Inscribed on the Second King's Book
  The pen becomes a tomb and the ink becomes a pond. If it is not as good as Xi's, it will be dedicated. The pen is bald with thousands of tubes, and the ink is polished with thousands of collars. If it is not Zhang Zhi, it will be suo Jing.

  After writing the book
  Xianzhi studied calligraphy when he was young, but Yishao couldn't pick up his pen from behind, knowing that he would become famous when he grew up. I thought otherwise. Knowing the book does not lie in the pen. Haoran can gain it by listening to what the pen says without losing the law. However, the reason why Shao Yi attaches great importance to the undesirable thing is that his younger son's intention is very precise and he suddenly conceals it, but the intention is not written in the pen. Otherwise, all the powerful people in the world can't write.

  Ba Yu conquered Xitie
  Wu Daozi first saw Zhang Sengyao's painting and said, "Lang got his name." He sat down under it and could not leave for three days. At the beginning of Yu Zhengxi's campaign, he was dissatisfied with Yi Shao and said that he was a "domestic chicken and a wild owl". Later, he was regarded as Boying's rebirth. Looking at the stone now, it is not as respectful as a son, it is comparable to the joy of a sheep.

   Zhang Changshi calligraphy
  People in the world saw that there were peach blossom priests in ancient times who praised peach blossoms and ate them as food. After eating this meal for fifty years, there has been no negotiation. Just like Zhang Changshi saw the husband and the princess fighting for the way, and learned the method of cursive writing. If you want to learn history books, you have to ask for them every day. How can you get it?

   Judgment of Zhang Shaogong
  Zhang Xu, Captain of Changshu, had an old man complaining about something, and in order to judge his case, he happily took it. Within a few days, another lawsuit was filed and the verdict was issued. When he came back one day, Zhang was very angry and thought he was prone to litigation. He kowtowed and said, "I don't dare to file a lawsuit. I sincerely see that Shaogong's writing style is very wonderful, and I would like to keep it in my family." Zhang Jing asked for details, and it turned out that his father was the man who created the world's most famous calligraphers. From this Zhang learned the beauty of his brushwork. The ancients had their own way of writing, and used their swords to show their own principles. Lei Taijian said that he heard the sound of the river and his writing skills were exhausted. Wen Yuke also saw snakes fighting and his cursive writing was long. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  Ji and Junmo discuss books
  The calligraphy must be done with a familiar hand, then the expression will be complete and there will be a lingering charm, which will be a pleasure in silence. However, if you are often troubled and have little leisure time, how can it be that you are often short of what you enjoy? After Su Zimei's death, he realized that his writing skills were outstanding. In recent years, Cai Junmo has been the only one in the world, often giving in and refusing to lead alliances. In the past years, I had a taste of the play called Jun Moyan, and studying calligraphy was like following a rapid stream. I exhausted all my strength and the boat never left the same place. Junmo Ponuo said that he could draw an example. I have been thinking about these words for more than forty years now. What's going on?
In the postscript to Junmo's book and his poems, I comment on Jinfeng's book, which puts Junmo first, but the commentator may not think so, and it is almost impossible to talk to those who don't know. Calligraphy should originate from Xiaokai. How can it be called line or cursive when it is not correct? Junmo was twenty-nine years old and his regular script was like this. You know the origin and end of it.

   Postscript to Chen's Seclusion Book
  Chen Gongmi published a book written by his ancestor who lived in seclusion. When Shi heard about it, Mr. Cai Junmo's book was like the three princes being crowned and standing on the jade peak. Shi also believed that learning from the teacher's writings was like learning from Long Bogao's conduct as Ma Wenyuan said. The calligraphy is prepared in the main script, but it overflows into walking and cursing. If it is not possible to do it in the daytime, it is like running and cursing. It is still as if it has not tasted Zhuang's language and often talks arrogantly. This is not the way.

  Postscript to Ouyang Wenzhong Gongshu
  Ouyang Wenzhong used a pointed pen and dry ink to create square and wide characters, which made his hair look radiant and moist. When future generations look at it, they will see that his clear eyes and plump cheeks indicate that he is becoming more prosperous.

  Postscript to King Jing Gong
  Jing Gong wrote a law that is impossible, but it cannot be learned, and if you learn it, you will be unable to do it. Therefore, the servant's writing is like Cai Junmo with all his heart, slightly like Yang Fengzi with a little bit of pride, and even more relaxed like the words of the Lotus.

  Postscript in Huang Luzhi cursive script
  As long as there is a pen for cursive writing, Huo Qubing said that it is not enough to learn the ancient art of war. Lu Zhishu.
  To cure illness and go across the city to practice juju, this is the fault of not learning the ancient method. It doesn’t matter if you learn it, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t learn it. Zizhan Shu.

   Postscript of Qin Shaoyou's Book
  Shaoyou's recent cursive writing has the flavor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, making his poems more beautiful. Knowing that this person can't be idle, he has all kinds of skills. If you don't advance in terms of technique and path, then you can't do it. Shaoyu means that you can advance in both technique and path.

  calligraphy and inkstone
  If you use an inkstone to produce ink, you must use an ink pen. If you don't use a pen, the ink will evaporate. It is difficult to have both virtues, and it is not the only inkstone. It is difficult to condense large characters. Small characters are often cramped; real writing is troublesome, and cursive writing is painful. Tea is bitter but not beautiful, wine is delicious but not spicy. Everything is normal, just laugh.