When the Holy Emperor reigns, it is appropriate at any time. Since Cangjie was born, the deed was written.
  The seal script of Ke Dou Bird is similar to the pictogram of things, and it is wise and flexible, and the meaning is clever.
  Losing the Li Cao, advocating simplicity, all officials will be repaired, and the career will be beautiful.
  The cursive script on the cover is like a shape, as graceful as a silver hook, floating like a frightened luan, with its wings relaxed but not flying, as if it were lifted up and restored to safety.
  Insects, snakes, cockroaches, and turtles go and return, like a graceful and graceful lady, who is full of energy and vitality.
  He is looking forward to his leisure travels, sometimes good and sometimes evil, Qi Ji is furious and forces his bridle, and the sea water is full of waves.
  Zhicao and Portuguese pottery are still in succession, and the tangdi is carrying its flowers. Black bears are perched on the mountains, and flying swallows are chasing each other but missing.
  Looking at it, it seems that the gentle wind is blowing in the forest, the grass is blowing and the trees are blowing. The branches are following the wind, turning and attaching to each other, stealing the low and low thatch, and spreading with the body.
  Yiyi is disturbed by turmoil, and doubtful and hesitant in the extravagance. Xuan Chi and cunning beasts are playing among them, and flying apes and ferrets are racing around.
  The flying fish rushes to its tail, the terrifying dragon counterattacks, throws itself into the air and flees, spreading its teeth.
  Either you can climb high and look at others, or you can be distracted by the past, or you can be thoughtful and unconventional, or you can check yourself and maintain normalcy.
  Therefore, a man of many talents, a man of great devotion to art, and a meticulous mind, this is the foundation of this literary constitution.
  Adhere to the Tao and hold power at the same time, change according to the analogy, separate the eight bodies, and do not judge the shape.
  Get rid of the complex and keep the subtle, the elephant is not in chaos, the Kaiyuan will be rationalized, and the case will be taken care of next week.
  Let go of the words, the rain will fall and the ice will disperse, the high-ranking officials will overflow and flow.
  Suddenly, the whole body is formed, the letter is wonderfully radiant, the body is majestic and majestic, and the posture is smooth and charming.
  He ordered Du Du to move his fingers and make Boying return his wrist. He was so powerful that Wan Su was invincible, and he had a special view that would last for a hundred generations.

[Note] "Cursive Script Shi" is passed down as Suo Jing's calligraphy theory work. "Book of Jin. Biography No. 30. Biography of Suo Jing" was compiled as "Cursive Script", and the entire text is included. Describing the evolution of cursive script, the article seems to be unfinished. "Mo Chi Bian" is called "Shu Shi", and the third volume of "Shu Yuan Jing Hua" is called "Suo Jing Xu Cursive Script Shi".