Notes on Pan Yanzhi's Commentary
  Pan Yanzhi said about Ziyou: "I usually see Zizhan's calligraphy on stone carvings. Now I see the original work, and I know it is Yan Lugong Buer." He commented that Lu Gong's calligraphy was similar to Du Zhi's beautiful poems. After it was published, everyone in the past dismissed Yu's calligraphy. He is like Lu Gong but does not abandon his predecessors.

  Book as a gift to family members
  My family is very poor and I can't help them. In the past, I saw Li's consort Ma Zhang buying Wang Yifu for five hundred thousand. I couldn't write to Yifu, and I was ashamed of him. This book is written to be used as a legacy, but it is not worth five hundred thousand, so do not give it to anyone else. However, things happened five hundred years ago and the value is like this. Isn’t it stupid? However, my Buddha has been sitting for sixty small kalpas, and five hundred years is not enough! Dongpo layman.

  Self-evaluation words
  I met Ouyang Shubi yesterday. He said: "Zi Shu is as big as Li Beihai." Yu also realized that he was like this. The world may think it is like Xu Shu.

  Self-written title
  Dongpo usually writes with bones supporting the flesh, but the flesh has no bones, so he has never done such a thin thing. Duke Jingwen of Song Dynasty named his book Tiexian. If Dongpo posts this, the letter can be said to be over. On September 24, the third year of Yuanfu, I traveled back to Yanzhou in Sanzhou and wrote in the boat.

   Title letter
  Although Zijing had no outstanding achievements, Xie An wanted to be listed in the imperial palace, but he did not dare to speak out. His integrity was commendable. This book is particularly lovely in one volume.

  Inscribed on Jin martial arts
  Yesterday, Your Excellency saw the letter written by Emperor Wu of Jin Dynasty, and he looked very majestic. I know that there are similar books from Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty, Lord Lu called to the gate of Qianze, and the gatekeeper said: "This is not my king, how can his voice sound like my king!"

  Book titled Xiao Ziyun
  Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty commented on Xiao Ziyun's book and said: "It moves like a spring earthworm, and every word is like a coiled autumn snake." Looking at its ruins today, it is so sincere that it earned its name.

  In praise of Yan Lugong's calligraphy and painting
  Yan Luping wrote steles all his life, but "Praise to Dongfang Shuo's Paintings" is Qingxiong, with the characters being clear and clear, without losing the clear distance. Later, when I saw Yi Shao's edition, I realized that the calligraphy of Lu Gong was written in this book. Although the size of the book is similar in size, it has a good charm. It's not easy to say this if you don't get it from the book.

  Miscellaneous comments
  Yang Ning's style of calligraphy is quite similar to that of Yan Xing. Li Jianzhong's book: Although it is cute, it is ultimately despicable; although it is despicable, it cannot be abandoned. Li Guoshi had nothing to gain, and he could not achieve a word even though he was risking his life. Xuanxian's book in the Song Dynasty was clear and cold again, just like Li Liutai was heavy and cold again, neither of which could help. Brothers Su Zimei are both too handsome. They are not more than enough, but not enough. Cai Junmo is the best in modern times, but big characters are not as good as small characters, cursive writing is not as good as truth, and truth is not as good as practice.

  On Jun Mo Shu
  Ouyang Wenzhonggong's theory says: "Cai Junmo is the only one in the world." This is the ultimate theory. Yan Junmo ranks first in running script, second in regular script, and third in cursive script. Focus on its strengths and seek its shortcomings, and the big characters are small and sparse. With high talent, coupled with diligent study, he is unique in the world, so good! In recent years, those who have discussed Jun Mo's calligraphy have quite different opinions, so I explain it here.

  Comment on Ou Cai's book collected by Yang family
  Since the death of Yan and Liu, his writing skills have declined, coupled with the chaos of the late Tang Dynasty, the characters have disappeared, and the literary talent of the Five Dynasties has been wiped out. Du Yang Gong Ning's handwriting is outstanding, more than that of Er Wang, Yan and Liu. He can truly be called a hero of calligraphy and will not be forgotten by the times. In the early years of the Republic of China, Li Jianzhong was known as Neng Shu, but his style and rhyme were humble and turbid, and he still had the aura of decay since the late Tang Dynasty. There was no other outstanding person who could admire his predecessors. Ducai Junmo Yanshu, with high natural talent, profound knowledge, good mind and hand, endless transformation, so he became the best in this dynasty. However, running script is the most popular, followed by small regular script, cursive script, and large characters, followed by Fen and Li. He also tasted unexpected whiteness, saying that he was concerned about the power of flying dragons and dancing phoenixes, and those who knew him would not take it as an exaggeration. Ouyang Wenzhong's official letter is naturally a common ritual punishment among scholars, and it is almost as if the common people have seen him. Even if the envoy is not working, he should still pass on the truth. Besides, he is diligent, diligent and clever, so he is a family of his own? Yang Junzhu's second official letter passed through Huangzhou and came out to show it to him and occasionally comment on it. Many people in the world call him Li Jianzhong and Song Xuanxian. These two people's letters are unknown to the servant. Song Han and Li Su were probably named after Lang. But recently, Cai Junmo is both talented and knowledgeable, and he should be the best in this dynasty.

  On Mi Fu Shu of Shen and Liao Dynasties
  After Jun Mo's death, his writing skills declined. When Shen Liao was young, he learned from his family's teachers, but in his later years he was tabooed, and his disciples respected him. The illness is like that of a teacher, so he comes up with his own private ideas and is therefore not as good as an ordinary person. Recently, Mi Fu's running script and Wang Gong's Xiaocao also have quite a high rhyme. Although they are not as good as those of the ancients, they will certainly be passed down to the world.

  With Yonemoto Zhangzha
  A certain enlightenment. After eight years in Linghai, my relatives and friends were far away, and I didn’t even care about them. I read only my Yuan Zhang's spirit of marching towards the lofty clouds, Qingxiong's unparalleled prose, and his superb and enchanting words. When will I see them to wash away the evil that has accumulated over the years? Now that I have truly seen it, there is nothing left to say. Not two.