The silver-hooked tail depends on people, but how can it ever see the laws of its predecessors? Only a prince can survive with only an inch of iron. Sometimes I throw a knife at the wall, and the birds and eagles call for the geese. There are thirty generations of classmates in front of me. Who dares to catch the demon of poetry? From then on, all the officials and ministers are all over the place, and the sun and the horse are there before the sun rises. I've only been there for two years. I hurriedly asked about the color change. I couldn't figure out the secret that was always passed down? Golden scales penetrate the net and penetrate the sea.
                    ——"The Drunk Song and Dao Jian"

  Mo Yan learns calligraphy and surnames, Mo Yan is required to be a civil servant. Please look at Xiao Li's family reputation. A good donkey will not join the donkey team.
                    ——"Shen Shengxing——Jixia"

  Calligraphy has been dead for a long time, but the "Calligraphy Gou Xuan" and "Excerpts from New Books on Calligraphy" are still related to it. However, the writing is clumsy, incomplete, and scattered, and the characters are many incorrectly written. It is confusing to read, and it is like dying to try to tie it up. For the rest of the reason, it is just a matter of classifying it, removing the unnecessary ones, and paying a little attention to the clumsy and correct errors. If there is no explanation for the suffering, it will be missed.
  About the beginning of writing, holding is the movement, so the second time is to move the pen, and movement is the book. There are laws in writing, rules are the rules of the law, and rules and regulations are the summary. Therefore, the second is the calligraphy rules, and then the calligraphy; the calligraphy rules, calligraphy, and merit. The beginning of calligraphy is the end of the law, so the calligraphy work is the end of the book, and the work is endless, and the purpose has been achieved, so it is the calligraphy and thinking again; the calligraphy and thinking are the ultimate, so the calligraphy and thinking are next Shu Hou is when I am thinking about it, so I will give Shu Hou again. However, the elixir method of calligraphy is very small, and I am attached to it. At this point in the book, I can’t understand its original meaning. So I will give Shu Yuan again. After I finish the book, I can comment on people, so I will give it another second. Book reviews; and Sun's "Shupu" is about both, so it is finally written as a book review.
  From writing to calligraphy skills, it is the hand; from writing to calligraphy, the heart is the source of calligraphy, and the eyes are also the same; book review is the mouth. The heart comes first, the hands come second, and the eyes and mouth come last. I have read ancient books and it is said that there are those who have won by fighting snakes, dancing with swords, and fighting for the road. I don't understand it at first, but after observing the thunder slips, I will improve my writing skills by listening to the sound of the river, and then I will know what is going on. Snake fighting, etc. are not stippled glyphs, but strokes. Knowing this, the solitary awning can vibrate on its own, startle the sand and make it fly, cause birds to emerge from the forest, and startle snakes to enter the grass. However, the demolition of roads on walls, the traces of leaks in houses, the folding of strands of hairpins, the printing of ink mud, and the cone painting of sand are all stipple images, but it is not a matter of skill, and there is no way to achieve this.
                    ——"Preface to the Excerpts of Xuanzhao"

  I have long admired Xiaosu Gongshu, but I have only read it in gold and stone books, and I have rarely found any traces of it. Ma Zimou, who is knowledgeable and knowledgeable, obtained this, and I was lucky enough to see him at first sight. Those who want to determine whether it is genuine or fake should take the words from Gong's "Praise to Vimalakia" and answer: "If this painting has no reality, then the city of Viya is also unreal."
                    ——"Book Su Changgong Vimalakirti's Ink Blossom"

  I have read a lot of Nangong's books, which are free and refreshing, but nothing can be surpassed by this post. Among the thousands of horses in the Shuo desert, Hualiu is the only one who leads the way.
                    ——"Shumi Nangong's Ink Blots"

  Zhao Shu, a good man in the world, should he be blamed for his charming appearance by women, and he should be blamed for his strong ancient clothes? Gai Di, the king's grandson, and his horse are light and thin, which is enough to call him a person. His book is straightforward, but the Tao Te Ching is particularly charming. However, it can be used as a medicine for those who are astringent and stubborn, as the world calls them dry firewood steamed cakes.
                    ——"The Book of Virtue Written by Shu Zi'ang"

  In Li Beihai's post, he laid out the place where he was in distress, and used every word of intrusion and concession. The world calls him a collection of virtuous teachers, and he also gets his skin. The cover is thicker than the flesh and slightly thicker than the bone. It is as wide as a broken branch of a begonia, not connected to the iron stem. If you add makeup, it will be fine, but the business will be lost.
                    ——"Book Li Beihai's Tie"

  Dong Zhangyao Zhang held two volumes of destiny books in one day, one of which was painted by Shen Zhengjun; the other was written by Zhu Jingzhao and Xizhe, and he clamped the tail to test it. I wish this book to be a little restrained, unrestrained and unrestrained. After a long time, I finally got it and said: "All things and gods are fickle. I wish that the omen of Beijing are changing, and others can't tell!" He relaxed his tail and the guests laughed.
                    ——"Two poems at the end of the postscript"

  People who comment on books say that most of them are like him. Su Wenzhong is a man of leisure, but his book is a village. Wen Zhong's calligraphy and Yan are comparable to Du Shaoling's poems, Chang Li's essays, and Wu Daozi's paintings. Gai Yan's book is not only Zhuang but also Yiyi. The two sutras of "Vajra" and "Langha" are combined with Bodhidharma's first work to teach scholars, and Wenzhong combined the two books. This is the post of "Vajra", and "Langha" is used to pay for Jinshan Ginsengliu. When I passed through Jinshan Mountain, I asked Wen Zhongyudai, the person at the Zhenshan Gate, who also pledged money to the stubborn monk to make ends meet. What about the Sutra? It is a good thing that I got such a post and copied it and passed it down to the world. I regret that I missed the question in time.
                    ——"Stone Carvings of the Diamond Sutra Written by Da Su"

  The ancients said that Youjun used his books to cover up his people, but Mr. Xinjian did not, he used people to cover up his books. Now that I see the ink mark, it is not as graceful as a phoenix or a dragon. It makes the person less than the book, so the book can be passed down. Now I value the person, not the wings, and call the book only with the baht. The book is Whether you meet or not, that's all. However, people still say that it is a blessing to have this new letter written by Mr. Wang. Ma Jun is a gentleman who knows a lot about history. There are so many books written by Mr. Pei. Will you value Mr. Pei’s books? Should you suppress Mr. Mr.’s people?
                    ——"The ink of King Xinjian Gong collected by Shumajun"

  It's not a special character. There are many things in the world. If you copy it directly to express your interest, compare it with baht and match it with inches, how can it be true? There are many people who copy "Lanting", but those who always reveal their own penmanship can be called masters. . After reading this book, I don't know for sure who he is, but if I can catch a glimpse of his writing style, he must be a master. You Mengzhi resembles Sun Shu'ao, how can he resemble him with his beard and trunk? He only takes his spirit and spirit.
                    ——"The Facsimile of Lanting Collected by Shu Ji Ziwei"

  The ancients had slightly different opinions on Zhenxing and Zhuanli, and how they distinguished between circles and squares. True action begins with action. In the middle, it is quiet, and in the end, it is charming. The person who is charming, the cover is slightly overflowing, and its name is posture. If it is too sharp, it will be flattering and hidden, but if it is too upright, it will be flattering and hidden but not pleasant. Therefore, Su Kuanzhi used side strokes to capture the beauty. Zhao Wenmin's teacher is Li Beihai, who is pure and equal. If he is charming, Zhao will win over Li, and if he is active, Li will win over Zhao. When Confucius Jian met the Zhen family, he was deeply pleased with her, and his charm was the best. However, when later generations did not see the Zhen family, everyone who read Zijian's poems was deeply pleased with them, and the charm of the poems was also the winner.
                    ——"Zhao Wenmin's calligraphy of Luo Shen Fu"

  Wait for the edict to be made clear. He copied "Tingyun Guan Tie" and packed it into twelve volumes. Although the characters of the times are different, each one is in his own way according to his talents and talents. However, the entry point must be divided into white areas, and there is no difference. Without this, those who write will be paralyzed, and those who read will be blind. Although, Zhu Jingzhaoshu is the number one at the moment, followed by Wang Yayi. Jingzhao's seventeen poems are solid and vertical, but they are not very cooperative, and they are elegant and appropriate not to accept a single word. Wen Lao's small regular script comes from "Huang Ting" and "Le Yi", and it is the same. Only ten of his "Early Dynasty Poems" written in cursive script were included. How come later generations would love to translate the poems he had engraved without caring about the characters? There is no need to accept the letters of Duke Jing, especially the letters of Duke Wenshan, because we value his person? Hey, don't you think of Duke Wenshan? Wait for the book to be read again?
                    ——"Postscript from Tingyun Hall"

  When writing a big book, use your elbows and wrists to grasp the tube. The pavilion is held up, the ink is not brushed, the bamboo is carved into the pavilion, the creation is amazing, who is the master, it is Yao and Zhang Sou.
                    ——"Bamboo Secret Pavilion Inscription"

  Huangshangu's calligraphy is like a sword and halberd. Its strong point is the dense structure, but its shortcoming is the looseness. Su Changgong's calligraphy is characterized by his old and simple style, which is not as elegant as his, so why? Minangong's calligraphy is a kind of out-of-the-earth calligraphy, which is difficult for others to reach, but it is raw and mature, not as good as Huang Zhiyun'er. Cai Shu is close to the two kings. The short one is slightly vulgar, and the strength is pure and even, which is his strength. Although Meng Fu is charming, he is still talkative. It's like an operator's book is indescribable. Is it true that some people who criticize my calligraphy think that I am too weak? Ni Zan's calligraphy has been a slave, and he has been reincarnated in Zhong Yuanchang's "Jian Ji Zhi Biao". It is ancient but charming, dense and scattered, and cannot be close to it. Suddenly. When I studied Suo Jing Shu, I could not get the outline of it. However, people looked at it in terms of chapters and cursives. They did not know that the chapters were slightly loose and close to each other, while the Suo script was superior and imitated the seal script. If the points are white, the fingers are strong and the palms are weak. It is thought to be the entry point. The cloth should be spread evenly but not evenly. The writing style is pure and beautiful, and there is no book in the world. Holding the knot is a taboo. Lei Dajian said: "I heard the sound of the river and my writing skills improved." Alas, how can this be said to the common people? How can the writing skills come from the sound of the river? On the first day of Gengwu in Longqing, I came to the hospital after being drunk and had no other books. I wrote a comic commentary on the ancients. , what basis is there!
                    ——"Comments on Words"

  It is still good for a man to become something by nature without learning: secondly, it starts with learning and ends with nature. What is made by nature is not made by heaven, it comes from oneself and is not due to people. We should not rely on what we have done, but should rely on others. Especially, we must not rely on others and rely on what we have done. Is there anything that cannot be done without being independent in books? Modern calligraphers have absolutely no penmanship. They think that they are original to themselves. They steal the world's name and do not understand what they are doing in dot paintings. They try to imitate the traces of ancient times. The so-called "depending on human beings" can never be achieved, let alone hope that it will be made by nature!
  It is often said that Zhang Donghai is a vulgar writer because he started from the current generation and advocated taking the lead in the younger generations and abandoning the advanced ones. I hate domestic chickens and chase pheasants, but I am not a pheasant! The dead man’s ear is covered with snails! Oh, it’s ridiculous! It’s painful! I have the so-called Dong Hai Weng who is good at learning and is a natural person. Do you really know Weng? I have been to Nan'an in the past years, and I went to Nan'an to guard the place. There are "Dongshan Liushang Chucao" and "Tiehan Tower Stele", both of which were left by Weng. They were written on more than ten walls of Jinlian Temple, with several kinds of techniques. All of them are so wonderful that they have never been seen in famous books in modern times. Now I can see this grass again from my disciple Lu Zi, and I have a feeling: I am confused by the foolish people's false opinions. I recall the strange things I saw in the past that are similar to this book, so I describe it like this. Recalling the things of the world, it is not just a book! It is not a straight book!
                    ——"Postscript to the Thousand-Wen Cursive Script of Zhang Donghai"

  I have been ill for a long time and there is no good cure. The person who serves the pen and ink holds the paper and studies the ink, and then urges the book to be written, saying that it can be used to make the sun disappear forever, and it becomes a scroll. After he resigned, he often tried to explain everything. Liu Jun was delighted but his pocket was short, so he lent money to his neighbor in the east, and there was no shortage of his children and mother. Over the years, he had accumulated a lot of calculations. After reading the paintings, I didn't say I was thirsty, but if you do this, it is almost the same as buying a horse bone for five hundred gold. I can't feel any emotion after looking at it.
                    ——"Postscript to the Books Collected by Liu Jun"

  Yunqu's father-in-law met him in the capital. He drank wine until he was drunk, and he was not seen for ten years. One day, the damask came out, boiled duck, raised rhinoceros wine to attract the crowd, and the rest were four imitators. Zhu Zhishan said: "Magu threw broken sand for fun." It was April 5th of the first year of Wanli.
                    ——"Shu Rhino Duck Tie"

  The ambition is to say that Zen Master Yong has a thousand articles, but the original plan is to have a thousand plans. Although his life is far away now, not a single one remains. In the past, it was rumored that Dong Wenjian had it in his family. He rushed there and opened the box to seal it, but he didn't know much about it. Now I can see this book from the Taishi family in Yanghe. It is mature and plump, and its ups and downs cannot be reached except by Yongshi. When asked about it, it turns out that the article he got was written by a guest of the public. They are decorated with beads and jade hanging in rows. How lucky am I to be able to inscribe their ends!
                    ——"A Thousand Essays on Master Zhiyong"

  Mu Zilan has a profound knowledge of ancient art, and is particularly expert in calligraphy and painting. The rest of the writing is mostly cursory, but the regular script is particularly poor. I don’t know how it caught his eyes? An old saying goes: "The heart is sincere and compassionate, and the white hair is mysterious." Is this what it means?
                    ——"After the Inscription of Chu Ci in Regular Script"

  Gao Shu does not appeal to the eyes of the common people, and those who do so will definitely not be Gao Shu. However, this can also be said to those who know it, but it is difficult to say it to ordinary people.
                    ——"Inscribed from Yizhitang Tie"

  Emperor Wu of the Youliang Dynasty wrote some witty remarks in his commentaries. Although they were not without restraint, they were calm and expressive. In addition, his calligraphy is indeed an intruder, but the manuscripts are inconsistent and cannot be corrected. Moreover, the first name is Yuan Ang, and the second name is Yuan Ang, and I don't know what to do? As for Feng Kao Gong, he exaggerates and exaggerates excessively. Lu Heng and Zhang Wenxi took advantage of Xun Wen's opportunity to indulge their husbands and cursed them arbitrarily. The book can be scolded, but is it annoying to criticize? The most well-behaved people are probably Chen and Li. They are really the same as Xunying. The book of the white sparrow does not allow Jingzhao, Jingzhao's regular script is like a lion fighting a tiger, a golden-winged bird eating a dragon, almost as good as Yuan Chang. But if you think that regular script is not as good as Xingxing in the examination of merit, you are probably not aware of it? There are quite a few other blind people. However, it is impossible to say that one does not know how to write at all, and it is impossible to say that one knows how to write at all. In his discussion of holding a pen, I focused on the fourth finger to get a glimpse of it.
                    ——"Postscript of Emperor Wu of Liang Dynasty's Feng Kao Gong Commentary"

  I came here with great respect, and I was deeply moved by the treasures. Yesterday, I told Si Gong that I dared to ask Zhu Zhishan for two volumes and one province, and I begged for favors. After graduation, I would like to expand the scope. I'm here for a special visit, but I won't say thank you. The heir has worked hard and dare not say thank you.
                    ——"To a certain book"

  Wei Su likes to write in small regular script, and he is very learned from King Zhong. Anyone who gives it to others will dye it with ink himself. Now he is trying to write five or six words of "Feng Bi". He can't fight with his hands, his bones are barren and his humerus is weak, and the residual heat in the past five years has turned into sores, and his fingers and palms are turned upside down. Strong. Because someone was ordered to write for him, the person who wrote the script later had a strong pen, which was different from the past. Wei is poor and in many difficulties, and his disciples will take pity on him and give him free gifts. He will be happy but not surprised. What I hate is that the energy is short and exhausted, and the writing is poor, but the feelings are in the heart. Although Zhuang Zhou's words are empty words, the algae of poplars and horses are empty and broad. Respectfully ask for the jing, when will it point to the west, or slowly, if you get the color to say goodbye. I would like to present two volumes to complement Mr. Kelang.
                    ——"Letter with Mr. Xiao"

  Li Sishu has a well-proportioned backbone and a wonderful square shape. Cao Cao's calligraphy is full of fine gold flowers, and the ground is exquisite. The jade and jade trees are shining brightly, and the distant rocks are bright. Mrs. Wei's calligraphy is like a flower-arranging dancer, with hibiscus holding her head high; it is also like beautiful jade on the stage, fairies making shadows, red lotus reflecting water, and green clouds floating along the edge. Mrs. Huan's writing is like a fast horse entering the battle, bending and following others. Fu Yushu's writings are like Xiang Yu drawing a sword or Jing Ke holding a halberd.
  Ji Kang's calligraphy is like holding a harp while half-drunk, chanting things slowly; it is also like a lone bird returning to the forest, and the flock of crows scattering. Wang Xizhi's calligraphy is like a strong man climbing up a mountain, blocking the flow of water: placing a point on his head is like a stone falling from a peak; making a horizontal painting is like clouds forming thousands of miles away; suppressing a wave is like being shaken by wind and thunder; making a vertical painting is like a long live withered On the vine, if you set up a pole (pen), you will be like a dragon lying in the Phoenix Pavilion; if you lift the pole (pen) from above, you will be like a dragon jumping over the gate of heaven. Emperor Wen of the Song Dynasty's book is like red flowers in the leaves and white sun among the clouds. Lu and Cambodia's book seems impressive and vaguely comparable.
  Wang Shaozong's calligraphy is fluent, fast and hard, and his writing becomes more beautiful when he reads carefully and familiarly. Cheng Guangshu is like a swan flying with its wings. Xiao Ziyun's book is like spring flowers in the forest. Looking from far and near, it is everywhere. Kong Lin's book is unbridled, fast, and fluent, and it is difficult to compare with it after the second king. However, it lacks in merit, so it is inferior to Yang Xin. Zhang Yue's calligraphy is like a lotus flower emerging from the water, the bright moon opens up the sky, the mist disperses over the golden peaks, and the clouds descend over the jade ridge. Yu Shinan's calligraphy has a beautiful body and an extraordinary manner. He is even more capable among the capable and even more wonderful among the wonderful. Ouyang (Inquiry)'s book is like a snake in the grass that is frightened and lightning flashing in the clouds; it is also like a diamond with angry eyes and a strong man shaking his fist. Chu Suiliang's calligraphy is made of gold in the characters, jade in the lines, gentle in rules, and beautiful in many ways. Xue Ji's books mostly focus on the Chu style, and there are also new ones (odd ones).
                    --"book review"

  Anyone who is in charge must know shallow (light when paper is removed), deep (deep when paper is removed), long (the pen tip is long and paper is deep), and short (the pen tip is short and paper is shallow). The tube of a real book is no more than four inches long. It must be three inches above the palm of the hand, leaving only an inch or two divided by the paper. If the paper is removed from the cover, it will be floating and thin if it is far away. If the paper is removed close, it will be sharp (this is Benefits) The power is strong. If the book is a medium-grade book, if the pen is slightly raised, the big book will be raised. Cao Jue says, you must take care of removing every three inches of paper. The size of Ming characters should be shallow and deep.
  The method of holding the tube must be to place it in front of the middle section of the big finger. It should not be in the middle section to hinder its movement. It must be placed in the moment of movement and stillness. According to calligraphy, when you extend your fingers, you should put the pen on the tip of your fingers and move them freely, then you will jump and stumble, and your business will come out. If the joint is in the right position, it will be controlled like a pivot, and it will not be able to move freely, and the rotation will be blocked. All the roundabouts will become angular, and the pen will be dead. Anwang's characters will be vivid.
  Slightly align the index finger with the middle finger, and use it as a support, so the finger is natural and solid. In the ordinary world, one finger is used to control it, and the elbow and arm are holding paper with a single hook. If the strength is insufficient and there is no spirit, there is a sense of restraint and not unrestrained. Naturally, two fingers are used to control it, the middle finger is covered, and the index finger is gathered to help. also. Although the clouds must be aligned, it does not have to be very tight to make them aligned. It must be achieved with a free will. It is the so-called double bud but actually refers to it. If the husband's two buds are strong, the strength of the stroke will be strong. If the fingers are aligned, the strength of the muscles will be even.
  He also uses his ring finger to reject the tube held by the first three fingers, and even uses his little finger to reject the front ring finger. Even if you use the three fingers of the big middle eclipse to exert force, you still need to hold it with all five fingers.
  Make the palm of your hand as empty as holding an egg. If the fist finger is solid, the palm will be able to eliminate its power; if the fist is weak, it will be easy to turn sideways and smoothly when used. This is what is called a virtual fist.
  Keep your wrists straight and straight, and whenever you draw a stroke or draw a wave or bend it, you must use all your strength to deliver it. The ancients valued those who hung their wrists, and their ears could do their best. The ancients used this method for both large and small characters. If you put your palms on the table, your fingers will stick to the paper and eventually lose their strength. The weight and weight of your movements will be inaccurate. If the wrist can be straightened, it will feel erect. If the wrist is erect, the front will be straight. If the front is straight, the posture will be good in all directions. Recently, I put my left hand on the table, and my right hand holds a pen and presses it on the back of my left hand. Then I feel that it is easier to go around, and I feel that I can hang on. This is what today's hanging wrist is, compared with the ancient method. However, small regular script and medium-grade characters can still be written in small cursive scripts, while large and true scripts must be hung high in handwriting. If a person is determined to compete with the ancients, both large and small must be hung on the wrist in order to seek the secrets of the ancients. It seems that it is not suitable to follow the vulgarity.
  Although the attachment is strong, it cannot be made too tight so that I can move freely. Generally speaking, if you grasp tightly, you will stagnate. Now it is located in front of the big knuckle, slightly tilted to the front. You must also hold on to it so that it is appropriate to be broad and urgent, and you cannot hold on to it blindly. The tighter you hold it, the more your ears will not be able to use it. It is also said that a person who is good at calligraphy does not have to hold the pen too firmly. If Haoran listens to what the pen says without losing the law, it is a good thing. (This cursive calligraphy can really be done in a tent.) Although the grasp of the main points is tight, the movement must be flexible. You cannot use the finger to move the brush, but use the wrist to move the brush. Therefore, if the holding is in the hand, the hand does not control the movement; the movement is in the wrist, and the wrist does not know how to hold. Although the holding is intended to be stable, the use must be light. However, it may be heavy in mild cases and astringent in defecation. The main method is to hide the front. If it is not astringent, the dangerous energy will arise for no reason. As for being too light and not sinking, it becomes slippery, and slipping is vulgar.
                    ——"Writing Law"

   Chuo (also), all the methods of scratching are to use your thumb to press it (Chuo is also to press it). When making a side (slant point), use your thumb to touch it. If you are on the side, you should lower the pen sideways to make the ink essence fall darkly. Xu Nai If you reverse it, it will be sharp. The side must be tucked in, which is important but heavy. The key is to lift the wrist to the right. The second time is to lightly squat, and the front is tight to seize the opportunity to get frustrated. Take advantage of the momentum to get out. The edges and corners should be rounded and flat. The emphasis is on flexibility. If you are quick, you will miss the mark and overshoot. It has also become a custom to take advantage of the situation to expose it lightly, and to hide and do things in a restrained manner. Although there are overlapping points, it has its own method, which is not the same as this. (Ciaoyinyanyan, it is the first stroke of Dianyong.)
   Pressing (also), any pressing method, used for horizontal painting, is to use the middle finger to move the pen and press with the center of the pen. Painting must be smooth and slow. The tip of the brush must be used first, so that the middle is high and the two ends are lower. The center of the brush must be pressed down, and the brush must not be left lying down. The formula goes like this: when the tip of the pen is about to touch the paper, it must be advanced slightly. First, use the upward stroke, and then quickly close it. If it goes out as soon as it comes out, the stroke is not sharp, and the stroke is closed secretly, it will be thin, round, sparse, and weak. (Painting is the second stroke of the word Yong. According to the two-character formula, it is called Jie, and the four-character formula is called Tui.)
   Hook (also) is used for lifting and lifting, and is also used for middle finger movement. When building upright, you must push hard, fighting is important and strong. Pushing hard should not be straight, because straightness will make you weak. Therefore, the method must be firm and slow, close to the left and use the momentum, and look to the right when attacking sideways. (Always drag the third stroke.)
   Reveal it, use it to make pecks, and use it to raise your wrist with your thumb. Generally speaking, you need to raise your pen, hide the front of the painting, lift your wrist and peck on the right. You have to press the pen and squat down to the right, take advantage of the momentum to close the front, and quickly spin to the left. (Forever the fifth strategy, forever the seventh peck.)
   The name refers to the method of transporting, and it is used for making moves and fighting. The technique of tiao must be done sideways and vertically, and the crotch is bent, and the pen is turned to take advantage of the momentum to tuck it, so that the edge is not strong enough, and it is expected to be retracted. If you wait and think about the news, the trace of the spirit will not fall. Jue Yun says that the ring must be depressed, and the sharp edge of your frown will turn slowly. The so-called "Zhu Ge Fa" means that the Ge must be broad. When you hesitate and look to the right, the method is to sneak in the front and conceal it. When the momentum is used up, you can then jump forward. When you are above, you will bend over, and when you are below, you will be bent. Yongshi has a skill of using the sword to move forward, using his name finger to build the top, and taking advantage of the momentum to move it up, he uses his middle finger to move it. Press the pen to the bottom, and use the name to refer to the person who is hiding behind the front. Also, the way to break the light requires you to sneak forward and move forward tightly. When the intention is exhausted, it will be collected and defeated. If you are fat, your quality will be stagnant and dull. (jump:.)
   Guiding, used for plundering, means that the greetings are coming to the arms, and the middle finger is used for movement. The edge must be sharp, the strokes should be drawn to the left, and if the pen is sharp and does not fall, it will naturally be better. The method is to open the wrist to the right and move it out quickly, twisting the momentum to the left. The method is astringent but strong, the intention is urgent but gentle as if it is slow. If it is left, it will hurt the slowness. Jue Yun, Qing will surely plunder the valuables and dangers with great strength. (Puye, the sixth stroke of the character Yong, means Dao, which means 馂.)
   "Send" is used as a hammer, which means to expose it to the right. It also refers to the movement method. The waves sent to the right are all famous. Jue says, the wave must be broken, must be folded three times , and the hair must be lifted. The method must be to open the wrist with the right side, follow the trend tightly, and move quickly with the brush. Use the full force to lightly lift and then secretly withdraw. It is obtained with rapid speed, and the force is also expensive. Dangerous and astringent. (甔 Ye, the eighth stroke of the character Yong. The four-character formula may be considered a drag.)
                    ——"Seven-Character Book"