Wang Xizhi has seven sons and one daughter, and almost all of his children have achieved calligraphy.

Father Wang Xizhi,Wang Xizhi (303-361, first 321-379), courtesy name Yishao, Han nationality, a famous calligrapher in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, known as the "Sage of Calligraphy". His ancestral home is Langya (now Linyi, Shandong), and he moved to Huiji Shanyin (now Shaoxing, Zhejiang) and lived in seclusion in Jinting of Shan County in his later years. He served successively as secretary Ying, general Ningyuan, and governor of Jiangzhou. Later, he was the internal historian of Kuaiji and led the general on the right. His calligraphy is good at Li, Cao, Kai, Xing and other styles. He studies the styles carefully, imitates them with his heart, picks up all his strengths, prepares all kinds of styles, and cultivates them in one furnace. The style is peaceful and natural, the brushwork is euphemistic and implicit, elegant and healthy. The masterpiece "Preface to Lanting" is known as "the best running script in the world". and his son Wang Xian are collectively called "two kings".

Here's a look at his kids:

The oldest son Wang Xuanzhi,The character is Boyuan, Gongcursive script and official script. His wife He Shi. Xuanzhi died of illness shortly after his marriage, and was childless. Yunzhi, the son of his younger brother Ningbo, was his heir. Before his death, Xuanzhi participated in The Lanting party hosted by his father Xizhi, and a post has been handed down.

The second son Wang Ningzhi,The word Shuping. He has successively served as the governor of Jiangzhou, the general of the right, and the internal historian of Kuaiji. He also worked in cursive script and official script. He also participated in the Lanting party hosted by his father Wang Xizhi . His wife is a talented woman Xie Daoyun.

The third son Wang Huanzhi,Good cursive. He has learned his father's calligraphy since he was a child, and has reached the level of resemblance. There is a post handed down. Huanzhi also participated in the Lanting party hosted by his father Wang Xizhi.

The fourth son Wang Suzhi,The character is young Gong, and he has successively served as Zhongshulang and Huqi counselor. He participated in the Lanting party hosted by his father Wang Xizhi, and some poems were handed down, but his post was not seen.

Five sons Wang Huizhi,Among the brothers, he has made outstanding achievements in calligraphy.

The six sons Wang Caozhi,Words are heavy. He has successively served as secretary supervisor, servant, minister and prefect of Yuzhang. His wife He Shi. He's grandfather was Sikong He Xun. Caozhi has the two sons of Xuanzhi and Huizhi.

The seven sons offered it to the king,He is the one with the highest achievement in calligraphy among the brothers. When Xie An commented on the Wang family brothers, he once praised "the younger is the best". After all, Xie An is Xie An, his vision is indeed superior to others. Only Wang Xianzhi can be called "two kings" together with his father Wang Xizhi.

Wang Xizhi's only daughter, whose name is not known, only knows that she married Liu Chang, Yuyao, Zhejiang Province when she became an adult, and she had a son and a daughter. His son, Liu Jin, is talented and served as Shangshu and Taichang Shiqing. Daughter Liu, married Xie Yi's grandson Xie, and gave birth to a son, the famous poet Xie Lingyun. It can be seen that Xie Lingyun is the great-grandson of Wang Xizhi.