Garden" (Wang Qin's engraving edition)

   The person who broke through the "Holy Teaching" was still fifteen years old and studied it intensively. Now that I have entered the capital and faced each other with what I have and what I have gained, I will be even more victorious. During the thirty years of the calendar, it is like the stars in the heavenly palace entangled, starting and ending, the sun is narrowing, and the staff is about to go back, turning around. It can be seen that Yishao's calligraphy and Chunhua's calligraphy are slightly mixed, and those who believe in calligraphy are in trouble. It is a precious imitation of Linglin. Do not desecrate this treasure. People in the past said that the immortal mushroom is weak and weak, and it is not only powerful enough to kill insects and tigers, but it is also able to match the time. Those who want to measure the sky can follow this book.
   ——Inscription and postscript two of Volume 39 of "Selected Works of Xiangshan Garden" (Wang Qin's engraving edition)

   Mi Fu's books are written by Xi and Xian. They are erratic in vertical and horizontal directions, and they are like flying immortals. He learned the "Lanting" method deeply, imitated it irregularly, and burned incense and slept under it.
   ——After the postscript "Mi Fu Wu Jiang Zhou Zhong Poems Volume", collected by a collector in New York, USA.

   When engraving the word "servant", the number of hooks will gradually disappear, and as it infiltrates, the heel will be corrupted. The masterpiece "笯鸾徳龙" is full of strange shapes, indiscriminately following the methods of Kaiyuan and Dali. The wildfires are all gone, and the branches and leaves are gradually falling off. Moreover, the husband is so cold that he is really inferior to the ancients. Taste the ancient "(Grain on the bottom and pan on the bottom) Lao* (Wang from the left and Xian from the right), only can the eyes of Chinese people, "Jun Le" and "Guang San" can only refresh the ears of people. If it can please people and gods, then it can be done with one step. ! Bingyuan's descendant Sun Song singled out Zheng Kangcheng for his position, and the same is true today.
   ——"Shu Shou and Shi Zhai" in Volume 50 of "Selected Works of Xiangshan Garden" (Wang Qin's engraving edition)

   Li Qun, a Wuxian man from Shandong Province, got a good calligraphy "Lanting". The paper is so old and the ink is so laborious that it looks like it was written hundreds of years ago. Some people may think that the double hook outline is filled in, and they will look at it and say: This is not the case, but Chu Deng is good at it! The original book of Lin Zhaoling is not easy to be found in this world. I traveled north and south of the Yangtze River and visited the world several times, but this and Yingzhou were the first to be written by me. Flying over unintentional, there is a fairyland in it, just like a mother and her son twinned together, the super-determined martial arts carves the Bianzhong origin and stops. At that time, Qian Muzhai of Yushan was at the banquet, and he was very surprised to see it. Liu Guan and Deng Wenyuan were not present. The world is far away, and we will all perish together, so why not? This book is uniquely made of coal dust, how can it be a coincidence! Looking at the book is like looking at the mountains rising, and I feel that the mountains are different * (up the mountain and below) * (up the mountain and down) also. Later gentlemen want to see the Zhaoling post, but they are already halfway through.
   ——Title 2 of Volume 38 of "Selected Works of Xiashanyuan" (Wang Qin's engraved version)

   Liu Chengxuan used the small regular script of "Cao E" and "Huang Ting" to expand it into a large one, which was full of strength and energy. The yin and yang are aligned with Xi Yuxian, but they are cut with a knife and painted with four corners. This post and "Yizhou" are both outstanding, and they are worthy of serving the country.
   ——"Selected Works of Xiashanyuan" (Wang Qin's engraving edition) Volume 38, Postscript 2

   In the spring of Bingshu, I passed Beihai Zhai and watched the calligraphy of Mi Haiyue. It was refined, graceful and majestic, and changed in the way it was presented. Liu and Yu were stretching and contracting themselves, and I couldn't bear to see it go away. Alas! After the war, the documents withered and withered for a while, but this volume was the only thing left. It was full of strange things and was lost in the rubble. When things meet, when a jian meets a prosperous one, it can be a victory.
   ——This article is engraved at the end of "Tingyunguan Post"