The silver hook and the tail are according to people's theory, how have you ever seen the method of the predecessors? The prince only holds an inch of iron, so that the fish, insects and hyenas can live. Sometimes you throw a knife at the wall, and the geese attract the birds and call the geese. Thirty generations of classmates in front of the door, who would dare to catch Shi Tianmo? The old man has only been away for two years, and he hastily left and asked about the change of color. Is there any solution to the formula that has been passed down all along? The golden scales penetrate the net and penetrate the sea.
                    ——"Drunken Song and Daojian"

  Mo Yan learns the surnames of books and books, and Mo Yan is an official Xu Kedi. Please see the voice of Xiao Li's successor. Good donkeys don't join the donkey team.
                    —— "Shen Shengxing - Jixia"

  Calligraphy has been dead for a long time, and the handed down "Calligraphy Gouxuan" and "Excerpts from the New Book of Character Studies" are still enough to be attached to it. However, the writing is clumsy, lacking and scattered, and the characters are too many errors, so the reading is at a loss, and if you want to fake it, you will die. Therefore, in order to classify them and eliminate those that are unnecessary, but to note their clumsiness and correctness, and those who have no research and explanation, they will be omitted.
  About the beginning of writing, writing is the practice, so the second is to use the pen, and the writing is the book, there are laws, the rules are the rules of the law, and the general rules of the rules are also, so the calligraphy is the law, and the calligraphy; At the beginning, the merit of writing is the end of the law, so the merit of writing is repeated, and the merit is endless, and it has begun to achieve its purpose, so it is written again; thinking of writing is the ultimate, so it is thinking of writing again; Shu Hou, while thinking about it, so I read Shu Hou again, but the method of calligraphy is insignificant, attached to Yan, the book so far, is it ignorant of its origin? So again the book original: after the book is here, you can judge people, so it is again Book reviews; and Sun's "Shu Pu" is about the same, so it ends with spectrum.
  From pen to calligraphy, hands, from calligraphy to calligraphy, heart, book source, purpose; book review, mouth. The heart is the top, the hands are second, and the eyes and mouth are the last. I played with the ancient scriptures, and said that some people got it from snake fighting, like dancing swords, or fighting for the way with a husband. Snake fighting, etc., are not stippling characters, but brush strokes. Knowing this, the solitary canopy will vibrate by itself, the sand will fly when startled, the birds will leave the forest, and the snake will enter the grass after being startled. However, the demolition of walls, traces of house leaks, folded hairpins, ink pads, and cones of sand are all images of stippling, but they are not as good as hand movement, nor can they be perfected.
                    —— "Excerpts of Xuan Chao Class"

  I admire Xiao Su Gong's book very much, but I only read it from the ear of gold and stone, and I rarely get its trace. Ma Zimou, who acquired this knowledge of ancient times, was lucky to see it at first sight. Those who want to determine its authenticity can take the middle line of the public's "Zanvimo" and answer: "If it is said that this painting has no reality, neither does the city of Viya."
                    —— "Shu Changgong Vimozan Ink Mark"

  I have read a lot of Nangong books, which are casual and refreshing, but there is no such thing as this post.
                    ——"Shumi Nangong Ink Mark"

  The world is good at Zhao Shu, and if a woman chooses her for her charm, is it okay to blame him for his ancient clothes and strong attire? He is a grandson of emperors and kings, and his fur and horses are light and slender, which is enough to call him a man. His book is blunt, while "Tao Te Ching" is especially charming. However, it can be haggard, astringent and stubborn, as the world calls it the medicine for steaming cakes with dry wood.
                    —— "Tao Te Ching Written by Shu Zi Ang"

  In this post by Li Beihai, the place where the victims were found, the words are intrusive, and the method of using positions is unique and superior to others. It is said in the world that if you gather virtuous teachers, you will also get their ears. The cover is as detailed as the flesh but slightly less than the bone, like a broken branch of a crabapple, without iron stems, you can add makeup, but the business is losing money.
                    ——"Book Li Beihai Tie"

  Dong Zhangyaozhang holds two volumes of life books a day, one of which is Shen Zhengjun's painting; But I wish this book a little restraint, unrestrained and unrestrained. After a long time, I got it and said: "All gods are fickle. This wish is also a sign of changes in the capital, and others can't tell!"
                    ——"Two Poems at the End of the Postscript"

  Those who comment on books say that they are more like him. Su Wenzhong is easygoing, but the book is Zhuang. Wen Zhong's calligraphy Yan, Bi Du Shaoling's poems, Changli's essays, Wu Daozi's paintings. The book of Gai Yan, that is, Zhuang Yi, is not unreasonable. The two sutras "King Kong" and "Langa" were first published by Dharma to pay scholars, and Wen Zhong combined the two books. When I passed Jinshan, I asked Wen Zhong, who passed down the jade belt to guard the gate of the mountain, and the obstinate monk gave money to fill his mouth. What's the situation?
                    —— "Stone Carvings of the Diamond Sutra Written by Dasu"

  The ancients said that the Youjun used books to cover up his people, but Mr. Xinjian did not, he used people to cover up his books. Seeing the ink marks here today, it is not that the phoenix and the dragon are not indifferent, making people less inferior to books, and the books will be passed on. Whether you meet or not, that's the case. However, I still have the title to be known to others, and it is also fortunate that this new Mr. Wang's book is also written. Ma Junbo is also a gentleman of the ancients. There are so many books written by Mr. Zhu. Are there any books written by Mr. Zhong?
                    —— "Wang Xinjian's ink traces collected by Shu Majun"

  It is not a special character, but all things in the world, if you copy them directly to your ears, compare them with each other, and match them with each other, is it really my face? There are many people who copy the original "Lanting", but those who always reveal their own brushwork are called masters . I read this book, although I can't necessarily know who it is, but I must be a master if I see it revealing my own brushwork. Youmeng resembles Sun Shuao, but does he resemble him with his beard, eyebrows, and torso? It also depends on his spirit.
                    ——"Shu Ji Ziwei's Copy of Lanting"

  The ancients discussed Zhenxing and Zhuanli, and those who distinguished the circle and square were slightly different. True action begins with action. Quiet in the middle, flattering in the end. For those who are charming, Gai Feng overflows slightly, which is called posture. Feng Taizang is flattering, and too upright is flattering, so Da Su Kuanzhi said that he took beauty from a profile. Zhao Wenmin was taught by Li Beihai, Jing Junye, Zhao Shengli was charming, and Li Shengzhao was moving. Master Zijian saw Zhen Shi and was very pleased with it, and his charm was better than that. Later generations have not seen Zhen Shi, and everyone who read Zijian's Fu was deeply pleased, and the charm of Fu was also better.
                    ——"Zhao Wenmin's Poem on Luoshen Inscribed in Ink"

  Waiting for Mr. Zhaowen, taboo to clarify. Copy and engrave "Tingyun Guantie", which contains as many as twelve copies. Although the character of the times, each is different according to the proximity of its capital, forming a family of its own. However, for its entry, it must be self-distributed, and there is no difference. Abandoning this means that those who write books will be paralyzed, and those who taste it will be blind. Although, Zhu Jingzhaoshu is the number one at the moment, followed by Wang Yayi. The seventeen books of Jingzhao are solid and vertical, but they are not very cooperative, and Yayi does not accept a single word. Wen Lao Xiaokai, from "Huang Ting" and "Le Yi", is seamless. He only collected ten poems in his cursive script "Early Dynasty Poems". How can future generations love to turn over the poems he engraved and not care about the characters? Jing Gong's books are not accepted, especially Wen Shan's books, and he is important to him? Hey, Wen Shan. Is it important to wait for the book?
                    —— "Ba Tingyun Museum Post"

  Zhongshu Dashu, with elbows and wrists, teeny-headed and mosquito-feeted, hold the middle of the tube. The pavilion is erected, the ink does not shake the elbow, the bamboo is carved for the pavilion, and the wonderful hand is created. Who is the wonderful hand, Ying Yao Zhangsou.
                    ——"Bamboo Secret Pavilion Inscription"

  Huangshan Valley's books are like swords and halberds. Its dense structure is its strong point, and its looseness is its shortcoming. Su Changgong's book is dedicated to the old Pu Sheng, who is not as chic as he is, why? Mi Nangong's book is a kind of dust, which is difficult for people to match, but it is raw and familiar, which is not as good as Huang Zhiyun's ear. Among the two kings Cai Shujin, the short one is slightly vulgar, and the strength is clean and even, which is his strong point. Although Meng Fu is flattering, it can still be said. It seems that the operator rate vulgar book can not be said. Anyone who commented on my book thinks I’m underestimating it, isn’t it true? Ni Zan’s book is from the Liren, and he was reincarnated in Zhong Yuanchang’s "Jian Ji Zhi Biao". All of a sudden. When I studied Suo Jing's script, I couldn't get it even though it had a rough outline. However, people still regard it as a chapter and a cursive. The white is distributed in intervals, referring to the solid palm and the empty, thinking that it is an entry level, and the distribution is even but not necessarily uniform. The style of the pen is pure and charming, and there are no books in the world. Holding it into the festival is a taboo. Lei Dajian said: "Hearing the sound of the river, the brushwork has improved." Hey, how can this be compared with ordinary people? Where did the brushwork come from amidst the sound of the river? , what basis!
                    ——"Comment on Words"

  It is admirable for those who become natural without learning; secondly, they start with learning and finally become natural. Those who are born in heaven are not born in heaven, they come from themselves and not from others. We don't care about ourselves but depend on others, especially because we don't care about others but are out of our own. There is nothing wrong with everything, but why is Xi alone in books? Modern calligraphers are so unique in their writing skills, they deceive their way and think that they are unique to themselves, and use the name of stealing the world. The so-called "depending on people" is absolutely impossible, let alone those who hope for their natural success!
  It is often said that Zhang Donghai is a vulgar pen when he starts from the generation, advocates the leadership of the younger generation, and turns his back on the advanced. Hate domestic chickens and chase pheasants, how can they be straight pheasants! Cover the ears of the dead with snails and worms! Hey, it’s ridiculous! How can you really know the old man! I have been to Nan'an in the past, and Nan'an was the place where he went to defend. There are "Grass at the Liushang in Dongshan" and "Tiehanlou Stele". All of them are miraculous, unheard of in modern famous books. But now I can see again that it was taught by Lu Zi, a disciple, and I have a feeling: the vain arguments of the sly ones, because the strange things I saw in the past are similar to this book, so I narrate it like this. How can I write a book when I recall the misery of the world! How can I write a book!
                    ——"Postscript Zhang Donghai Cursive Script Thousand Wen Juan"

  I have been ill for a long time, and there is no cure so far. Those who wait for the pen and ink hold the paper and grind the ink, and when they are—persuading the book, it is said that it can be used to disappear forever, and it will become a scroll. After resigning, I will try to explain everything. Liu Junyue is poor and short of money, so she borrows money from her neighbors to the east, and promises to have no shortage of children and mothers. She has accumulated a lot of time and has a lot of calculations. After reading the paintings, it is not called a thirsty horse, but if you give it up, how is it different from the one who bought a horse bone for five hundred gold?
                    ——"Postscript to the Books Collected by Liu Jun"

  Yunqu's father-in-law will give it to the capital, and he will be drunk until he is drunk, and he will not see him for ten years. One day, he came out with silk, boiled ducks, raised rhinoceros to drink, and the rest were four imitation books. There is a saying in Zhu Zhishan: "Magu throws broken sand to play ears." April 5th, the first year of Wanli.
                    —— "Book Rhinoceros Duck Post"

  Zhi Zhi said that Yong Chan Master Qianwen, originally counted in thousands. Although it is far away now, there is no one left. In the past, it was rumored that Dong Wenjian's family had it, and he rushed to it. The box was well opened, but it was not well known. Today Congyang and the Taishi family can see this book. It is well-rounded and refined, and its undulating position cannot be reached by non-Yongshi teachers. Asked about it, Yun got it from the hands of Wencheng Gongmen. Embellished with beads and hanging jade, how lucky am I to be able to inscribe the end!
                    ——"Title Wisdom Yongshi Qianwen"

  Mu Zilan has a deep knowledge of ancient artifacts, and is especially good at calligraphy and painting. The rest of the books are sloppy, but the regular script is especially inferior. I don’t know why it got into my eyes? An old saying goes: “The heart is sincere and pitiful, and the white hair is dark.” Is this what you call it?
                    ——"Inscribed in regular script after Chu Ci"

  A good book does not catch the common eye, and those who fall into the common eye must not be a good book. However, this statement can also be explained to those who know it, but it is difficult to explain it to ordinary people.
                    ——"Title from Shu Yi Zhi Tang Tie"

  Emperor Wu of the Youliang commented on the book, and there are witty words, although they are not without circumflex, but the speech is calm and unrestrained. Moreover, his calligraphy is definitely a burglar, but the manuscripts are obsolete, and there is no way to correct them, and one is Yuan Ang, and the other is Yuan Ang, so I don't know what to do? Lu Heng and Zhang Wenxi took advantage of the gap in the search for literature, and let their husbands do whatever they wanted, so they cursed and abused. The book can be scolded, but it's still annoying to criticize? The most obedient ones are probably Chen and Li, and they are really similar. The book of the white sparrow does not allow Jingzhao, Jingzhao's real regular script is like a lion fighting a tiger, and a Garuda eating a dragon, which is almost as good as Yuanchang. But in the examination of merit, he thought that regular script was not as good as writing, so he almost didn't see it? There are quite a lot of other blind people. However, it is not allowed to say that you do not know anything about books, and it is not allowed to say that you know everything about books; In his theory of holding the pen, I focus on the fourth finger and get a glimpse of it.
                    ——"Postscript Liang Wudi Feng Kaogong Pingshu"

  Julao's respect comes down, followed by precious objects, I am very moved. Yesterday, I said to my heir, that I dare to ask Zhu Zhishan for two volumes and one province, and beg for favors, and I will expand the inside after graduation. Special Bidai Ye, Xie Buxuan. The heir had worked so hard that he didn't dare to say thank you.
                    —— "To a certain book"

  Wei Su likes to write in small script, he learned a lot from Zhong Wang, whoever donates it to others must personally dye the ink, and now I try to write five or six characters in the book, but I can't fight with my hands, my bones are barren and my arms are weak, and the residual heat in the five internal organs develops into sores, and my fingers and palms turn against each other. Strongly also. Because I ordered someone to write on behalf of the book, Wei Qiang's pen was the one behind the grassroots, which is not as bad as in the past. Wei is poor and difficult, and the family is pitiful. If you give me a gift with empty words, you will think it is joyful and not strange. What I hate is shortness of energy and exhaustion, and the words are ugly, but the love is in my heart. Although Zhuang Zhou's words are also false, Yang and Ma Zhizao are all empty ears. Respectfully ask the flag, when will it point to the west, or slowly, if it is given the color to say goodbye. I would like to present two volumes to supplement Mr. Kelang.
                    —— "Book with Mr. Xiao"

  Li Sishu's bones are well-proportioned, and his radius is wonderful. Cao Cao's book golden flowers are fine and delicate, everywhere is exquisite, Jingyu is divided into brilliance, and remote rocks are bright. Mrs. Wei's calligraphy is like a dancing girl arranging flowers, and the hibiscus is low; Mrs. Huan's calligraphy is like a fast horse entering the battle, bending and following others. Fu Yushu is like Xiang Yu pulling his spear, and Jing Ke holding the halberd.
  Ji Kang's book is like holding a piano and half drunk, singing things slowly; it's like a lone bird returning to the forest, and the crowd of crows are scattered. Wang Xizhi's book is like a strong man pulling up a mountain, and the stagnant water stops flowing: a point on the head is like a falling stone from a peak; a horizontal painting is like a thousand miles of clouds; Rattan, set up a pole (pen), like a dragon crouching in a phoenix pavilion; lift the pole (pen) from the top, like a dragon jumping through the gate of heaven. Song Wendi's books are like red flowers in leaves, and white sun among the clouds. Lu Jian's book seems to be impressive, and it can be vaguely imitated.
  Wang Shaozong's writing is fluent, fast and healthy, and difficult to formulate, and it is more beautiful when you look closely and carefully. Cheng Guangshu soars like a swan with its wings. Xiao Ziyun's books are like Lin Chunhua, looking far and near, and sending them everywhere. Kong Lin's book is indulgent, fast and vigorous, with fluent writing style, which is hard to compare with after the second king; but the merits and losses are few, so it is inferior to Yang Xin. Zhang Yueshu is like a lotus flower coming out of water, the bright moon opens the sky, the fog clears the golden peak, and the cloud lowers the Yuling. Yu Shinan's book is elegant in style, extraordinary in manner, more capable in ability, and more wonderful in subtlety. Ouyang (inquiry) The book is like a snake frightened in the grass, and lightning in the clouds; or like a vajra with angry eyes, a strongman swings his fist. The characters in Chu Suiliang's books are full of gold, the lines are smooth, the rules are gentle and elegant, and they are beautiful and multifaceted. Xue Ji's books mostly attack Chu style, and there are also new postings (odd).
                    --"book review"

  Anyone who holds a pipe must have shallow knowledge (remove the shallow paper), deep (remove the paper deep) long (the pen head is long to remove the paper depth), and short (the pen head is short to remove the paper shallow). The tube of the real book is no more than four inches long. It is strange that three inches should be placed above the palm of the hand, and only one inch or two is left to cover the paper. Benefits) The momentum is heavy. If you are a middle-grade book, start with a little pen, and start with a big book. Cao Jue says, you must hold the tube to remove three inches and one point of paper. When the size of Ming characters is shallow and deep.
  The method of holding the tube must be placed before the middle joint of the big finger, and it must not be placed in the joint, so as to hinder its movement, and it must be placed between movement and stillness. Calligraphy says that if you stretch your thumb, you should probably hold the brush on the tip of your finger, and if you move freely, you will jump up and down, and business will come out. If it is in the joint, it is grasped like a hinge, and it is often not free, and the rotation will be hindered, and the roundabouts are often angular, and the pen is dead, and the characters of Anwang are so vivid.
  Slightly align the index finger with the middle finger, and use it as a force, referring to the natural reality. In the world, one finger is used to hold it, and the single hook is used to hold the paper with the elbow and arm. If the strength is insufficient and there is no air, then there is a sense of restraint and no looseness. It is necessary to use two fingers to hold the tube, cover the middle finger and hold the index finger to help. also. Although it is said that it is necessary to be uniform, it does not need to be very pulled to make it uniform, and it must be achieved with a sense of freedom, as the so-called double buds and real fingers. Husband with double bracts is firm, firm is firm, and the strength of the muscles is even.
  Also use the ring finger to reject the control held by the first three fingers, and even use the little finger to reject the former ring finger. Even if you use the three fingers of the big, middle, and index to exert force, you must also hold the five fingers together.
  Make the palm empty like holding an egg. If the fingers of the fist are strong, the palm will be able to stop its power, and if the fist must be weak, it will be easy to turn sideways and smooth when using it. This is the so-called empty boxer.
  Straighten your wrists evenly, and send them off with all your strength when you write stipples and strokes. The ancients valued those who hung their wrists, so they could try their best to listen. The ancients used this method for all characters, big and small. If you put your palm on the table, your fingers will stick to the paper, and you will eventually lose your strength, and the light and heavy will be inaccurate. If you can straighten your wrist, you will feel that it is vertical. If your wrist is vertical, the front must be straight, and if the front is straight, you will have all directions. Recently, I put my left hand on the table, hold the pen with my right hand and press it on the back of my left hand, and I feel that it is convenient when I go back and forth, and I feel that I can hang it. This is why today's wrist hanging is not as good as the ancient method. However, it is still possible to make small script and medium-grade characters, but large real cursives must hang handwriting high. If a person is determined to compete with the ancients, he must hang his wrists, regardless of size, in order to seek the secrets of the ancients. It seems that it is not appropriate to follow the custom.
  Although the attachment is firm, don't make it too tight, so that I can move freely. Generally, if you hold tight, you will stagnate. Now it is located in front of the big knuckle, slightly and sideways to the front. It is also necessary to hold on to make it appropriate to be lenient and urgent, and not to hold on tightly. The tighter the hold, the more stagnant it will be. It is also said that those who are good at calligraphy should not hold the pen too firmly. If Haoran listens to the pen and does not lose the law, it is good. (This kind of cursive calligraphy can really be used in pens.) Although it is important to hold it tightly, it must be moved vigorously. You should not use your fingers to move the brush, but use your wrist to move the brush. Therefore, when holding it in the hand, the hand is not in charge of movement, and carrying it in the wrist, and the wrist does not know how to hold it. Although holding it is for stability, use must be for lightness. However, if it is light, it must be heavy, and if it is light, it must be astringent. Its way is mainly based on the Tibetan front. If it is not astringent, the dangerous energy will be born without reason. As for being too light but not heavy, it becomes frivolous, and frivolous is vulgar.
                    —— "Writing Law"

   擫 (also), for all the method of 擫, cover it with your big finger (擫尚打ye), for the side (oblique point) you should use your big finger to reach it, and the person who is on the side presses the brush sideways, so that the ink essence falls in the dark, Xu Nai Reversing the disclosure is beneficial. The side beard is closed, it is expensive and heavy, and it needs to be exposed to the right wrist. The second squat lightly and the front is tight to take advantage of the opportunity to frustrate. It has also become a custom to take advantage of the situation to expose lightly, and sneak out to do business. Although overlapping points also has its own method, it is not the same as this one. (擫音pharynx is the first stroke of the word "Dianyong".)
   Pressing (also), the method of pressing, used for horizontal drawing, is the middle finger to move the brush, and the one who presses with the center of the brush. Painting must be sharp and slow, and the front of the brush must go first, so that the center is high and the two ends are down, and the center of the brush should be pressed, and the brush should not be idle. The formula says, the sharp edge of the stroke will reach the paper, it must be advanced slightly, first use the upward stroke, and then quickly retract it, if it goes out as soon as it comes out, the brush is not sharp, and then it is retracted secretly, then it will be thin, round, sparse and weak. (Hua Ye, the second stroke of Yongzi. According to the two-character formula, it is called cut, and the four-character formula is called push.)
   The hook (also) is used as a vertical force, and it is also the method of middle finger movement. When standing upright, you must work hard, and fighting is the most important thing. Striving is not suitable for straightness, and straightness is powerless. Therefore, the method must be firm and slow, close to the left to take advantage of the situation, and sideways to the right. (Always drag the third stroke.)
   Uncover, use it as a peck, the method of raising the wrist with the thumb is also. Most likely Ce must raise the pen, hide the front of the painting, lift the wrist and return it to the right peck, press the pen to squat forward, knuckle to the right, take advantage of the momentum to close the front, and quickly throw to the left. (Always the fifth policy, always the seventh peck.)
   Arrival, the name refers to the method of transportation, and it is used as a trick and Zhuge. The method of swaying requires the side to stand upright and set back the scorpion, turn the pen to the front and use the momentum to sway it, so that the front will come out sharply, and it is expected to be reversed. If you wait for the news, you will not fall. Jue Yun, for the ring must be depressed, and the expensive front turns slowly. The so-called Zhuge method is also that the Ge must be broad, the expensive is hesitant and looks to the right, the method is hidden, the front is hidden, the power is exhausted, and then it is swayed, the upper is bent and passed, and the lower is curved. Master Yong has the method of pulling out the sword, using the name finger to build the upper part, and the upper part to use the momentum to send it with the middle finger. Press the pen to the bottom, and use the name to refer to the person who is lurking. In addition, the method of breaking the awn must be moved forward with a hidden front, and the intention is to be retracted and swayed. If it is fat, it will be stagnant and dull. (jump:.)
   Guidance, used for plundering, means that the fruit is coming to the bosom, and the middle finger is also used. It must be sharp and sharp, and the pen should come out to the left, but the sharpness does not fall, then it is naturally good. The method requires the right hand to untie the wrist, and to move it out quickly, while the momentum is spinning to the left, the method is astringent but vigorous, the intention is urgent but tactful if it is delayed, and if it stays, it will hurt and slow. Jue Yun, the engine must be expensive, dangerous and strong. (Luo Ye, the sixth stroke of the Yong character, is called Dao, which means 馂.)
   Send, use it as a scorpion, it is called exposing to the right, and it is also the middle finger movement method. The wave sent to the right is called Zong. Jue Yun, the wave must be rolled, and it must be folded three times before sending the hair. The method is to uncover the wrist with the right hand, surpassing the momentum tightly, and quickly roll the brush, revealing it lightly and retracting it secretly. It is obtained in a swift manner, and its momentum is also expensive. Dangerous and astringent. (磔 also, the eighth stroke of Yongzi. The four-character tactic may be considered dragging.)
                    ——"Seven Character Book Jue"