After writing to the six families of the Tang family

  Zen Master Yong writes: The bones are deep and stable, the body is wonderful, and the energy is supreme, resisting the indifference. For example, if you look at Tao Pengze's poems, they seem to be loose and slow at first, and then repeated over and over again, and then you will realize their strangeness. There is a saying in the current Dharma post that "without the wisdom of interpretation, it will always be white". It was mistakenly included in the Yi Shaobu, but it is not a Zen master's book. It says "I would like to express my gratitude for this". This was a popular saying in the late Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties, and the calligraphy was not perfect.

  Ouyang took the lead in writing, and Yan Jing stood out from the crowd, especially in Xiaoji. Goryeo sent envoys to buy his books. Emperor Gaozu sighed and said: "When he looked at his books, he thought he was a tall and magnificent man." This is not a person who knows how to calligraphy. Every book resembles a person. Shui Geng's appearance is cold and he sleeps in the cold, and his sharp words are extraordinary. Looking at his writings now, they are powerful and sharp, which is why he is called good-looking.

  Chu Henan's book, Qingyuan Xiaosan, slightly mixed official style. The ancients who commented on books also discussed their lives, but they were not the same people, even though their work was not expensive. Henan has loyal ministers, but the murder of Liu Bo made people dismayed. However, I have tried to test the facts, and I am afraid that Liu Bo was very angry in his last years. It is true that the words of Yi and Huo are true, and they are not slanderous. If not, Ma Zhou knew that he had no such words, and Taizong only punished Bo without asking Zhou. Why? This was probably a false accusation made by the Empress of Heaven to Xu and Li, but the historian could not distinguish it.

  Zhang Changshi's cursive writing is slumped and unrestrained, with a slight stippling, but his mood is self-sufficient, which is known as divine elegance. Those who are said to be good at cursive calligraphy in this world may not be able to practice it in practice, which is a big mistake. True walking is like walking, walking is like grass. True standing is like walking, walking is like walking, and grass is like walking. There is no one who cannot stand but can walk. There is still a long history book "Langguan Shizhu Ji" in Chang'an today. The writing is simple and far-fetched, like people from the Jin and Song Dynasties.

  Yan Lugong's book is majestic and unique, changing the ancient method, such as Du Zi's beautiful poems and Gree Tianzong. It has been popular since the Han, Wei, Jin and Song Dynasties, and it is difficult for subsequent authors to be caught off guard.

  Liu Shaoshi's calligraphy is based on his appearance, but he can come up with new ideas. Every word is worth a hundred dollars, and it is not empty words. Those who speak with a correct heart and a correct pen are not just sarcastic admonitions, but also reasonable. The villains of this world may be skilled in writing, but their expressions always have a sideways and flattering attitude. They don't know human feelings and see things as they please. They are like what Han Zi said is a person who steals an axe. Is this true? However, if people see his book and still hate it, then they will know it.

  I was relegated to Huangzhou, and Tang Linfu left a letter to me from Hukou. He said: "The family has these six people's letters, and I will comment on them briefly and write them later." Lin Fu's book was far away from me, but I asked for it instead. Yu, why? This is not yet known. On May 11th, the fourth year of Wufeng, Su Shi of Meishan wrote this book.

  After writing Wu Daozi and painting, Zhiyong created things. Those who can describe them can't be created by one person. A gentleman's knowledge is about learning, and a hundred craftsmen are about skills. They have been prepared since the three dynasties, from the Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, the poetry is due to Du Zimei, the writing is due to Han Tuizhi, the writing is due to Yan Lugong, the painting is due to Wu Daozi, and the changes in ancient and modern times have been completed by the world.

  The Lotus Sutra hidden by King Jinqing is of great value in the world, but it must be difficult to appreciate. His calligraphy is difficult to be fluttering, his cursive writing is difficult to be serious, his large characters are difficult to be dense and seamless, and his small characters are difficult to be generous and generous. What you have collected now is both depressing and precious. The scroll is full in your hands. The world of sand is already around. I have not finished reading the chapter. My eyesight is useless. I know that the horns of snails can fight against barbarians, and the ends of thorns can carve monkeys. After sighing, let’s talk about the end of the topic.

   Discussing books
  A book must have spirit, energy, bones, blood, and flesh. If one of the five is missing, it will not be a book.

  On Cursive Script
  At the beginning of the book, I didn't intend to be good, but I was good at it. Although cursive writing is accomplished through accumulation of knowledge, it is still done out of a desire for haste. The ancients said, "If you are in a hurry, you will write in cursive." This is not true. If you are "in a hurry and can't make it in time", it means you are still interested in learning at ordinary times. This disadvantage was so extreme that it was no surprise to Zhou Yue and Zhong Yi. Although the writing is not very good, it comes up with new ideas and does not follow the ancients, which is very fast.

  Postscript: Wang Gong's collection of genuine books. Seven sheets of genuine books in Monk's collection. Wang Jungong's collection of Kaifeng. When you visit Pingliang, you get the second one. The two pieces of paper are in Mr. Zhang and Deng’s house. Later, when Feng Gong was alive, he won three more. Although the differences between them cannot be tested, the writing style is full of energy and the meanings of the seven sheets of paper come into being. The grandson of Duke Deng, the king, has good relations with the current generation, so they get along well with each other.

  I loved Emperor Wu of Liang's calligraphy, who was good at capturing objects and images, and this man was particularly able to praise himself. Viewers did not think it was too much, and believed in the work of his calligraphy. However, he is a simple man and does not seek work at all. So he can do this, just like no one is steering a boat, and he has no intention of helping. He can overcome all changes and behave calmly. Is he close to a Taoist?

  Ba Valley Cursive Script
  Tan Xiu came to the sea and saw Dongpo. He took out a scroll of cursive writing by An Jushi and asked what he liked about this book. Po Yun: "Zhang Rong once said: 'If you don't hate your ministers, there will be no method for the two kings; if you hate the two kings, there will be no method for the ministers.' I said the same thing when I deposed An." In the future, deposing An will be the way to praise Xuanqu.

  Ba Luzhi is Wang Jinqing's Xiaoshu Erya
  Lu Zhi used the concept of equality as a side character, used the truth to explain the game, and used upright people to write down details, which can be said to be the three opposites.

  Postscript Qian Jun relied on the book and was taught the Sutra
  There are good and bad looks in people, but the attitude of a gentleman and a villain cannot be concealed. The words are arrogant, but the spirit of a gentleman and a villain cannot be deceived. Books can be clumsy, but the minds of gentlemen and villains should not be confused. Although Qian Gong did not study calligraphy, he looked at his calligraphy and knew that he was a very loyal, trustworthy, courteous and righteous man. When Shi was in Hangzhou, he worked as an official with his son Shixiong. Because he had the Buddha's "Legacy of Teachings" written by him carved on a stone, it stood so steeply that there was no turning back. Confucius said: "The words of a benevolent person are also Ren." Today Jun Yi's book is written by Ren Yun.
When we are about to arrive at Qujiang River, we are sitting on the beach on the boat. There are hundreds of people holding the poles. The sound of the poles is loud and the sound of stones is loud. The waves are all around. The scholars are desolate, and my writing is not good at all. Why? I have made many changes. I started writing, but in the end I couldn't do anything. Who can write words?

  Ba Junmo Feibai
  There is a principle of things, and if you understand its meaning, there will be nothing you can't do. If medicine is divided into specialties, medicine will decline. Painting based on colors is a crude painting. The gentle and soothing doctors do not care about young and old, and the paintings of Cao and Wu do not care about the characters. It is okay to say that he is good at it, and it is impossible to say that he can be and cannot be. The paintings and seal characters of the world are not as good as cursive, and the meaning is almost impossible to understand. For example, Junmo Zhen, Xing, Cao, and Li are all unsatisfactory, but his remaining efforts and thoughts have turned into white, cute and unlearnable. Unless he understands his meaning, how can he be like this?

  Book Zhang Changshi cursive script
  Zhang Changshi's cursive writing must be done after he is drunk, or he may think it is strange, but when he wakes up, he will be naive and incomplete. This is a long history of unfinished business, and there is still a debate about drunkenness and awakening. If you are free and young, why should you rely on it? The servant is not immune to this.

  Drunken grass
  I can make great grass when I'm drunk, but I can't do it when I wake up. However, he can also write regular script when he is drunk, which is a strange thing. The postscript and the cursive script
Yu Keyun said: "I have been studying cursive writing for decades, but I still haven't mastered the method passed down by ancient people with pens. Later, I saw a snake fighting on the road, and I realized its wonderfulness. I realized that each of them had their own understanding, and then came to this ear. "
Paying attention to things often becomes interesting. In the past, people had good habits. In their dreams at night, they would see dragons and snakes tangled. A few years, or day and night, cursive writing is a sign of work, and what you see can also lead to trouble. What Ke Zhi saw was a real snake? To suppress the essence of cursive script? The good and bad things in my life are a big gimmick, but I hate that I can't hear these words, and they will burst into laughter.

  Postscript Huai Su Tie
  Huai Su's calligraphy is extremely poor, and his writing style is as interesting as Zhou Yue's. This was done by a villain in modern times, and it is strange that Yaofu did not explain it.

  Monument inscribed on Lu Gong’s release pond
  There is a "Stele of Yan Lugong Freeing Life Pond" in Huzhou, which contains Suzong's statement: "Three dynasties in one day, the Ming Dynasty will show the filial piety of a son; greetings and serving meals, do not change the etiquette of family members." Lu Gong knew that Suzong was ashamed, so he Therefore this is admonishment. What does it mean that the public area is free of life?

  Postscript to the Thousand Essays of Zen Master Yong Collected by Ye Zhiyuan
  Zen Master Yong wanted to preserve the Wang family's code of punishment, and considered it the ancestor of hundreds of schools of thought. Therefore, he used the old method, but he couldn't come up with new ideas and seek perversion. However, his meaning was beyond the rope and ink. Yun Xia Ou and Yu are probably not in the final analysis. If there is any doubt about their imminent release, they will be included in this discussion.

  Question pen array diagram
  The traces of pen and ink are supported by the tangible, but being tangible has its disadvantages. If you don't want to be nothing, if you enjoy yourself for a while, chatting with your heart, and forget about worrying about your old age , then you are still good at playing games. Although, those who do not pretend to be external but keep things internal are the height of sages. Only Yanzi got it.